Colm Bromley

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by Despi

Player: Larki
Creator(s): Despi, Pabs
Nickname(s): Cole
Birthplace: Portland
Date of Birth: 14 Jan 2019
Sex: Male

  • Pronouns: He/Him

Species: Hybrid (Luperci Ortus) 1

Rank: Encender

  • --

Residence: --
Animal NPC:

  • --

OOC Assumptions
Del Cenere Gang members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • ... Having general non-specific conversation - "Hi, how are you" type conversations.
  • ... Seeing him doing jobs for Holland or Alonso
  • ... Seeing him around the Trailside Inn or the Ugly Coyote or the stables

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1.  Synopsis

Born in the Portland area alongside siblings Kieran Butler, Sean Butler, and O'Shae Bromley and raised by parents Jarvis Butler and Saoirse Bromley, Colm (cAHll-um) and his siblings enjoyed a relatively well-adjusted upbringing along the coast. With a level-headed father and a more... Unconventional and eclectic mother, the siblings all grew up on the varying scale of mild mannered to wildly brash, bordering on the obnoxious - each child grew with bold, big personalities that tempered with age (though, not necessarily maturity).

With the gift of growth, Colm took after his father's footsteps a bit more and adapted as a bit more thoughtful member of his litter, often asking the bigger, more broad-sweeping questions and drilling into deeper thought than embracing the more wily whims of Saoirse. He has remained close with his siblings and has a strong value in the appreciation of family and blood bonds - with Sean's departure onto new adventures, Colm has felt the undeniable tug and compulsion to follow.

2.  Appearance


Colm undeniably follows closer after his father's dog-like appearance, with a dense, plush coat favoring paler hues and a mild smattering of merle patterns localized to his shoulders, hips, and around his eyes The sharp, rusty red hues of his tricolored coat base belies something of an interrupted 'creeping tan', broken up by Irish white piebalding. His body is somewhat boxy in appearance, with strong shoulders and a well-developed ribcage, though there's a daintiness in his limbs due to shepherding lineage that lends an agile and quick-moving gait to his four-legged movements, and the well-tuned ability to trot diagonally. He was born with a naturally cropped tail.

He is highly humanized and takes pride in some of the cultural heritage instilled in him by his mother, Saoirse.

  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Focused, tends to purse his lips when thinking or working. Wrings his fingers together when idle or rubs at his knuckles. Passively bites at his nails when unoccupied and has to busy himself to keep from doing so.
  • Posture and Body Language: Mischievous, playful or pensive and thoughtful. Nothing in between. Except when he feels he needs to show respect, then he is good at playing a good boy.
  • Scent: Butler, bergamot, oak, salt
  • Scars: --
  • Gear
    • Clothing: Trousers, possesses an aran sweater knit for him by his mother.
    • Accessories: Suspenders, claddaugh ring (worn on a woven cable around the neck in lupus)
Palette and Build
Fur Palette
(#404145) (#6F797F) (#86929A)
(#ADB1BA) (#DBDDDD) (#974F2C)
Eyes, Nose
(#91B4BB) (#BC9965) (#392E2C)

50 lbs (22.5 kg) — 27 in (76 cm)


110 lb (50 kg) — 38 in (96.5 cm)


180 lb (81.6 kg) — 6 ft (72 in) (183 cm)

By Despi

3.  Personality


Colm Bromley is a fantastic mix of his parents. He has a heavy dose of mischief, a dab of not taking anything seriously, and a splash of gentlemanly manners that he's prone to forgetting. He really enjoys learning as much as he can about others. Sometimes, he just goes about that in a way that comes across as... kind of rude. Cole loves to figure out what makes someone tick and then (sometimes) use that against them. He doesn't generally have a strong sense of hierarchy and only respects it when it is enforced upon him. Or someone is very obviously an authority figure and he might get in trouble for not showing respect.

Loose Catholic leanings. He discards what he doesn't agree with rather freely and lets his morals be pretty fluid. As long as he isn't actively harming someone, he figures most things are alright to do. Enjoys reading, writing, and winding away time underneath the sun.

  • Demeanor: playful, easygoing, friendly
  • Speech: heavily accented with mostly Irish but some French tones
  • Sexuality: Bisexual, but tends to have attraction for males more often than females
  • Outlook: Optimistic
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
Pursue pleasure, as long as it does no harm to others.
Life is too short to follow all the rules.
Do unto others as you'd have done unto you.

4.  Relationships

Immediate Family (Butler , Bromley)

Unknown relations indicated by *

Extended Family

Colm belongs the Butler and Bromley families; as such, many of their members are directly and indirectly related to him.

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1 12.5% Eurasian Wolf?, 37.5% Northeastern Coyote, 50% Dog (landrace breeds, cattle dog, shepherd, spaniel, et al.)