Dieter Köhler

Dieter Köhler

by Alaine



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Date of Birth

14th February 2007





Dee-ter ko-ler


kola, Kaiser, Die


Condensed form of Dietrich
Charcoal maker






Birth place

Vienna (Raised in Innsbruck from a young age)


40% Northeastern Coyote 40% Domestic Dog 20% Wolf


40% Northeastern Coyote 30% German Shepard Dog 10% Weimeraner 10% Russian Wolf 10% Grey Wolf



Dieter is a dickhead. But a really polite dickhead <3 Gallery

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1.  Lifestyle

1.1  Speech

Link Dieter has a thick, German/Austrian accent. It is drawling and unsettling to say the least.

He speaks slowly, deliberately, without rushing over words or stumbling. His speech often follows a pause where he gathers he thoughts prior to speaking. Dieter uses words poetically, and gives them deep thought.

1.2  Abilities



Despite lacking any real fighting skills, he's very good at making plans of attack.


He's pretty good at lying too. Convincingly too.


Dieter is fluent in several languages and semi fluent in a further few. The list includes; German, French, English, Spanish and Italian. Plus semi fluency in things such as Portuguese, Dutch and other languages similar to what he speaks fluently. It's worth noting that he's super fucking fluent in German. Because not only does he speak the standard language, he also speaks the Swiss, Austrian and Bavarian variants.


Speech is Dieter's main weapon. Being of average height and far from a walking wall, the easiest thing to say about Dieter is he's all bark and no bite. But on the other hand, he has a tendency to push someone's buttons a little too much.


Dieter is brain over brawn too. He was scrawny as a child and indulged himself in study as opposed to sports. He will use this to get out of physical confrontations and if there's one thing Dieter loves, it's winning a verbal confrontation. Dieter is a wealth of knowledge, from culture to useless facts. And despite having no experience with some subjects, his knowledge of them is quite large. He fucking loves books~


Dieter will do anything (full stop) to keep himself and his family safe, even going as far as to betray his own flesh and blood (wellm the ones he doesn't like. Heinrich).


While he lacks in strength, his stamina is above average, as well as his speed. His sense have been training impressively and so with pinpoint sight and hearing, and a fantastic sense of smell, within limits he is a tracking master. Aside from his sense, he has been taught to pay attention to clues left behind by his mark.



Dieter couldn't hold his own in a fight. Despite strict training, he never got the hang of it. This prompted several bouts of physical punishment from his father throughout his childhood despite his high intelligence. He'd get the shit beaten out of him if it was a fair fight.


Whatever he does, he does it for himself and his family. It's not typically selfish, but he won't take anyone else into consideration if he has to think of his family first.

Superiority Complex

Whatever happens, he is sure of the fact he is better than everyone else. Even his father, though he never spoke of his opinion for his own safety. He sees himself above Heinrich, and also above his son Ajax.

2.  Appearance

by Mel

2.1  Forms


In Lupus, like all his forms, he resembles a German Shepard type dog. Lacking only the sloping back and an overall lack of GSD 'bulk'. This is the form he uses second most often, due to it's natural compact size and quick sped.


Unlike most, he is not physically intimidating in this form. Appearing to only be a large Lupus wolf, this is the form he uses less due to his desperate avoidance of physical confrontation.


In Optime form, he is lean and not well built in the way of muscles, and claims a kind of unorthodox handsomeness. Dieter's hair is combed to the side neatly, he takes great pride in his appearance whatever the occasion. While usually he finds himself naked, on various occasions he will wear a German U-Boat Captain's leather jacket in black. Similarly in formal occasions he is known to wear a medal decked formal jacket. Most of his fashions are based off of old German wartime (circa WW2)uniforms, edited to his 'pack's' standards. He is also often in possession of an edited peak cap in black. He wears no badges on any of his clothing, aside from his medals, as his pack did not waste material on marking their clothing. He reaches the average height of seven foot.

2.2  Build & Species

Despite being average when it comes to his build, Dieter holds himself proudly above everything else.

2.3  Coloration & Fur

Dieter is a god damn fucking rainbow. His fur ranges from Night Rider at it's darkest, and Sambuca at it's lightest. His eye colour is an unremarkable Van Cleef. As he ages, Ironside Grey joins his colouration. See here to see roughly every colour his coat appears.

2.4  Modifications

  • Scars:
    • Above left eye. Thin, rather noticeable. Caused by the metal buck of a belt during a punishment handed out by his father.

2.5  Accessories

  • Several various military styled clothing. Notable a leather jacket..
  • A large amount of various metal medals, never worn, more just trinkets.
  • Two dog tags.

3.  Personality

Dieter is a sly, determined and wholly unlikeable person that one can't help be intrigued by if you know him as he truly is. Fortunately he is able to hide this well. Dieter seems to only, specifically, care about his family and himself. While at first he wasn't so much of a family man, but he gradually grew into the role. He's fiercely protective of all his children even if he obviously has favourites. Unlike his father, but all too similar, he overly endorses intelligence and well balanced lifestyles in his children. While Ajax, his son, is exactly as Dieter's father wanted his children to be. Dieter is all too quick to beat out overly brutish actions from his children. This is why he favours Gerhard. Not only is he skill athletically, but he has many hobbies and is intelligent too. That's what Dieter wants and he often neglects his children when they do something good mainly because it's not what he envisioned. BUT HE DOES IT OUT OF LOVE SO THERE :|

  • Fears:
    • Death
    • Pain
    • Capture
    • Failure
  • Motivations:
    • Himself
    • Family
    • Life in general.
  • Traits
    • Sly
    • Charismatic
    • Selfish
    • Smart
    • Wordly
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil.

3.1  Demeanor

Despite his internal looking down on others, he doesn't actually 'look down' upon them. He speaks to them neutrally and nicely, because despite his lack of respect, he is polite as a default, it seems fair enough to him because lol respect is key. Dieter's typical emotion is a neutral :| face. Because he won't smile if it's not needed, nor will he frown. He's very expressive with his gestures.

3.2  Outlook

Optimistic and extravagant. Uses hand gestures and very expressive with his movements, though possibly less so in 'bad' situations.

3.3  Ideals



He thinks he's better than everyone else. '"Due to his disdain for the inferior intellect of those around him."'


It depends, his children and mate are like treasures to him. The rest, not so much...

Other Biases

  • Species: No bias whatsoever. Believes everyone is below him regardless.
  • Non-Luperci: No true bias, but believes Luperci have an advantage due to their optime form.
  • Human Behaviors: Believes humans were intelligent and secretly idolises them.




Rarely uses drugs, but is a casual smoker and drinker.


Self, self, self. Family. Self.

Specific Beliefs

  • That he is above everyone.


4.  Relationships


Heidi Köhler

He has the most respect for his mother than he had for anyone else. Due to the fact that without he there would be no him.


Heinrich Köhler

While his actual relationship was poor with his eldest brother, he still admired him.

Various Minor Aquaintences

His siblings (except Heinrich) His ex-pack mates. The rest of his family.


Hans Köhler

His father regularly beat him and while it didn't really effect him, his respect for the man was non existent and so was the fear Hans tried to instil into him.

He doesn't have friends as such, mostly people he either likes or dislikes. Either way, he's fairly 'nice' to everyone.

4.1  Key Relations

Diana Müller

Dieter's mate. It's a surprise, them being a pair, they seem more like enemies at the worst of times. He tends to be quite violent to her, though avoid anything major, this is mostly because he underestimate's his own strength, and overestimates her tolerance. He's incredibly attached to her, almost to the point of paranoia and jealousy. They fight constantly, but their love for each other is obvious at times.

Hannah Kohler

Dieter loves Hannah an incredible amount. He's wildly protective over her, mostly because she almost kidnapped by Max and also because she is horrible naive and gentle.

Felix Kohler

Dieter loves Felix, even if he is a bit of a bully. He tolerates his rowdiness and disobedience with mild punishment.

Heinrich Kohler

Rich is the Loki to Die's Thor. Sly, petty and a huge mischief maker. He's much stronger than Dieter, but he is a lot less intelligent and runs almost purely on instinct. Dieter was bullied by him as a child and his father favourited Rich obviously due to his athletic ability, regardless of Dieter's intelligence.

Rudolf Kohler

The eldest Kohler sibling. A ruthless warrior favouring skill and intelligence in his attacks. He's a man that lives mainly on instinct as opposed to logic and for that reason he and Dieter do not get on. He is crude, crafty and has little insight into political correctness.

Holger Kohler

Dieter's other favourite brother. While they were not close, they frequently exchanged wits. However in the family he's generally regarded to be a disappointment because he ran off to Denmark to pursue art instead of joining DMJ in Munich. Dieter likes him well enough though.

Adi Kohler

Unarguably Dieter's favourite sibling. Adi is a well balanced soul with average intelligence and average athletic skills. He is kind and respectful and was the person Dieter was closest to growing up.

Ajax Kohler

While Ajax is exactly what his Grandfather would have wanted in a son, his father thinks differently. Dieter wishes Ajax was more evenly balanced, like Ger. He wishes he was just as book smart as he is strong and instinct driven. Their relationship is testy.

Gerhard Kohler

It's obvious Ger is (was) Die's favourite. Well balanced, smart and strong. He has many talents and knows his place. Their relationship is very good.

Jurgen Kohler

Jurg is Dieter's nephew. And also his stepson. Because Rich is a hoebag and banged Die's Mrs. Dieter tolerates Jurg, but is very 'ugh' around him.

Rest of his Kids.

He doesn't really know them as they were raised by other people.

Panzer Schell

One of Dieter's oldest friends. Almost mute and a big, strong hard worker.

4.2  Groups

Die Münchner Jungen

His 'pack'. More of a small army trained to fight in optime for with melee weapons. He didn't even come close to them in physical standards, but far exceeded the dense soldiers. Dieter's relationship with them was average and overall good.

  • Max Goring: The'Fuhrer' of the Munich Boys. Dieter's superior up until he left the group. Dieter was his second-in-command (district wise) during his time in Munich (his title of Kaiser was really a nickname, his true title was in fact Sub-Kommando).
  • Hugo Zoller: A 'Kadett' (foot soldier) Dieter took under his wing. Dieter was fond of the boy, whom he say potential in. Even going so far as to risk an entire groups lives to retrieve him while injured.

Die Opposition

Dieter never learnt the true name of the pack his pack were at 'war' with, mostly due to the fact they were never mentioned as anything else, but also because Dieter never really cared enough to find out. In addition to this, he only had two meetings with members of this group.

  • Unknown Soldier: A soldier he met on his first, and only, trip onto a battlefield. And the only man Dieter has ever directly killed in battle. He just about beat him by getting him into a position where he could bash his brains in. Dieter has actually killed plenty of times, but never in a true battle and rarely in a fair fight.
  • Arthur Mannock: An Englishmen who was apart of 'the opposition'. One of the many people Dieter killed indirectly, he was put in front of Dieter for judgement and then dragged away after a guilty judgement. His fate is unknown by Dieter aside from the fact he was killed someone inside Munich on his orders. The reasons his being stick in Dieter's mind is due to the fact that he never begged for his life like the rest. Instead taking the time to question Dieter in every way. Questioning his manliness, rank and why he wouldn't 'do it himself'.

4.3  Family

Dieter's relationship with his family was neutral on his part, he feigned respect for them ultimately.

  • Köhler + Dassler

Immediate Family

5.  History

Dieter was the second oldest child born into a pack in Innsbruck, Austria. One of the smaller outposts of a large pack in Munich, for years before his birth the larger pack had been warring with another pack and so the groups had taken a militaristic approach. Raised by his father to be a strong, intelligent boy, but failed most of the physical trials despite excelling at the logical ones. He moved to Munich with his brothers on his first birthday, and began rising in the ranks faster than either three of his siblings despite his lack of physical ability.

One night, a year and a half after he'd taken up home in Munich, the wall he was guarding (having already been having reconstruction work done on it) was ambushed. None of the soldiers were ready and several of them were wounded or killed. Dieter was almost captured, but after some quick words he was able to worm his way out. The ambushers let him go, and after he rushed to collect his things he made his way out. After a few miles, he realised he was being trailed by Diana Müller, a woman who had been used as nothing short of a poster girl for what a woman in th Munich pack should be like. Tired of her sham of a life (for much of her qualities were 'put on') she trailed him. After initially trying to get her to leave him, Dieter agreed to let her tag along.

He later had two puppies, Ajax and Gerhard. And Jurgen.

And then he had more and had them raised by other people. Spreading the love. Totally.