Clodoveo Eisritter

Clodoveo Eisritter

by Amanda



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3rd October 2010






100% Common Gray Wolf







95 lbs.
58 in

192 lbs.
68 in

205 lbs
6ft 4in

Lupus: Clodoveo is a rather lean wolf for the region he comes from. He weighs around 95 lbs in his Lupus form. At the shoulder, he is about 34 inches tall. From his nose to his tail, he is 58 inches long. His fur is soft and a bit puffy in this form. He prefers to use this form only when he has to travel long distances by foot.

Secui: Clodoveo is around average size for his species in this form, though still retaining his more lean structure. His fur is less puffy in this form, though it stays more puffed between his shoulders and on his tail. He is around 192 lbs in weight, and 44 inches at the shoulder. In this form, he is about 68 inches from nose to tail. He will usually only use this form when he has to hunt by foot or fight.

Optime: This is Clodoveo's go-to form. His fur is not very puffy in this form, and his lean form is visible. He weighs in at 205 lbs in this form. He shifts more of his weight to his feet than his knees and thighs, which puts him at 6' 4'' in height. He keeps his mane loose and lightly styled, trimming it occasionally. He does not, however, trim the tufts of fur on his thighs and elbows.

His fur is black (though in pictures I usually use hex #1A1A1A to color his fur, to allow black lines to be visible). His eyes are red (Usually hex #971515) He has a small nick out of his left ear, as well as a small scratch above his nose from an accident when he was young.

In his Optime form, he prefers to wear a dim red cloak and a tailored tunic.


  • Due to Clodoveo's rather... Spoiled... Upbringing, he feels he is entitled to certain things. He does what he wants, and does not like being told what to do. He has gotten himself in trouble several times because of this, the exchange most of the time going something similar to a wolf saying "You can't do that." and Clodoveo saying "Watch me." These exchanges usually result in him getting into a fight or him getting injured.
  • Clodoveo is deceptive, trying to cover up his past and hide his tracks. He does this out of paranoia, thinking that someone from his old pack will find out. He does not trust others easily because of this, and tends to keep his guard up. Because of the webs of lies he weaves, it can sometimes become hard to tell whether or not he is telling the truth.
  • Clodoveo is loyal. He may lie and disobey orders, but that will melt away if you earn his respect. This is hard to do however, and if you lose it, it is extremely hard to get back. Once you've got a friend in him, you've got someone who is willing to lay their life down for you.


Clodoveo's father had been the alpha male of a European Luperci pack of great strength. After she had conceived the pups, Clodoveo's mother traveled to a nearby territory with three other wolves from the pack. She had misjudged the time, and ended up giving birth while away from her pack. Though she died in childbirth along with a fourth pup, Clodoveo was born with two brothers: Salamo, the third born; and Alger, the first born.

The three of them were weaned by one of the wolves that had been traveling with their mother as the group of three pups and three of their father's followers made their trek home. Salamo had been small and weak, dying of cold during their journey home. As they were nearing their home territory, the group disturbed a bear. The resulting fight cost two of the followers and young Alger their lives.

Being raised as an only child and the sole surviving heir to the leadership of his pack, Clodoveo was treated with rather high regard. He was spoiled, spending most of his days treating to his own desires and playing by whim. He would constantly practice his horse riding and swordsmanship, and was tutored in both reading and writing. He was quickly reprimanded by his father, however, if he was disrespectful of his fallen brothers or mother.

Finally, the day came that he was to take a mate from the nearby pack. Not wanting to take responsibility for anyone else when he was only 2 1/6 years old, he decided to flee. Taking one of his father's war horses, he rode to the more northern ports. After a 9 day journey to a port, he boarded the first ship he found. Left with nothing but a sword, his horse, and the clothes on his back, he sailed to Maine.

In Maine, he met Nadia. Though hesitant at first, he wound up traveling with her, bonding with her during that time. Clodoveo doesn't seem that interested in joining any new packs, he will follow Nadia in whatever her choice is.


ParentsMondlicht Eisritter & Krieger Eisritter
SiblingsAlger Eisritter & Salamo Eisritter