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by Despi

Cidro is a gentle soul with a rocky past. He's the former Duc of the fallen Cour des Miracles, and currently ranked Second Cadet in Casa di Cavalieri.






  • Family: de la Peña
  • Birthplace: Merrick, Mexico
  • Name Meaning:
    • Cidro: Strong gift
    • Amato: Beloved
    • de la Peña: Of the rock
  • Nickname(s): Ciddy
  • Pronunciation: SEE-dro

Branwen · 2013 · Black grade mare

  • A sweet-tempered horse who Cidro considers one of his closest friends and most trusted confidant. She's a pure black mare with a smooth and sleek appearance, and is dainty and graceful like her owner. They met when Cidro first arrived at the Court, and quickly became inseperable. They're rarely seen apart, and she acts as somewhat of a "Guide Dog" for him. Although Cidro doesn't speak Low Speech, they have the uncanny ability to read each others feelings, and use their shared empathy to communicate.

Pack Information

Plot Potential & OOC Assumptions

  • Casa di Cavalieri members may reference seeing Cidro doing the following:
    • Hanging around the stables
    • Being cute with Cedric

1.  Appearance

1.1  Essentials


  • Species
    • Predominately doggish. Has a slight sighthound look to him, but not quite as slender as one. His face, although thin and his snout slightly downturned, doesn't look quite thin and pointed enough to be a sighthound.
  • Build
    • Lupus: Slender, elongated, and willowy. Long dainty limbs, tail, and snout, very little bulk to him, although his legs are widely spaced because he's bow-legged.
    • Secui: Limbs and tail are much longer, and tail is more curved. Considerably bulkier, although still thinner than average. Chest and wide-set legs make him look stronger than he is. Mane on neck is long.
    • Optime: Willowy, thin, and slightly below average height. Neck is long and regal, limbs are long and dainty. Very small-framed and womanly. Very slender waist, shoulders, neck, and limbs. Has bowed legs that space out his thighs and hips and gives him a feminine figure. Could easily be mistaken for a girl.
  • Fur
    • Length: Medium-short, not shorthaired like a greyhound but not thick like a wolf. Doesn’t keep him particularly warm in the colder months. Where he does have more fur, it gathers on his cheeks, haunches, and tail.
    • Texture: Straight and glossy
  • Hair
    • Length: Cropped short and jagged at his shoulders
    • Texture: Thick, glossy, and slightly wavy
  • Facial features
    • Eyes: Because he’s blind, he has no pupils. His eyes are a cloudy grey that looks frosty and vacant. They’re framed by long, thick, dark eyelashes that look incredibly feminine.
    • Shape: Has a long, thin, and slightly downturned snout. Thin and upright ears.
  • Accessories
    • Flowers: Often threads them through his hair.
    • Clothes: Find pants restricting and dumb, but adores flowy things like dresses and skirts.
    • Jewellery: Very unlikely for him to wear, but will wear his sea glass necklace on special occasions or when he needs a confidence boost.
  • Scars
    • A deep, visible, bite mark on his left shoulder.
    • The word 'WHORE' carved in his chest
    • A deep gash in his right cheek
Ref by Nat


 Nero (#1C1C1C)
 Twine (#B88555)
 Sante Fe (#B66B4A)
 Quicksand (#C4A394)
 Pink Swan (#B2B2B2)


  • Fur: Primarily Twine
    • Sante Fe: Belly, chest, above socks (low on front legs, high on back legs), ears, forehead, top of snout, eyebrows, elbows, and inside/top-crotch-area of thighs
    • Quicksand: Socks, cheeks and throat/neck leading down to Sante Fe on chest
    • Nero: Weird saddle thing, snout, throat, tip of tail, tips of ears, around eyes
  • Eyes: Pink Swan, no pupils
  • Optime Hair: Nero (because of saddle marking continuing up neck), a few rusty strands of Sante Fe in the front
  • Nose and Paw Pads: Nero-ish, maybe a few shades darker


  • Speech: Speaks in a very light Spanish accent. Has a soft and lilting voice.
  • Scent: Stables, flowers, Casa di Cavalieri, the ocean.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Plays with his hair, giggles a lot, cries very easily.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Very feminine and expressive, prancing giddily and flinging his hair around. A big crybaby, takes very little to bring out the waterworks.

68 lbs (31 kg)
25 in (63 cm)

125 lbs (57 kg)
36 in (92 cm)

140 lbs (63 kg)
5ft 6in (66 in / 167 cm)

1.2  Images

by Genby Genby Ratby Libri by Jasmaeby Natby Despiby Nat

2.  Personality

Cidro is a gentle soul with a big heart and lots of scars. He just wants to be loved and accepted as he is, but he’s got to learn to do that for himself first. He has a sweet temperament, and is very sociable and kind to everyone he meets— albeit a bit cheeky. He’s incredibly feminine, both in appearance and temperament, often leading others to mistake him for a woman. His past trauma has made him into a somewhat frail, delicate adult, and it takes very little to push him into a depressive or dissociative state, or to trigger his anxiety and send him into a panic attack or mild psychosis. That said, considering everything he’s been through, Cidro is an incredibly strong individual. He tries hard to live his life to its fullest and find happiness where he can, even if it means he has to go about things a little differently than everyone else.

2.1  Traits



  • Honouring his mother's memory
  • Finding happiness
  • Working hard and making something of his life
  • Being loved


  • Failing his mother
  • Being alone
  • Abusive men
  • Nightmares


  • Likes: Horses, flowers, singing, dresses, braids, languages, affection, Cedric
  • Dislikes: Aggression, gross older men, feeling weak/inadequate, pants, La Marea


  • Packs/Loner groups: Sees Cour des Miracles as his former home, Casa di Cavalieri as his new home and the home of his beloved, Salsola and La Marea as evil and a horrible source of trauma for him and his family, and Petite Cour as the home of his friends and family.
  • Gender: Generally partial to women because he relates to them easier, but he's warmed up to men quite a bit— especially if they're kind. However, If a male ever shows any signs of aggression towards him, he'll shut down.
  • Sexuality: Previously related any form of romantic and sexual relationships to abuse because of his mother's clients and his own abuse. He associated sexual attraction to pain and wanted nothing to do with it. What he did learn about gay people was brief and upsetting— younger men trying to sustain themselves the same way his mother did, but they were often treated worse and called all sorts of nasty names. Now that he's coming to terms with the fact that he himself is gay, he's beginning to see relationships through a new lens and learning that any relationship regardless of gender can be healthy and safe with love and communication.


  • Homosexual
    • Being gay used to terrify him because all he knew about it was through abused prostitutes— often not much older than himself. With time he's come to accept himself for who he is, although it would take very little to make him feel insecure about it.
    • Enamoured with sweet, protective, affectionate, and genuinely kind men.
    • Adores women, just not that way. He generally feels more comfortable and in tune with them, but no matter how hard he tries, he can't bring himself to feel attraction to them.
    • The concept of sex frightens him. He's not asexual, but he has a very negative perception of sex because of his mother. With time and the right partner, he'll could work through it.


Cidro was not raised on any religious or spiritual beliefs. He is tolerant and understanding of those who are religious, but sometimes feels bitter about it because no god or higher power was ever there to help him or his mother in their suffering. He sees it as somewhat selfish to think that one deserves external help from a higher power when everyone else is working hard to survive without it.


He tried alcohol for the first time when he was around a year old at a Ball and got absolutely hammered. He became incredibly ill, made some regrettable decisions, and hasn't touched a drop since. When he lived in Merrick and Portland, he inhaled second-hand smoke from a couple different substances when clients were around their dwelling.

2.2  Skills


  • Spanish (Native): It's his mother tongue, so he is completely fluent.
  • English (Proficient): Although his English was very rough at first, after being fully immersed in the Court, he is very adept. Can translate between English and Spanish with ease.
  • French (Apprentice): He learned from his pack mates in the Court. He can hold a conversation well, but still has a lot to learn.
  • Japanese (Dabbler): Started to learn the basics from his former pack mate Toraberā Tanaka, but is far from fluent and only knows a few basic greetings/sayings.
  • Senses (Master): Because he was born blind, all of his other senses are very heightened, and he can sense things about people that others might not, and from much further away.
  • Singing (Apprentice): Although he's far from perfect, under the tutelage of Aldora Knight, his voice has come a long way.


  • Sight: This one's pretty straightforward. The boy's blind.
  • Frail: He's very weak and delicate, and would be very easy to take advantage of or beat up in a fight.
  • Self-esteem: Thinks very lowly of himself, takes very little to bring him down.

3.  Connections

3.1  Family

  • Mother: Soledad de la Peña
  • Father: Martín
  • Adoptive mother: Paloma Rovira

KEY: Deceased

  • Family: de la Peña

3.2  Relationships

Key Relationships

  • Cedric Stryder: Cidro’s beloved. Cedric holds many firsts for Cidro— first friend away from the Court, first crush, first kiss that wasn’t forced on him, first love, first time he actually wanted a man to touch him, and many more firsts to come. Together they’ve overcome trauma, explored identities, re-learned intimacy, and have grown stronger together. They find comfort and refuge in each other, something that Cidro never dreamed he’d find before Cedric wandered into his life. He hopes to spend many more years together, and maybe even start a family of their own someday.

Pack Relationships

Outside Relationships

Poor Relationships

Former Relationships

  • Paloma Rovira: She took him under his wing after he was abandoned at the Court, and quickly became his surrogate mother. He felt safe and loved around her, even though she wasn't always candid with her affection. He misses her dearly, and feels lost and afraid without her supportive presence.
  • Cicely Sadira: His closest friend from the Court. Despite her being the type of person he'd normally dislike, he grew a great amount of affection for the girl, and could spend hours talking and laughing with her. She gave him the opportunity to act his age and relax when he's with her, something he's incredibly grateful for. He prays she's alright wherever she is now.
  • Cottongrass: ---
  • Soledad de la Peña: His much beloved mom. Before she left him at the Court, she was Cidro's entire world. He loved her more than anything, and knew he would always be okay if she was with him. After her abandonment (and assumed death), Cidro's world was shattered and he was wracked with terrifying nightmares. Her death left him with a complex to become the man she would've wanted him to be. This caused him a great amount of self-doubt, deprecation, and hatred as he struggled to honour her memory. Once he realized he couldn't be that person, he became near-suicidal.

Notable Associations

4.  Property

4.1  Residence

A small single floor house with a large porch and chipped white and blue paint on the outside. The main room is the largest and has an old dining table that has seen some repairs and a small kitchen. To the side of the room closest to the porch was once a bathroom, but most of the tiles have been removed and the room serves as a space for storage. The two other rooms in the house are the master bedroom and the spare bedroom. The spare bedroom is stocked with furs and bedding for visitors, but he and Cedric use the larger master room. It's fitted with an old mattress that Cedric's covered with a cougar fur blanket.

Residence Inventory


  • Grey wool dress
  • Cougar pelt vest
  • Amber sea glass necklace
  • Leather ties for hair


  • Wooden cane
  • Simple leather horse tack
  • Reed basket
  • Collection of flowers, sea glass, rocks, shells, and any other interesting items with fun textures and scents he can scavenge

5.  History

[M] Through the looking glass History thread showing a day in the life of Cidro when he lived in Portland brothels.

Cidro was born in Merrick as a product of a one night stand between his teenaged mother, Soledad de la Peña, and vagabond father, Martín. She slept with him to rebel against her matriarchal family’s strict ways, but only served to repeat their history of single mothers having babies when they were only babies themselves. Once she discovered she was pregnant, she decided to end the cycle once and for all and prevent her child from repeating both her and her family’s mistakes. She severed herself from the de la Peña clan and attempted to make a living for herself as a prostitute until she could raise enough funds to sail north, or at least buy a horse since travelling pregnant or with a baby would be dangerous.

She hoped to travel north before Cidro was born, but gathering funds proved difficult, leaving Cidro to grow up under the influence of Merrick brothels. A few months after Cidro was born, the two finally sailed for Portland, Soledad hoping that the new scenery would offer her and her son better opportunities. She was heartbroken to discover that life was even harder there, and although her English was passable, it was difficult to find work— especially while taking care of a disabled child. She ended up falling back into her old habits and began working in brothels once again. They lived in these conditions for several months, up until Soledad was brutally assaulted by one of her clients. Violence was no stranger to her and Cidro, and both were more than accustomed to unwanted touches and attention, but the damage was so great that in a spur of the moment decision, she left Portland for good and travelled north on foot with Cidro in tow.

The two left with no supplies or plan, not to mention with Soledad gravely injured. They both grew weak and hungry, and Soledad grew incredibly sick. By the time they reached Cour des Miracles, Soledad knew she wouldn’t last much longer. She did not want the burdens of their past to go with him to his new, safer life, so she decided it was best if they parted there. It was better this way— he would not have to see her wasting away. She told him that he would be safe here and that they would take care of him. She said that she loved him, and that she promised that they’d see each other again. He’d just have to be strong until then. Alone, scared, and barely seven months old, Cidro was left at the mercy of the Court.

5.1  Post Log & Archives

July 2018

Cidro is taken into the Court and begins to meet his new pack mates. He struggles with the language barrier, his past trauma, and his disability, but finds the Court warm and accepting. He quickly develops an interest in horses and grows close with one in particular— Branwen.


  1. Sé fuerte
    July 16th, with Paloma Rovira and Abigail Sadira. Left at the borders of the Court by his mother. Found by Paloma and accepted by Abigail.
  2. tell me how to move on
    July 17th, with Odalis. First time at the stables. Met Odalis and Solomon. Got close to a horse for the first time and became enamoured with them. Is given a short ride by Solomon.
  3. Wash my fear downstream
    July 21st, with Kalypso Savoy. Met his Reine by the river of the new housing area.
  4. the yellow gold of the gorgeous, indolent, sinking sun
    July 22nd, with Skoll Haskel, Oberyn Haskel, and Issola Haskel. Met the Haskel family at their house in the new housing area.
  5. Little terrors
    July 23rd, with Serena Marino. Attacked by bees and gets lost. Is found and rescued by Serena.
  6. Well hey there, tell me your name
    July 24th, with Hibiki. Met another newcomer, Hibiki, at the stables.

August 2018

~100-200 word paragraph summarizing the key events of the month in your character's life.


  1. The sweet bird of youth soon flies away
    August 5th, with Abigail Sadira, Cicely Sadira, Kalypso Savoy, Serena Marino, Oberyn Haskel, Issola Haskel, Skoll Haskel, Galilee Haskel, and Paloma Rovira. Ceremony of Glass. Cidro came of age in the Court and was promoted from Prince to Seigneur.
  2. Bajo el sol de verano
    August 6th, with Cicely Sadira. Met with Cicely in Les Champs d'Or.
  3. Our echoes of ascendance
    August 10th, with Kalypso Savoy, Thyri Dawnbringer, and more. Ceremony of Iron. Attended the celebration of Thyri's promotion to Chambellan. First time he wore clothes.
  4. this is the way the gentleman ride
    August 13th, with Paloma Rovira. Met with Paloma at the stables and had his first riding lesson.
  5. Different Worlds
    August 17th, with Cedric Stryder. Met Cedric at Casa's party and developed his first crush. Cedric pledged an oath to protect him, regardless of the distance.
  6. You're just the last of the real ones
    August 17th, with Iorek. Met Iorek at Casa's party and chatted on his porch.
  7. I'll make a man out of you
    August 22nd, with Hibiki. Asked Hibiki to teach him to spar when he got uncomfortable with his femininity, but ended up being comforted by him and running away when things got too personal.
  8. in the shadows agile minnows flicker gilt
    August 25th, with Galilee Haskel. Spent a day at Jarris beach in Lupus form with Galilee while trying to distract himself from his feminitity, sexuality, and disability.

September 2018

~100-200 word paragraph summarizing the key events of the month in your character's life.


  1. if you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything
    September 4th, with Oberyn Haskel. Spent a day at Jarris beach with Oberyn, helping him with his teething pains and talking about their missing mothers all the while trying to distract himself from his growing insecurities.
  2. The mind electric[M]
    September 12th, with Alessan Stormbringer. Had a complete mental breakdown and had Alessan help him through it.
  3. Sujétame fuerte[M]
    September 20th, with Paloma Rovira. His mental breakdown came to a head, and he came clean to Paloma about his insecurities regarding his sexuality, femininity, disability, and thoughts of suicide.

October 2018

~100-200 word paragraph summarizing the key events of the month in your character's life.


  1. Words of wisdom
    October 1st, with Issola Haskel. Spent time with Issola in the stables. The two taught each other words from their respective languages-- Spanish and French. Catalyst for Cidro's growing interest in other tongues.
  2. chicken-scratch
    October 3rd, with Abigail Sadira and Myrtle Greenwood. Spent time with Abigail, Myrtle, and some chickens.
  3. Catch of the day
    October 5th, with Moon Moon Damaichu. Cut hand while trying to prepare a dish for Paloma and Halcón, and Moon Moon came to "help him".
  4. A promise made...
    October 6th, with Cedric Stryder. In progress.
  5. Forever and then some
    October 14th, with Kalypso Savoy. In progress.
  6. Responsibly irresponsible
    October 20th, with Reblin. In progress.

November 2018

~100-200 word paragraph summarizing the key events of the month in your character's life.


  1. Trying times
    November 3rd, with Cedric Stryder. In progress.
  2. Finicky Frolicking Feline
    November 20th, with Tessa de la Croix. In progress.

December 2018

~100-200 word paragraph summarizing the key events of the month in your character's life.


  1. Baby steps
    December 3rd, with Toraberā Tanaka. In progress.
  2. Blown Over
    December 9th, with Dogmeat and Halcón Rovira. In progress.
  3. Mi casa es su casa
    December 13th, with Paloma Rovira and Halcón Rovira. In progress.
  4. Your presence still lingers here
    December 14th, with Thyri Dawnbringer. In progress.
  5. be warm this winter
    December 15th, with Abigail Sadira. In progress.
  6. I'll Let the Cold Teach Me What to Know
    December 17th, with Cottongrass. In progress.
  7. Broken wing
    December 19th, with Kalypso Savoy. In progress.
  8. You Liked the Quarterback
    December 20th, with Cottongrass. In progress.

January 2019

~100-200 word paragraph summarizing the key events of the month in your character's life.


  1. Rescue mission
    January 12th, with Kalypso Savoy. In progress.
  2. The Sublime
    January 12th, with Casa di Cavalieri, Cour des Miracles, and The Shoal. In progress.
  3. Dance to the ocean's song
    January 12th, with Cedric Stryder. In progress.
  4. Incoherent screeching
    January 12th, with Cicely Sadira. In progress.
  5. Mistakes were made
    January 12th, with Skoll Haskel. In progress.
  6. Take Lots with Alcohol
    January 12th, with Tessa de la Croix. In progress.
  7. New low
    January 12th, with Hibiki. In progress.
  8. There are no bargains between lions and men
    January 19th, with Brocade Valentine, Kaeli Blacksun, and Cedric Stryder. In progress.

6.  Achievements

6.1  Catacombs & Prizes

Spotlight 'Soul

SS October '18

Catacomb Gems

Became a Noble

Basic play


Pack Membership

Pack membership for 3 consecutive months

Pack Participation

Threaded with three new members of your pack Have a thread with five characters in your pack/group

'Souls Participation

Become a Spotlight Soul
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