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An individualist first and foremost, this character seeks to make a mark on their world and forge a unique identity. They are achievers with a strong sense of self, unflinching and steadfast against compromising who they are. They are sensitive and emotional, not afraid to speak up or wear their heart on their sleeve, and are proud and confident to a fault. They want to be understood and and accepted, but are cautious about letting "the right person" get to close to them, unsure if they'll be embraced or rejected by those who claim to understand them. They can be a team player, with effort, but find comfort in being alone or working in small groups that allow for tight-knit connections. They may be a wanderer of the world, and if they aren't, they will somehow have found a way to consume knowledge and life experiences like fuel. If they share moments of wisdom, they may be prone to being hypocritical and contradictory later, not taking their own advice and refusing to accept that of others'.

This character, if they had a D&D alignment, would be Chaotic Good with Lawful Good leanings. From to least importantly, they believe that they:

  • Shall help the needy, because everyone deserves a leg up
  • Shall avenge the acts of evil-doers and enemies of freedom, because an eye for an eye makes for justice in the world
  • Shall not harm the innocent, and do as much as possible to reduce the chance of casualties if the worst comes to happen
  • Shall follow the law, but only when the law suits their needs
  • Shall not steal, but can't help if the current circumstances (or their own wants and desires) motivate them to do otherwise

In regards to their alignment and their behavior, they are, from most to least likely, to:

  • Not disappoint their family, for their family means everything to them
  • Believe luck determines wealth, because the universe rewards those that take risks and raise the stakes
  • Believe everyone should be treated fairly and kindly, though they're not going to be kind to those they don't feel deserve it
  • Feel guilt from and seek to right wrongdoings, because they believe that they're in the right of most situations
  • Find most people narrow-minded and inflexible, as they can be convinced otherwise by shows of acceptance, tolerance or mental strength



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Immediate Family

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Extended Family

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Possible Character Names

This is, by no means, an exhaustive list. They're simply ideas for an adopter to look at if they can't think of a name they like for this character.


  • Ardashir: A Middle Persian name that means "righteous ruler".
  • Mashnita: A Sumerian word that means "male goat", "buck", or "ram".
  • Sangbur: A name derived from the Sumerian word for king and one for light or to glow, meaning roughly "king of the burning glow", "king of light", or "king of the fiery light".


  • Aahnat: A female name of unknown meaning, possibly derived from something Ancient Egyptian. It was created using a sphinx name generator.
  • Kir: A Sumerian word meaning "female lamb".
  • Qetzi'ah: An Ancient Hebrew name meaning "cassia" or "cinnamon".


  • Alemayehu: An Amharic name meaning "I've seen the world".
  • Sunder: A verb meaning "to break apart in two", "to separate violently", or "to part, disunite".
  • Ullisulubi: A name of unknown meaning, possibly derived from something Ancient Egyptian or Hittite. It was created using a sphinx name generator.

Talents and Faults

To help flesh out a potential path for this character, a selection of randomized strengths and weaknesses has been made using Joe Larsen's Character Faults and Talents system. These are only suggestions for this character, and you are free to use, retcon, modify, or disregard these ideas as you please.


  • Natural Charm: Despite this character's introverted nature, they have an approachable and grounded air that puts others at ease. They have a talent for getting strangers to open up to them, and their empathetic nature helps others let their guard down. This character has a way of getting what they want with people and convincing others they're not a threat.
  • Second Language: This character is able to speak and understand a second language fluently or near-fluently. They may have been raised in a multilingual home or learned the language as they grew up. Select a second language for your character to use - for the 'Souls setting, Quebec French, Acadian French, Innu-aimun, Inuktitut, Miꞌkmawiꞌsimk, Mexican Spanish, Canadian Gaelic or Irish may be good places to start.


  • Allergies: This character has a considerable allergy to some sort of substance. Like the werewolves of old, they may have a bad reaction on their skin to metals like silver. They may be unable to eat certain plants otherwise edible because they sicken or choke. They may have such a severe reaction to spring pollen that their eyes swell and their skin becomes rash-ridden. Whatever the allergy is, it must moderately to significantly affect the character.
  • Paranoid: This character has trust issues and a persecution complex. They believe everyone is out to get them and that they're unliked by almost everyone. Their trust in others can be non-existent, and they're always ready to fight or flee from potential hurt or manipulation. The world seems to be conspiring against them, and it may take a while for the character to be convinced otherwise.
  • Wrathful: This character is vindictive, vengeful, and spiteful. Their temper runs hot and they will hold grudges for as long as they care to. Their anger isn't passive, expressed in cold acts of revenge, a slurry of verbal tear-downs, or actual physical violence. If slighted or witnessing something against their morals, they are likely to take offense and answer the problem viciously. This character may even go so far as to make war with others.


This character was raised by a small but tight-knit family. If they aren't still around or living nearby, the character will likely remember them fondly and try to keep in contact, whether it be by letters, messenger birds, etc. Their friends were either far and few in-between as a child or they lived in a place with few other canines. They likely have had many acquaintances over the years, but are choosy when it comes to companionship and/or lovers. They likely have had a lot of casual flings or working/traveling with others for the sake of safety and food. They are used to traveling and working alone, and are more likely to form work- and colleague-type relationships unless they find the right person to bond with.

There are a number of open territories you can use as a place of origin for this character, or create backstory and ties to. Good examples for this particular character include Alexandria, Algiers, Cairo, and Jerusalem. The on-board settlement of Freetown may also be a good option.