DeeDee "Doc" Trixie


  • Sex: Female
  • Species: Coydog
  • Date of Birth: 17th January 2017
  • Loner Band: Aevum Absens


Trixie is of coyote heritage, on the scraggly side but with only a certain amount of dog markings.. A piebald in a sense on her hind quarters, she is dappled with red and gray splotches on her inner thighs, and stomach. The rest of her is a rust brown, and cream, like a normal coyote. The coydog is seen predominantly in her optime form, normally wearing a bandage on her left wrist from an old fight, and always smiling.

Standing at around five feet seven inches she is voluptuous and curvy, sporting a small gut, and proud of it. Weighing in at around one hundred and eighty pounds, the thick girl is no doubt comfortable with her appearance, and has no problem giving anyone who says otherwise a piece of her mind.

Left ear sagging slightly, her other one is pointy straight upon her skull, giving her a rather interesting look. Sporting a bite mark from a fight with a wolf, it's upon her right clavicle leading to the back of her shoulder. A few scars decorate her spine, which are generally covered by homemade clothes which drape between her spine and between her chest, and legs. Normally seen caring a satchel, she is known for bolstering many wraps within it, herbal medicines, tinctures, and often smells of patchouli and lavender. She can be seen carrying around a smoke that hangs from her front jowls, be it a tobacco or Marijuana.

Alongside her normal carrying's the femme has a small dagger attached to her inner thigh, skilled with it, the female hides it with her rather thick thighs.


DeeDee is a sweet southern gal who wants to just help, overly flirtatious, and good with her hands. In all aspects including with stitches and otherwise.

Don't let her cute and overly zealous ways fool you, she's got a bark that matches her bite, and isn't afraid to put a stranger in their place.

Dramatically cast into a world of loneliness the woman truly wants for nothing more than the survival of her patients and friends. Losing her family and being unable to save them all, she had a rough go of accepting sometimes she just can’t save everyone. Putting her past behind her she set forth a new leaf when she found Jett, vowing to protect her small pseudo child, Rex, as well.

Like a mother, she is perhaps overly protective, and loves him, though she doesn't truly admit it in case she has to leave, or otherwise.

In all honesty she is a bit selfish and seeks out her own survival if it came down to the nitty gritty. She can stitch up anyone with just about anything, and while those surrounding her are made up of mock brutes, she wants to help and has offered her services free of charge to fellow comrades as long as they help protect her, and keep her and Rex safe.

Secretly she’s a badass with knives, and Doc has sworn to help and care for anyone who needs it. While she’s not caring for patients she tends to livestock.

The varying skills is what she is good at; Medical, herbalist, trauma medic, wound care, livestock medic, animal husbandry.

Callous at times, to strangers who she doesn't like by judging them immediately, the woman's sense of humor shines through in her surprisingly great bedside mannerisms. DeeDee prefers to talk in third person, and can be considered highly annoying.


DeeDee, otherwise known as "Doc", grew up on a southern peninsula where her entire family were gathers, hunters, and medics. Taking leave from the family to travel by herself, Doc continued her normal southern ways with treating the sick, feeding the hungry, and robbing from the overly abundant members of society.

As she traveled, she came across several others'whom have gone through her life. Raising several children not of her own, taking in the lost, abandoned, and unfortunate one's before finally meeting someone she fell in love with when she was two and a half.

In a fight over some loner territories, her mate and two pups were slaughtered. Thus creating her own persona of never settling down and traveling every day. And so she did. Walking and walking, helping and caring.

When she was four years old and some odd months, she ran into a fellow by the name of Jett, and soon after that, a few others, which created a sort of misfit band of miscreants. Four months ago, Doc came across a young child, Rex, who she fed, and they basically never left one another's side. Despite her efforts to not get attached, the woman loves the child like her own.

Taking it upon herself to travel to Souls with her pseudo son, Rex, the plump woman takes it upon herself to heal others' for the price of food, and other various materials which may be viable.

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