David Cubbins-Kayion

David Cubbins is the half brother to Mars Bartholomew Russo on his mother's side. He was sent on a mission to bring Mars Bartholomew Russo back to Fresno where he could be punished for escaping and forced back into slavery, but in the summer of 2012, Mars Bartholomew Russo kills his brother, Edge Kayion and shows mercy on the dumber David. Since then, David has been wandering around NS, trying to find somewhere where he can fit in, to start his life over.

David lived his life peacefully until Hurricane attacked and killed him in cold blood. Hurricane currently wears his fur and tail.

David Cubbins-Kayion

David gazing up, by Jacoby

PlayerNPC of J
Date of BirthMarch 4th 2006
Age at Death7 years
Subspecies100% Alaskan Husky
Birth placeFresno, California


He lived in Fresno for all of his life until he was beckoned to leave. They were sent on a mission by their mother, Lyndi Cubbins, to bring back Mars Bartholomew Russo so that the male could be punished for leaving them one body short in the kitchen, and for taking their mother's prized horse. David is demoted from Beta, to slave, because of his actions against his mother (for he told her that there was no point bringing a mutt like Mars back home). David and Edge end up wandering all the way across the country to find Mars Bartholomew Russo.


David is actually tolerable to be around, he's rather friendly and has a very strong personality under a sad face and a tucked tail. He can be rather dominant at times and he will protect what he stands for when he is alone and fending for himself. He's outgoing when he isn't in the presence of his Alpha, and when around Edge he is silent, unemotional, or just the simple look of extreme sorrow in his face. He's slightly dim-witted.



Member of the Cubbins? family.

  • Parents — Snoenuk Kayion & Lyndi Cubbins
  • Siblings — Nyuk Cubbins ♂, Snow Cubbins♀, Sora Cubbins ♂, Tyme Cubbins ♂, Gin Kayion♀, Edge Kayion ♂, Yuui Kayion♀
  • Half-SiblingsMars Bartholomew Russo





Black and white head mask that splits his head in half, white 'collar' marking, black shoulders and 'saddle' that extends to his tail. White tail tip, his tail is always curled. He has brown eyes with green flecks in them, borderline hazel. He has a lynx tooth necklace that he wears all the time. He is muscular, well toned, and in his optime form he is 6'9'' and around 180 pounds. He has a few scars on his face and on his back, they only are visible when his coat sheds for the summer.