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Creek is a loner roaming the Eastern Realms. He is the firstborn son of a large litter of coyote puppies belonging to the lone feral mother Hazel. He is the eldest brother of Moor, Fern, Pike?, Saffron, Rain, Ridge, Primrose, Bee, Cinder, and Jaybird, in addition to a number of siblings that have passed.

Raised in the scarred landscape of northeast Nova Scotia, Creek learned how to survive in the forests and cities burned by a fire that scorned long ago. Not belonging to any pack or creed, his mother and his siblings (his father an absent figure in his life, owning to the nature of the wilds) stuck close together in their own pseudo-band. When he and his littermates were old enough to began hunting on their own his mother birthed another litter before the winter of 2016; while the majority of the second litter died over the course of the season, Creek and the band survived their first winter together.

The following spring was easier on the coyotes as life began anew and a few of his littermates left the band, and it was then that Creek truly began to socialize with canines outside of his family unit. His schemas relating to different species were informed by various experiences—wolves were uncaring intimidators, dogs were brutish urchins. Creek then decided that the wilderness had its unspoken laws and an unquestionable order. Coyotes were branded as opportunistic scavengers, vultures, rats, lessers. Instead of despairing over his position in the world Creek embraced it. Maybe they was all of these things, but above all, coyotes were survivors.

In the summer his younger siblings became capable of looking after themselves. Unburdened from the responsibility of helping his mother care for them, Creek spent more time away from the band than he did with it. When his mother became pregnant with her third litter in the beginning of autumn of 2017, he decided it was time for him to take his leave and make room for his family though he remained within the area, not keen to the idea of abandoning his blood when they may need aid in the future.

His eccentric brother Pike joined him in his leaving, declaring it was the safer course of action, and the pair of young males struck out on their own.





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  • Date of Birth: 04 May 2016
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Pack: Loner
  • Rank: —
  • Family: Wood
  • Birthplace: Eastern Realms
  • Species: Coyote
    • 80% Coyote, 12% Wolf, 8% Dog
  • cNPC: Pike?
  • Minor NPCs:
    • N/A



  • Creek's brother, Pike?, is up for adoption!
  • Littermates and half-siblings are also available for adoption as freeform characters.

Packs members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • A'somethin'
  • Butts

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Creek is unquestionably coyote. While he is not a purebred due to hybridization in his family tree, he is unaware of this fact and his appearance owns the prime example of a coyote individual.
  • Fur: Short and coarse, oftentimes unkempt due to his lack of attention for presentation. It is thick and capable of growing a suitable winter coat, though the shedding is horrendous in the spring.
    • Optime Hair: Unstylized; his mane extends down his neck and back, simply giving his scruff more fluff and plush than in his other forms. Often it spikes up.
  • Facial Features: Large coyote ears frame a narrow face that holds sharp features. His eyes are striking blue.
  • Build and Size: Owning to the nature of coyotes, Creek lacks any sort of bulk that wolves have. He is long-legged and narrow-shouldered, compact and well-portioned for his species. Despite his lack of muscle, his body is sturdy and hardened from survival in the wilds. His Optime form follows the same formula and he can be described as "elfish."
  • Humanization: Very low—does not adorn himself with clothing or accessories, feeling that they are restrictive, and opts out of using any kind of tool. His posture is distinctly feral and hunched in Optime form.




Cement (#8C7966)
Leather (#927257)
Coffee (#796455)
Spicy Mix (#76553E)
Taupe (#3A322C)
Zeus (#1C1916)
Sandal (#AD8F6D)
Sorrel Brown (#CEB591)

Eyes, Skin, Leathers

Turquoise (#33DEE2)
Russet (#7B6460)

1.2  Miscellaneous


  • Speech: Deep and masculine with the lack of a distinctive accent. Mild-mannered and lax, not likely to make loud expressions.
  • Scent: Ash, smoke, wet earth, concrete, dust.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Expressive, fidgety ears and tail.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Creek is very receptive of others and bases his body language to reflect the mood; he always seems alert and somewhat flighty even when he is relaxed. He resorts on feral postures to communicate with others at times, such as tucking his tail and lowering himself in submission when faced with an aggressive individual he cannot challenge. Generally he holds himself with quiet confidence in neutral situations.


  • Lupus: 26 in (66 cm) — 50 lb (22.5 kg)
  • Secui: 42 in (107 cm) — 145 lb (66 kg)
  • Optime: 6 ft 6 in (198 cm) — 220 lb (100 kg)


by Shannah by Shannah by Shannah by Shannah

2.  Personality


Upon first impression, Creek is a simple male. If they are able to get beyond his skittishness (he distrusts unfamiliars and will run at the first sign of trouble), one would find that he is straightforward and mild-mannered unless he has reason to be wary. He has no desire to cause disturbances in others and will try to find cooperation within others rather than conflict; although undoubtedly feral he is reasonable, civil, and pragmatic. Despite his caution Creek finds enjoyment in social interactions—but can handle them awkwardly from lack of experience with others.

In the stereotypical coyote fashion, Creek is opportunistic. He is willing to scavenge for food, bow to enemies, lower himself—all in the name of survival. He is willing to abandon others if it came down between his life or their's and would not needlessly risk his well-being.

That being said, he isn't heartless—if he's able to help others without any threat to his health, he will. He sees survival as the ultimate goal for all canines and would not fault others for doing the same to him.


  • POS: Mild-mannered, observant, cooperative, pragmatic
  • NEU: Cautious, awkward, feral, opportunistic
  • NEG: Distrusting, cowardly, self-preserving

2.1  Ideals


  • Outlook: Realistic, edges on pessimism
  • Sociability: Ambiverted
  • Expression: Dominant
  • Alignment: Neutral Good


  • Survival
  • Providing for his family and securing their protection
  • Looking out for his fellow coyotes


  • Injury and disfigurement
  • Harm befalling his familiars
  • Horses


  • Likes: Survival, security, neutrality, strong scents, exploration, family, forests, birds
  • Dislikes: Hostility, intimidation, non-coyotes, urban areas, winter, horses, heights


  • Species: Believes that there's distinctions between species and that each should stick to its kind; also holds prejudices and conceptions about each group and is generally wary of non-coyotes.
  • Non-Luperci: Sees them as equals.
  • Sexuality: Finds same-gender couplings mind boggling and nonsensical due to lack of exposure and the notion that canines only pair to reproduce. Does not judge those who "sleep around"—it's simply a natural part of life.
  • Gender: Believes that there's certain roles for each gender to fill (males should be able to provide, females should be able to give care) but does not think that there shouldn't be overlapping. Values traditional values more so than progressive ones.


  • Bisexual (with a preference for females)
  • Low libido, doesn't have a strong sexual desire
  • Doesn't know the meaning of romance—whenever he thought about having a mate, he thought the bond would be formed for the necessity of puppies, not love.
    • If and when he develops feelings for another, he will be thoroughly confused and awkward. Completely twitterpated.
  • Has an unspoken, undiscovered attraction for males; he does not understand these feelings and tries to ignore them, finding them weird.
  • Would treat his partner as an equal.


  • Avoids substances; does not find enjoyment in his senses and motor functions being impaired.


  • Animistic to an extent in attempts to explain natural phenomenon.
  • Largely lacking true spirituality but can be impressed upon with the beliefs of others.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family: Wood

  • Mother: Hazel
  • Father: Unknown
  • Littermates: Moor, Fern, Pike?, Saffron, Rain, Thorn, River, Stillborn
  • Half-siblings:
    • (1) Ridge, Primrose, Raven, Stone, Magpie, Ash
    • (2) Bee, Cinder, Jaybird

3.2  Relations

Pack Relations

Outsider Relations

Minor Relations

  • Sex: --
  • Friendly: --
  • Enemies: --
  • Murders: --

4.  History

4.1  Post Log & Archives

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