Chadwick Ivarsson



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  • Full Name: Abyss Vinn Soul Chadwick Ivarsson
  • Nickname: Chad
    • Origin: Old English | Swedish
    • Pronunciation: CHAD-wick E-VAHR-SON
  • Date of Birth: 1 November 2018
  • Sex: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: The Imperial


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weed and tobacco plug, handsome face, f-boy

OOC Assumptions

Moonlighters may assume...

  • That Chad is 100% noogie-able but he will cry to Jett if you bully him
  • Seeing him try to put the moves on Evie

Patrons of The Imperial may assume...

  • Seeing Chad around the establishment
  • Any trades of substances must be cleared beforehand — send me a DM if interested in getting hooked up!

Chadwick Ivarsson is one of the many aliases of Abyss Vinn Soul, a member of a prolific family in name alone.

His life began simply when his swindler father, a merchant, enveloped his mother in a whirlwind romance; one thing led to another, and a litter of puppies were soon welcomed to the world by the seemingly happy couple. Reaver continued his work and left for weeks at a time on business ventures, but at least for the first few month's of Abyss's life, he was sporadically present — at least, until he never came back.

This was not as earth-shattering as it might've been otherwise: Abyss and his siblings were raised on his mother's family farm where there were many elder relatives willing to pitch in and help Malika raise her rambunctious brood. However, Abyss's sister, Viridian Rose, grew restless and disappeared just like her father before her, promising to visit after spending a few months abroad with her uncle.

She, too, never returned. Abyss, growing uncomfortable with his stagnant lot in life and fearing to be drafted into the family business, took this as his sign to leave. He and his brother, Cadence, traveled to Portland and did well for themselves for some time, but a falling out had Abyss disowning not only Cadence, but his family entirely, deciding that he had outgrown his birth name and needed to totally reinvent himself.

No longer Abyss, he took on a variety of names and personas as he found his calling in the art of cultivating certain psychoactive plants and pushing them onto a willing and eager market.



Big Man on Campus | Fratbro | The Casanova

Confident, outgoing, and positively radiating with masculine energy, Chadwick has never been more of a phony in his entire life.

The words that others want to hear come easily from his mouth, like honey on his tongue. Chad is, by all accounts, a gifted salesman, and his voice is his most important tool in sealing a deal. He loves talking to people, getting to know their story, and becoming their best friend – after all, a man keeps his most prized possessions close to his heart, and that is exactly where Chad wants to be.

A bit of a womanizer, Chad slips into flirtation without much thought at all: he tends to use his wiles to his advantage, though he is very rarely pushy or aggressive with his affections. Besides, PDA does not equal romance in his mind – if anything, Chad has difficulty really connecting with others on a personal level, and this has left him incredibly lonely.

Underneath it all – his manicured image, his delusions of grandeur — he is an anxious ball of energy, and anyone that comes close to finding out about his past life will find that he is more than desperate to keep it under wraps. Abyss was a no-good street urchin, a witless poser; though Chadwick the persona is much the same, just with extra steps.


A mixed bag of several breeds, it’s difficult to discern exactly what Chad is, though his tall ears give away his coyote blood quite easily. He is tall for a mutt and lean-bodied with just enough muscle to be classified as average instead of lanky. His coat is a strange miasma of bruise-gray hues; in the light, he appears purplish, an uncommon pelt coloration that he shares with his siblings. His eyes are a curious orange shade, like the sun just before it dips below the horizon.

His tapered snout is almost always curled up in a knowing smile, the sort that likes to advertise that he knows something that others do not. This confidence is effervesced throughout his entire being from the way he holds himself and appears exceptionally — disarmingly — casual.

He almost exclusively uses his optime form and enjoys wearing a variety of upscaled clothing, though he just as well prefers wearing nothing at all. While he has styled his near-black mane in many ways in the past, he currently has it cropped short and just behind his ears, often slicked back with beeswax or other animal fat to push it out of his face. If one were to get close to him, they may see that there are several small holes in both of Chad’s ears where hoops and studs used to hang. In fact, near the tip of his right ear, there is a notable tear where it appears one of these earrings was torn out — payback from a jilted lover that Chad would like to forget about.

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Familial Connections (Soul, Austral, Payne?)

Notable Relations

  • Jett Kilbride is probably the most important man in Chad's life right now, and he'd do anything to make his boss happy.
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