Cillian Brádaigh

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Cillian Brádaigh is the one true son of Ferris Brádaigh and Kane Brádaigh, born in Airgid Gleann. Consequentially, he was unknowingly the only true heir of the Nemain Tribe. After intervening in an argument between his older sisters over the revelation of their true parentage, Cillian was gravely injured by a bear and was left behind, assumed dead by the three. In August of 2014, he left his tribe due to his discontent and belief he was unworthy to lead. He traveled overseas to Nova Scotia in order to try and track down his three sisters, Tierney, Nimh, and Máire. He stayed in The Outpost for several months, gathering information and recovering before catching wind that his sisters may be dwelling in the pack Sapient. In early June of 2015, Cillian arrived in Sapient and immediately upon finding his sisters there he joined the ranks. Her currently resides in Sapient as a Domus Faber and attempts to repair his estranged familial relationships.






  • cNPC: --
  • yNPC:
    • --
  • Rian (feral goat)



  • Romance! Cillian doesn't believe anybody could possibly harbor feelings for him because of his crippled state and being unable to protect those he loves. Could provide some interesting plots! Females only, please~
  • Teach him something new? I have yet to decide on a path for him to follow in the Sapient ranks, feel free to have your character share some kind of skill or interest with him!
  • He's skilled at staff fighting and livestock care; he'd willingly teach others about these things!
  • Pretty much anything you can think of. Contact me with any ideas!

Sapient members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Cillian lounging in various places among the territory with Rian.
  • Cillian in his room in the Government Estate.
    • If you want to organize a specific conversation without doing a whole thread, feel free to contact me.

1.  Appearance

Cillian is a handsome lad, born of strong and prominent Nemain tribe blood. It is obvious, at first glance, that his body has suffered a grave beating in the past - Where the bear's claws rent his then puppyish frame remain terrible, pale scars. These scars are most prominent on his left hind leg, where they are deep and wide enough to prevent new hair grown and be seen through the shorter pelt there. The damage done to muscle tissue has resulted in the youth being not as physically active or capable as his older sisters and kin; As such, although immensely tall in overall size, Cillian does not have any great mass of muscle as would be expected of the Nemain Chief's son. Having inherited Ferris' height but not his thickset frame, Cillian maintains a rather gangly and lanky visage, that unlike other young souls he is probably not going to grow out of. It is easy to see just by his anatomy that the Brádaigh male is primarily of wolfhound blood. His fur is wiry and long, feathered at the legs and haunches. His portrait is also notably doggish, with a broader muzzle than the wolfish faces of his sisters. He has the same soft half-flopped ears as them (although the left one is terribly torn up), and the same black-rimmed eyes, which are rounded like a wolf's. His paws and teeth are also wolfishly large, being another subtle sign of his hybridization.

His posture is often slightly hunched or withdrawn, emphasizing his long lanky body and angular points. In all forms he wears an eye-patch over his right eye-socket, where there is terrible scarring from when the bear took his eye with a wicked claw.

1.1  Basics


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  • Eyes: Eye color
  • Optime Hair: Optime hair color
    • Nose and Paw Pads: Skin color


Cape Cod (#3c4b44)
Gallery (#ededed)
Silver Rust (#ccc5be)
Cloudy (#afa69d)
Pale Oyster (#978c80)
Armadillo (#423b35)
Cod Grey (#151110)
Grain Brown (#ddcbad)
Sorrell Brown (#c8a686)

1.2  Forms

100 lbs (45 kg)
40 in (102 cm)


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165 lbs (75 kg)
50 in (127 cm)


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270 lbs (122 kg)
7ft 2in (86 in) (218 cm)


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1.3  Other


  • Piercings: None.
  • Tattoos: None.
  • Scars:
    • Left leg is littered with deeep scars from a bear attack when he was younger.
    • Has a long, thin scar over his back. Also from the bear attack.
    • Has horrific scarring over and is missing his right eye, taken by the bear.


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  • Speech:
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    • Individual Traits: Something
  • Body Language:
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2.  Personality

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2.1  Ideals


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Anxious, dramatic, hot-headed, controlling

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  • Expression: Extroverted/introverted, dominant/submissive?
  • Alignment: True neutral


  • Failure, mockery, powerlessness


  • Power, control, progeny


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3.  Relationships

* Does not know this person by name.

3.1  Family: Brádaigh, Cuchulainn & Macmathan

3.2  Relations

Key Relations

  • Tierney, Nimh, Máire: His three (half)sisters. He grew up respecting them, as they were older than he and received much more brunt training than he did, for some reason known only to his mother. Believes them to be strong individuals for their excellence in training and skill in the art of war. After the bear attack and their sudden disappearance, Cillian made it a point to understand why they left the tribe. He has no knowledge that they think he is dead or of their true heritage, and so none of these things have yet to alter his view of them. When he left the tribe his goal was to track them down. He does not blame them for the bear attack that befell during their argument.

Positive Relations

  • Characters is also your character's buddy-old-pal-old-friend-of-mine

Neutral / Negative

Minor Relations

  • Enemies: None
  • Murders: None

4.  Skills and Inventory

4.1  Abilities


  • Education and Learning: Through intense training in the Nemian tribe, Cillian has mastered many different aspects of fighting. Due to his limp and missing eye, his skills are limited, but within his abilities he has become very skilled at the technique involved.
  • Staff Fighting (Master): Cillian is most skilled at fighting with a staff, as he usually carries one to walk, and it can double as a weapon. This allows for ranged combat and an advantage is that he can stay a distance from the enemy while still inflicting heavy damage. Since it is such a light weapon, it can be quickly and easily swung or jabbed.
  • Hand-to-hand (Journeyman): Cillian is skilled at fighting hand-to-hand, though it makes him more vulnerable due to the close proximity that is required, allowing more room for an enemy to use his weaknesses against him. Despite this, he is quick and nimble despite a damaged leg and can still be formidable, depending on the opponent.
  • His limited sight and permanently damaged leg allow for potential weaknesses when fighting. However, Cillian has come adept at keeping the enemy focused on his good side and balancing on his strong leg during battle to work to his advantage.

Animal Husbandry

  • Education and Learning: After his injuries fully healed, Cillian became the Nemian tribe goatherd, and so he is very skilled at caring for and tending to herd animals of different types.
  • Herding (Master): Cillian is knowledgeable about herding sheep, goat, and other herd animals. He knows how to care for them and is always the first to locate a lost kid or lamb, and harbors a certain soft spot for the art of being a shepherd and what it entails.
  • If any animal is lost he will often blame himself and can become upset, due to his tendency to become easily... attached to the animals.

4.2  Inventory


blah blah blah

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  • Accepting: what do they want?



  • info


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Icon About History


Alpine Goat male, B. September 2012.


  • Typical location: Coming soon.
  • Abilities: Coming soon.
  • Personality: Coming soon.
  • Detailed history Here?
  • Info here.

5.  History

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Cras ut tortor urna. Quisque ac ornare enim. Fusce commodo sapien a ligula volutpat sit amet tempus metus congue. Sed eget dolor ligula, id vulputate nunc. Praesent quis mollis eros.

5.1  Timeline


  • February: Cillian is born; unknown to everyone, he is the only true heir of the clan's chief.
  • April: The Ceremony of blood takes place when Cillian is 7 months of age, which Tierney (The eldest of the triplets) takes part in. The ceremony goes wrong, resulting in shame upon the family, and Máire suspects that the reason the ceremony went wrong is because they are not of the true blood; for that is the only logical explanation.
  • May: Kane, weighed down by personal guilt and fear of exposure after the failed ceremony, begins working the triplets harder in the art of combat and other tribal customs, forcing the triplets to seek perfection and prove their blood to be true and strong, instead reserving her softer side for Cillian.
  • August: Their mother grows restless and as the guilt and concern of wrath of the gods grows within her, at last spills the beans about the girls' true heritage to them. The three storm off and begin arguing vehemently in the wilderness. Their arguing is broken up by the appearance of Cillian; spiteful towards him and his true heritage, the argument escalates, awakening and drawing in a nearby bear. The bear attacks the quartet, littering Cillian with injuries and wounding the sisters; in fear the girls flee, believing Cillian to be killed by the bear. Out of guilt, the triplets exile themselves from the tribe, unable to face the shame of what has transpired.
  • October: By this time Cillian has fully healed and can begin walking again, albeit with his now permanent limp. Life continues in the tribe, as normal as it can be after recent events.


  • January-July: Life carries on in the Nemian tribe, though Cillian begins to grow restless and attempts to seek answers of why his sisters suddenly vanished after the attack. He suspects his mother but she refuses to spill any information. As the final heir of the tribe, expectations of him begin to grow, such that he cannot always meet. He feels out of place with his war-loving family due to his crippled state, despite his excellence in the finer and more technique-focused parts of fighting. Begins to think he may be unworthy to rule in his father's stead.
  • August: Cillian is unhappy with his position and has a growing discomfort of his place in the Nemian tribe. He performs a final sacrifice to Morrigan, seeking where he should go next. When his feelings do not change he takes it as an answer, and vanishes in pursuit of his sisters, hoping that maybe if he brings them back or understands the reason for their abandonment, he may be able to redeem himself and one day return. Oh, he also takes his best goat-friend with him. He buys passage on a ship leaving the Dublin, Ireland port to travel overseas to Barbados.
  • September: Takes another ship from Barbados and arrives in Freetown. Here he finds himself at a dead end, and attempts asking any passerby if they had sighted any matching the description of his sisters. After about a month has passed, he hears word that they may have gone to a place known as Nova Scotia.
  • October: Begins to travel overland to 'Souls.
  • November: Arrives in 'Souls and seeks refuge in the Outpost. Here he remains for a long time, regaining strength from his journey and attempting to uncover more information about his sisters.


  • February: Finally he catches word of the pack Sapient and of its founders, matching some of his sisters' descriptions. He sets out on the last leg of his journey.
  • March-May: Continues traveling to Sapient.
  • June: At last arrives at the borders of Sapient. He calls for his sisters and is greeted by Tierney, Máire, and Diarmid. After a strenuous initial exchange Cillian requests entry into Sapient and joins the ranks, determined to try and fit in and mend the broken relationship with his siblings.