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1.  Appearance

Collie is a small and slim purebred border collie, and her coat is the classic black and white, with the border collie’s markings. She has a black back and a white belly, her face and ears are black, and she has some black spots on her legs and tummy. The tip of her tail is white. In her Lupus form she is about twenty one inches tall, and around twenty three pounds, making her quite petite with long slender limbs and soft feathery fur that hangs loosely, at a medium length. Her fur is smooth and soft, and not shaggy or unkempt. Her ears are perked straight up, and her russet eyes hold a thoughtful and intelligent expression. The fur around her face is thick and bushes out from her cheeks with her long white whiskers. She carries herself humbly, head low, with the typical border collie posture. She generally prefers to stay in her Lupus form. In her Optime form, she stands at five and a half feet tall and remains slender at about one hundred twenty pounds. She likes to wear warm hoodies and comfortable clothes. Her favorite outfit is a pair of comfortable, form fitting blue jeans and a plain green zip up jacket. She doesn’t wear any jewelry or piercings, with the exception of a slip of woven string which she has on her right front paw. In her Optime form, her hair is thick and black and droops down to frame her face. Her ears poke out of her silky hair and stick straight up, alert and observant. She is soft and small and sweet, and generally comes off as nonthreatening and approachable.

2.  Personality

Collie is reserved and humble, and because she has just set out on her own into the world she can come off as being scared and unsure. However, deep down she is passionate and willing to defend herself and those she cares about whenever necessary. She is very intelligent. She has a great deal of esoteric knowledge and is not afraid to use it, and she will stand up for what she believes in every time. She is generally chaotic-neutral. She puts herself first and follows her instincts. However, when Collie is loyal to somebody she is loyal with a ferocity. She is protective and will be the first to jump into a fray when someone she loves is involved. Her ancestors have been sheepherders for generations and she has a great deal of knowledge about other animals, as well as being in a leadership position. Because she grew up on the degenerated remains of a farm, she has had access to many different plants and herbs and has a fair set of knowledge about scavenging for food. She has basic knowledge of what is and isn’t poisonous and she enjoys very much going out on her own to forage. She is independent and does not rely on authority or believe in absolute power, however she does respect individuals who are more knowledgeable than she is, and she will follow rules if she feels that they fit her own ethical judgement.

3.  Relationships

Collie's moderate-sized family remains in Northern Canada on an isolated farm, aware but uncertain about the Luperci, living by now ancient values and herding the remaining sheep and foraging for herbs in the surrounding woods.

4.  Family

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4.1  Immediate Family

5.  History

Collie was born to a family of purebred border collies. Her family has been living on the same isolated farm in the mountainous forests of northernmost Canada for generations. Long ago, their ancestors were some of the best shepherding dogs in the world. That has changed however, and while there are still many sheep and other animals coexisting with them on the disintegrating, overgrown farm, the family has emphasized foraging and knowledge of plants and gathering as a means of survival. Collie grew up going out into the woods with her parents to collect berries, roots, plants, and other small food sources to help them survive. Her knowledge of herbs and plants is basic, but she enjoys it very much and intends to learn more. In early September of 2017, Collie was in the woods foraging by herself when she was approached by a Luperci who wanted to mate. She refused him and he attacked her, leaving deep and serious wounds. Her wounds healed but in the following weeks she had the urge to shift into a different form, and she discovered that she had been infected with the Luperci virus. Her family, who had been living in isolation for generations, was very nervous about the Luperci and had little understanding of them. Collie's family began to treat her differently, and eventually encouraged her to seek out others of her own kind. Heartbroken and afraid, but curious about the world, Collie set out southbound to find others like her. Leaving her small world behind, she has made her way along the forests and shores, hoping to be accepted into a pack and learn what she has to offer the world as a newly turned Luperci.


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