Dale's Adoptable #14

This character is open to adoption under a Relaxed Permanent Contract. You have free reign to choose, edit and modify any of the traits listed here, or even the design of the character itself. Once you claim the character as yours, it's yours, and you are free to put them up for adoption to someone else at any time. If not, you may drop, kill them off, or NPC them as you please. All I ask for is a vague outline of what you plan to do with this character so I can pick a good first fit.

This adoptable currently has no design. Instead, a "placeholder" or "possible face claim" has been provided for inspiration, but you are free to keep it if you wish. You are free to adopt solely the template provided here and instead slot in a character design of your own or adopted from another. The image was sourced from Pixabay.

If interested, please contact Dale via PM on their OOC Dale account.

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  1.   1.  Possible Character Names
  2.   2.  Appearance
    1.   2.1  Forms
    2.   2.2  Modifications and Accessories
  3.   3.  Personality
  4.   4.  Talents and Faults
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  7.   7.  History
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1.  Possible Character Names

This is, by no means, an exhaustive list. They're simply ideas for an adopter to look at if they can't think of a name they like for this character.


  • Agilulf: A Germanic name roughly meaning "wolf's sword".
  • Eiran: A Hebrew name meaning "watchful, vigilant".
  • Jalil: An Arabic and Persian name that means "important" or "exalted".


  • Corinna: A Latinized Greek name used in English-, Italian-, and German-speaking areas that is derived from a word meaning "maiden".
  • Galila: Arabic feminine variant of the name Jalil, which means "important, exalted".
  • Luiza: Feminine Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, and Romanian form of Louis, which is derived from a Germanic name meaning "famous war" or "famous battle".


  • Chidiebube: An Igbo and West African name meaning "God is glorious".
  • Kass: Stylized variant of Cass, a name derived from shortening other names such as Cassandra, Casper, Cassidy, etc.
  • Mesbabbar: An Ancient Sumerian word meaning "white tree" or "white cedar".

2.  Appearance


2.1  Forms

  • Lupus: Up to the adopter.
  • Secui: Up to the adopter.
  • Optime: Up to the adopter.

2.2  Modifications and Accessories

  • Up to the adopter.

3.  Personality

This character is the lone ear hearing a voice crying out in the night. They see suffering in darkness and feel the pain of the downtrodden, and can't stand how the world sits by and lets bad things happen. They are a justice-seeker who've taken the law into their own hands, carrying out vigilante acts with varying degrees of success. They are daring, brash and bold, but care closely for their kith and kin and seek to keep them out of harm's way. They are sometimes a little too driven and hotheaded when it comes to wrongdoing, and more than once has their ego compromised their own life or freedom. They can fall into black and white thinking, and may be biased towards anyone they consider "wronged", feeling even mistakes are worth it in the end. They are the kind to act first and apologize later.

This character, if they had a D&D alignment, would be Chaotic Good. From most to least importantly, they believe that they:

  • Shall seek vengeance against evil-doers and those who threaten freedom, for if they don't do something, who will?
  • Shall honor those who promote freedom and goodness, for they are making the world a better place for all
  • Shall break the law in pursuit of goodness, but can "play nice" if they have to
  • Shall seek unlimited good for others and freedom in society, but may temporarily abandon their cause due to extenuating circumstances
  • Shall not place duty above a desire to do good, but will tend to close friends and family first before fighting in the name of freedom

In regards to their behavior and their alignment, they will, from most to least likely:

  • Give their lives in defense of their community, because it's better the character dies than an innocent person
  • Use wealth to help the less fortunate, because it's good to share anything extra they have
  • Consider the community's needs in their personal life, but considers family and close friends a higher priority
  • Consider themselves above the law, but recognizes the value of some laws and will follow them whenever deemed necessary
  • Break any contract when they feel like it, but feels immense guilt and pressure to reconcile for friend and family contracts

4.  Talents and Faults

To help flesh out a potential path for this character, a selection of randomized strengths and weaknesses has been made using Joe Larsen's Character Faults and Talents system. These are only suggestions for this character, and you are free to use, retcon, modify, or disregard these ideas as you please.


  • Acute Sense (Hearing): This character's hearing is particularly acute. They can pick up on sounds and movements from others that some might miss. Likewise, they are more sensitive to loud and chaotic noises than their fellow canine. If you'd prefer not to have a character with sensitive hearing, you can replace this with another acute sense instead.
  • Ambidextrous: This character can use both hands as if they were dominant. They either trained to use one hand as well as the other or were naturally born with this gift. Keep in mind, however, that they may be used to using one hand more than the other or that they find one hand more responsive.
  • Humble: Though they may have their moments, this character tries to be humble. They take criticism and learn from it, and are willing to work with others for the greater good. They don't like to show off or seek attention, and will always thank and give credit to others they work with. They don't ask for much in life, trying not to demand too much of others in return.
  • Skilled (Athlete): This character has a knack for athletics. They are able to swim, jump, climb and run with a great deal of skill and may know disciplines like parkour. They will not be as winded when performing physical activity for a long time, and know how to move and flex properly to avoid muscle strain and getting injured. They may be a professional athlete, participating in games such as races or competitive wrestling for material gain.


  • Bad Singing Voice: This character is terrible at singing. They may be able to sing one day, but it will take a lot of time and effort to overcome their naturally-bad singing voice. Even their howls might sound off or awkward, and they may be tone-deaf or unable to harmonize with others.
  • Impulsive: This character acts before they think. Their planning is short-term at best, their decisions based mostly on what happens in the next few moments. They will apologize later for what they do, and will refuse to listen to reason when they set their mind to an idea. Their reactive nature can easily lead them to being taken advantage of or walking into a situation they're unprepared for.
  • Indecisive: This character can't make decisions that stick. They constantly want their options open or are terrible at committing to something. They hop from subject to subject and choice to choice, never fully seeing something through. They can't be trusted to be committed to a cause, and may feel stifled when asked to stay with or hold their word to someone or something.

5.  Relationships

This character is estranged from their mother and possibly other female family members. For most of their life, they were raised or primarily taken care of by a male figure, whether it be a tutor, a grandfather, their father, or some other male friend or family member. They value all genders equally, but may be accidentally sexist or biased and awkward around women or female-identifying individuals. They may struggle with keeping friendships and relationships due to their impulsive, brash and black-and-white thinking, but those they do keep are valued and treated like gold. Their empathy is enormous, and they may end up with many acquaintances, especially fitting in with like-minded individuals. They can be jealous and envious, and wouldn't do well with being in a polygamous or open relationship or with friends who remind them of their shortcomings. They are still learning to balance their ego with the feelings of others, but value enough the connections they make to work with others to compromise and work towards a goal.

There are a number of open territories you can use as a place of origin for this character, or create backstory and ties to. Good examples for this particular character include Algiers, Barcelona, Berlin, or Yv√°ypa. The on-board settlement of Freetown may also be a good option.

6.  Family

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Immediate Family

7.  History

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7.1  Timeline



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7.2  Threads