Dale's Adoptable #9

This character is open to adoption under a Relaxed Permanent Contract. You have free reign to choose, edit and modify any of the traits listed here, or even the design of the character itself. Once you claim the character as yours, it's yours, and you are free to put them up for adoption to someone else at any time. If not, you may drop, kill them off, or NPC them as you please. All I ask for is a vague outline of what you plan to do with this character so I can pick a good first fit.

This adoptable currently has no design. Instead, a "placeholder" or "possible face claim" has been provided for inspiration, but you are free to keep it if you wish. You are free to adopt solely the template provided here and instead slot in a character design of your own or adopted from another. The image was sourced from Pexels.

If interested, please contact Dale via PM on their OOC Dale account.

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  1.   1.  Possible Character Names
  2.   2.  Appearance
    1.   2.1  Forms
    2.   2.2  Modifications and Accessories
  3.   3.  Personality
  4.   4.  Talents and Faults
  5.   5.  Relationships
  6.   6.  Family
  7.   7.  History
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1.  Possible Character Names

This is, by no means, an exhaustive list. They're simply ideas for an adopter to look at if they can't think of a name they like for this character.


  • Galahad: A name from Arthurian legend of unknown meaning, and the name of the son of Sir Lancelot.
  • Qemu'el: The Ancient Hebrew form of Kemuel, a name meaning "raised by God".
  • Zaahir: An Arabic name of multiple meanings including "to shine", "to radiate", "clear", and "manifest".


  • Bathsheba: An Ancient Hebrew name meaning "daughter of the oath", and the name of a famous queen from the Bible.
  • Nimue: A name of unknown meaning from Arthurian legend, it belongs to a sorceress that is often said to be the Lady of the Lake.
  • Yaara: A Hebrew name meaning "honeycomb" or "honeysuckle".


  • Merlyn: A unisex form of the name Merlin, a Welsh name based on an older name that means "sea fortress".
  • Nightingale: The English name for the thrush Luscinia megarhynchos, known for the male's sweet nocturnal song. This same name may be applied to a number of other night-singing birds.
  • Qamar: A unisex Arabic name meaning "moon".

2.  Appearance


2.1  Forms

  • Lupus: Up to the adopter.
  • Secui: Up to the adopter.
  • Optime: Up to the adopter, but this may be good as a preferred form for this character.

2.2  Modifications and Accessories

3.  Personality

This character is poised and graceful, approaching every situation with an air of gentle calm and a noble's dignity. They are slow to anger and soft of speech, and stand as the eye of the storm in a world full of chaos and betrayal. They genuinely want good for all and a peaceful existence, but aren't afraid to do what they can to get ahead or advance their position. Power, they feel, is a means to assure safety for oneself and the prosperity and well-being of others. They want to be charming and relied in, and work well with others and in a group, but can be overly concerned about how they come across. Secretly, they fear becoming worthless or doing unintentional harm to others, and nurture an insecure streak that might cripple their chances of success. They try their best to hide this, fooling the world with a winning smile and a cleverly-speaking tongue.

This character, if they had a D&D alignment, would be Lawful Good. From to least importantly, they believe that they:

  • Shall follow the law, because law is what separates order from chaos and criminals from the just
  • Shall seek unlimited good for others and unlimited order in society, because goodness and order shall and must always prevail
  • Shall not murder, for murder is unnatural and an act of vicious harm
  • Shall honor legitimate authority that promotes goodness, though they have their own ideas about what counts as "legitimate authority"
  • Shall not lie, but knows and sees the value and wisdom in white lies, half-truths, and giving away incomplete information

In regards to their alignment and their behavior, they are, from most to least likely, to:

  • Support the legal procedures of their nation without regard for their own discomfort, for there is a right way of doing things and laws, inherently, are made for the greater good
  • Give their life in defense of their community, for it is an honor and a duty to lay one's life down to protect others
  • Obey all personal contracts, for their word is their bond
  • Support their family even if it means personal discomfort, as they have certain boundaries and limits and aren't afraid to express them
  • Respect their family's authority figures and obey their mandates, as they believe in being their own person outside a family's beliefs

4.  Talents and Faults

To help flesh out a potential path for this character, a selection of randomized strengths and weaknesses has been made using Joe Larsen's Character Faults and Talents system. These are only suggestions for this character, and you are free to use, retcon, modify, or disregard these ideas as you please.


  • Confident: This character exudes a naturally-confident aura and demeanor. Even when times are uncertain, this character often knows (or has the appearance of knowing) what they're doing. They can be trusted to make firm decisions, and will not back down under pressure or in a crisis. They can be a boon to the morale of others, as they may end up an example of "someone who has it all together". Their natural confidence is also useful in rallying others to an idea or cause.
  • Friendly: This character is naturally amicable. People find them easy to get along with, and they are warm and welcoming to most folks. People want to be around this character, and those seeking friends or allies may keep this character around because of how grounding they are. They may not be a natural charmer or silver-tongued salesman, but they certainly are likeable.
  • Quick Thinker: This character is quick to come up with something on the spot. Whether it's an idea, plan, or response, it doesn't take long for them to change and rethink their plans. They can take all (or most) of the resources they have at hand and use them in a creative or positive way. When it comes to strategy - whether it be war or a game of chess - they're always thinking one step ahead.
  • Social Butterfly: This character feels at home in a crowd. They mix and mingle with other characters of all occupations, shapes and sizes. They're a talker at parties and know how to become the life of it. They have a knack for finding contacts and allies in different groups, and may end up with a few favors from them.


  • Color-Blindness: This character is unable to see certain colors. They may only be able to see in black and white, or are unable to discern certain shades of the color spectrum. (Red and green, for example, may appear as gray to this character.) A good article on color-blindness can be found here.
  • Low Self-Esteem: No matter how confident this character seems, their self-esteem is poor. They don't believe anything they do is right. They often overcompensate to try and appear impressive, or may shy away from others from fear of being seen as useless. They may also bully or push around others in an attempt to seem superior.
  • One Good Eye: This character is blind in one eye. Their depth perception is reduced, making it difficult for them to gauge distance or use ranged weapons. They also may be surprised or taken advantage of on their blind side.

5.  Relationships

This character was raised in a strict setting with either a religious or philosophical focus. They lived among highly- or moderately-humanized Luperci, and were likely part of a large family or pack. They show signs of having to deal with controlling or emotionally abusive people in their life, which manifests as flightiness or uncertainty with close or intimate relationships. They do, however, have a capacity to make many friends, and may be seen as a kind and caring leader-figure or "mom friend". They expect loyalty and kindness from others, and may become distant or have difficulty associating with those who don't share their sense of morals. They also may frown on acts such as polyamory or open relationships, one-sided friendships, and marriage for political reasons. Despite this, they will try their best to fit in where they can, saving their beliefs to discuss only with their closest friends or family members in private.

6.  Family

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Immediate Family

7.  History

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7.1  Timeline



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7.2  Threads