Child of Luk√°cs Russo and Tiamat Corbeau. Born in Norfolk, Virginia, located on the Chesapeake Bay.


Dmitri is a coyote-wolf hybrid, approximately a perfect divide between species. His size is somewhere neatly between each, with a build bulkier than that of a coyote, but with features more tapered and elegant than a wolf. His body is grayish black, with red splashed across his muzzle and on each leg. White trickles along his throat, down his belly, and on the tips of some of his toes. His eyes are a pale, icy blue that seems nearly white. When shifted, his hair is a deep auburn, worn long. On his face is a small tuft beneath his chin. His left eyebrow has a silver barbell, his ears are pierced multiple times, and there's a silver monroe on the right side of his muzzle.