Citlali Kimaris

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Citlali Kimaris-Etalpalli

Citlali, by Kahilli
Name Meaning
Name OriginNahuatl
Date of Birth24Jun2010
Subspecies60% Canis latrans cagottis
25% Canis latrans lestes
15% Canis latrans ochropus
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeEterne
Current packAnathema

'Souls Profile

Current Pack


Joining date20Mar2011[1]
Previous Rank(s)Zepar

Previous Pack

Citlali Kimaris-Etalpalli is the nephew of the Kimaris children who came to `Souls in 2011. He's currently under Tlantli's guardianship within Anathema.

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1.  History

Citlali was born in secret to his mother, Dieriel, on June 24, 2010. She had plans on raising him until she realized that her brother, Baphomet, was a threat to her child. He was set on forcing his family into the religion of Nahuatl.

None of her siblings had any knowledge of her son before or after she sent him to her half-siblings in a frantic attempt to keep Citlali safe. Since Tlantli was the most likely to be the best influence, she took her half-nephew in.

Citlali took the journey with the Kimaris children from Freetown. He stayed by Tlantli in all of her decisions. The boy was also exposed to her regular religious practices. Being sent away from his mother so quickly, he was unable to learn the proper ways of his culture. He ended up practicing his own twisted religion by worshipping the moon instead of the sun, and finding beauty in birds and feathers.

To keep him from asking questions that related to family, Tlanti introduced different kinds of activities to her Nephew. Eventually, Citlali found that he was skilled and enjoyed the art of weaving and making jewelry. Tlanti showed him the few things she could and found that he was becoming over obsessed with the hobby.

Along the way, Citlali discovered birds. He found them intriguing creatures and was instantly attracted to their ways and the feathers adorning their bodies. Often, he believed they were gifts from moon because of their gentle nature so he made sacrifices to them the way he had seen Tlanti do. Because of his fascination and the limit he had on knowledge of who he really was, Citlali kept the Kimaris name but added on Etalpalli, meaning 'wing' in Nahuatl.

When the large wildcat attacked the family, the boy was protected by the Kimaris. Together they continued on.

2.  Personality

Citlali could be considered reclusive, reserved, and withdrawn. His absence of knowledge of his real family and the lack of the feeling of belonging caused him to have unnecessary grief. He prefers not to speak unless spoken to or cause much attention to himself.

Throughout most of his life, Citlali was exposed to the Kimaris’s religious practices. Without the pure knowledge or basic information about his culture, he ended up ‘making up’ his own twisted rituals. He believes in worshipping the moon instead of the sun, and because of the bird’s crescent shaped feathers and the old fable of the moon adorning wings or the black bird causing the dark moon, he makes regular scarifies to them.

To the contrary of the majority of his family, Citlali is not exclusive to only pure-bred coyotes. He understands the selective attitude of his religion but is not quick to judge on anybody. Most of his personality is full of curiosity which is hardly fulfilled because of his nervous manner. Once those respected few eventually get to know the boy well, he could be recognized as kind and sincere.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

See the Kimaris family for more information.

4.  Appearance

Tattoos: A moon tattoo is located on the bicep of Citlali's right arm. It is small and white, but noticeable. His only other tattoo is a novel sized charcoal outline of a lizard on the back of his left shoulder. The lizard is detailed with swirled symbols meaning various things and is in a climbing position.

Jewelry: Citlali's most prized adornment is a white leather braided bangle that he wears on his left wrist. This symbolizes his life tie to the moon. He also has the same leather braiding, only slightly larger and wrapped twice, around his left ankle. Feathers are placed anywhere they could stay on him. A small band holds feathers in a ring at the base of his tail and on his right ankle along with a few woven into his hair. Citlali also carries a multi wrapped moon pendant on a black leather strip around his right wrist. Another obsidian necklace crafted in the shape of a feather hangs around his neck.

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