Denali Reitzer

Denali Reitzer

Denali, by Shawchert
Date of Birth31 May 2010
Date of Death21 Jan 2011
SubspeciesTibetan Wolf
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth place'Souls
Current pack
'Souls Profile

Previous Packs

Crimson Dreams

Joining date22 July 2010
Most Recent RankPusio

Separated by his parents by a coyote attack, Denali Reitzer finds himself at the borders of Crimson Dreams where he is taken in and adopted by Savina Marino and Kansas Sadira.

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1.  History

He was born in souls area by loners who traveled to Nova Scotia from Tibet where they use to live. Denali finds himself alone when his parents were chased off by a coyote and he tried looking for them, not sure where they'd gone. He soon comes to Crimson Dreams where Savina Marino takes him into her care, and soon he becomes a part of the pack where eventually, Savina and Kansas adopt him as their own. Denali has some memories of his own parents which he will cherish them, but he calls them his other mommy and daddy, the ones that never came back for him.

2.  Personality

He's a very outgoing, adventurous pup, who loves finding little creatures and mimicking them (thanks to Alder) and he enjoys playing and making others laugh as well as seeing them happy. He is one to actually get others into trouble though. he will influence others to do things that he himself does not want to do.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

4.  Appearance

Denali, by Kahllynn

Denali is a Tibetan wolf with long thick reddish fur , he's quite short and has short legs as well. Still a pup he does have some growing to do but will never reach the same height as regular wolves. Denali will stand about three feet tall in wolf form, and only stand 5 foot 6 inches in his optime form, when he is fully grown. His halfling form he will be a bit bulkier and would prefer to use that one over his normal wolf form, which he will probably never use again when he starts changing. Denali now also has a mask: THE MASK that he wears on top of his head, only very rarely would he have it over his face as it doesn't fit right ;)