Daenys Sgiathatch

Daenys II Sgiathatch

Name Meaning??
Name Origin??
Date of BirthDecember 24, 2007
Age2 years
Birth placeBeijing, China
Current packLoner
'Souls Profile

Daenys II Sgiathatch is a member of the royal house, Sgiathatch, high priestess and future dragon queen of the Forbidden City.

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  2.   2.  Relationships
    1.   2.1  Familial Relations
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1.  History

1.1  Off-Board

Daenys was blessed already at birth. In a world where the royal litters were few and small, the Dragonqueen's litter was uncommonly large, and five of the six children were sacrificed on the fire so that their souls would manifest within the last remaining daughter, Daenys, so that she could obtain the purified essence of their god, Tianlong. Carrying the soul-fire of her five departed siblings along with her fiery colouring and particularly blessed eyes, the princess was early predicted to follow the Will of the Fire and become the next High Priestess until six years of age where she was destined to rise as the new Dragonqueen of Doragon no Toshi.

As a royal member of the Dragon, Daenys was predicted to live a strict life within the glittering water-walls of the Forbidden City, but the great celestial dragon drew a different path for the young Sgiathatch. The fiery woman finished her obligatory education when she reached four seasons of age, and served no more than three full months as the High Priestess before the ivory Usuino came to her in a dream. A prophesy was revealed to the young female, and it was made known to her that it was the heavenly god’s wish that a new Dragon had to be found. Tradition willed it that the Dragon Princess and the Dragon prince had to become a mated pair in order to inherit the throne, but the Queen had yet to produce a second litter and a male heir. Through generations of brother and sister incest, reproduction was proving less fruitful for every passing generation.

After discussing her visions for two months with the Dragons, it was decided that the High Priestess was given to be given leave to follow the path of her prophesy in search for an unknown canine blessed with Tianlong’s sacred essence. Accompanied by a servant of Ningen no chi status, the High Priestess walked away from the City of Hidden Dragon and into the lands of the faithless and the unknown. After one year of travel, the High Priestess' journey led her to Nova Scotia.

1.2  'Souls

Dude, chill, she has barely had time to arrive.

2.  Relationships

2.1  Familial Relations

  • Mother—Daenys Sgiathatch
  • Father—Daerion Sgiathatch
    • Daenys was born along with five littermates, but they were all sacrificed to the fire and have therefore never officially existed.
  • For extended family, see House Sgiathatch.

3.  Appearance

There’s something vividly serpent like about this woman. Her features are sharp and sleek, with large eyes in a slim, intelligent face framed with the hues fire and warm desert sand. A hot combination of red and orange travels up the top of her muzzle and grows hotter still as it reaches the top of her skull and spreads through the rich fur on her neck and back. Soft oranges spread from her sharp cheeks down to her slim throat and continues to coat the underside of her body with the same smooth colouring. On top of her vivid hues stretches various lines and symbols, which in her home city would immediately reveal to all her immortal status and sacred bloodline. The lower halves of her legs transforms from soft red to even softer orange, and this same transition can be seen on her tail. Daenys' large, catlike eyes hold a rich violet touched by the red flames, giving them a vivid pink hue. She moves with an unearthly elegance; a proud stance blessed with the elegance and confidence given to her by her royal blood. Her body knows only a limited amount of strength, but the woman owns the agility and flexibility of a small feline.

4.  Post Log

  1. 10-05-21 Like fire — with Eris Lykoi. Daenys comes to Nova Scotia.'
  2. 10-05-22 With China in her hand — with Mkhai Lykoi.'

5.  Graphics