Played by Larki.



Date of Birth: December 31, 2002 Gender: Male Personality: Cross is a strange beast. He is, generally, rather impolite and full of troublesome qualities. A trickster, knave, and a pirate, a lot of the time he is only out for his own gain. Sometimes he is the exact opposite, though. The very image of chivalry, with knightly behavior and princely charm. It all depends on what sort of creature he encounters, seeing as all reactions are based on how he perceives someone. Though it is hard (usually) to gain his respect, once it is won, he is a loyal and steadfast friend. About the only creatures that have his complete attention just by merit of existing are puppies. For whatever reason, this princely pirate has a soft spot for the little ones, and will do almost anything for one of them. Eyes: Silver-blue During the summer, he has white along his jawline and a splotch of white across his chest. However, Markings: during the winter he is completely black without any other special markings to distinguish.


He was born into this pack that designed itself around the medieval Court. There weren't many "real" ranks, they were just social ranks. So a female might be at the very top one week, then not even regarded as important the next. Of course the very top never changed, as the King and Queen are always head honchos. So there were "knights" and "ladies". The knights tended to gain "rank" the more experienced they were, but it was by rumors and the like that females rose and fell in position. Cross and Ilandere were always friends and always outcasts. Because he was too dark to really be trusted among the knights and she was too sharp-tongued to be accepted among the ladies. They were accepted into the circles, though, given the fact that they were the children of the King and Queen. So it wasn't as if there was really any choice in the matter, seeing as both monarchs were convinced their children were angels. Until, that was, Ilandere said just the wrong thing to a high female at just the wrong time. That set off a chain of events that led to her being banished, because there was no way her mother could stop it. It was just too deep of a thing to be fixed with apologies. It was a temporary banishment, but Ilandere didn't want to stick around. So Cross left with her, because he had no devotion to anyone else.