(:Dagon Knight:)

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  1.   1.  Appearance
  2.   2.  Personality
  3.   3.  Relations
  4.   4.  History

Born to Cedric Stryder and Kai Wolfe-Denahlii, Dagon Knight came into the world along with five other siblings.

1.  Appearance

Dagon’s wolf heritage is very evident in the structure of his face and body. The dog in him comes out in more subtle, ways. His ears are large and perhaps a little more pointed than someone might expect, and his frame is bulkier. While his colouring is perhaps not as ostentatious as some of his siblings, it is no less elegant, with the colouring of his dad across the lower part of his face, upper legs and undercarriage, deepening to darker tones on his back, sides and upper face. Though, dark lines of fur seep into the lighter shades towards his muzzle, as a greater emphasis to his eyes.

Those eyes are perhaps Dagon’s most striking feature are his startlingly blue eyes, which go beyond piercing and seem to glow with their own light, even in the darkest of nights. Those eyes watch and take in everything, drinking in the world about him and storing it away. There is a fierce intelligence on those eyes, though as a puppy it is only raw potential.

Like so many of the Knight family, Dagon will clearly be a large adult. His paws are a testament to that, though as a pup the paws seem less out of proportion because of how much Dagon clearly enjoys his food.

2.  Personality

Like with everyone, Dagon’s personality is multi-faceted. Quietly attentive is perhaps the most obvious though. Dagon will often be content to watch a scene or Luperci and consider his reaction carefully. He draws a great deal of inspiration from those he loves around him, who are wiser and older. His quiet nature can sometimes make him appear serious, and can age him beyond his years. Though still only a pup his actions give the impression that he already carries a burden of responsibility.

Dagon has a fierce love and loyalty to his siblings and family. Feeling an invisible connection between himself and those born alongside him. His ancestors’ blood runs deeply within him, and the need to protect and keep safe is strong in Dagon.

Despite his seriousness, Dagon is still developing, and he can be mischievous, testing his boundaries and exploring his rapidly expanding world. The unknown is frightening and yet tugs at Dagon, willing to be the first to tread an unknown path so that others may follow in safety. Surrounded by love and an alien to strife, Dagon is free to develop and grow, perhaps to join the proud line of Cavaliers that have come before him.

3.  Relations

4.  History

Dagon was born dead, or as close to it as made no matter. He wouldn’t have been special, and there might have been grief for a little while, but ultimately the world would have moved on. Serendipity though, can be a strange thing, and Dagon had the luck to be born into a place where he was surrounded by love. The first scent he ever took in, wasn’t that of his mother, but of his father. His newly wriggling form feeling the warmth of his father’s strong and steady hand. In that moment, Cedric Stryder was the only world that Dagon knew.

Surrounded by a larger group of littermates, Dagon was well suited to pack life. He loved, and was protective of, all his siblings. He was perhaps the last to warm to Perzival though. Dagon was frightened of the mountain lion, the strangeness, and while the other’s scent was familiar, Dagon always maintained a wary distance. With the patience only a feline could muster perhaps, the mountain lion let Dagon become accustom and the love, was all the deeper for it.

Dagon always enjoyed being lifted up, or being enveloped in the embrace of another. This was never truer than when with his dad, peering curiously at papers he couldn’t read, or falling asleep on his father’s lap when Cedric worked late, listening to the vibration of his dad’s voice.