Cerberus Antum

Cerberus Antum

by Red

Date of BirthJanuary 31, 2010
Age5 years
SubspeciesCoyote x Wolf
Current packNew Dawn

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Cerberus Antum is a suave flirt who prefers relaxing and doing as he pleases instead of a structured pack lifestyle.


Ceri’s mother had a very difficult time becoming pregnant with him, but once he was born, his brother Geoff wasn’t far behind. Venicia Petal Antum raised her luperci-born boys with a kindness that encouraged strong morals, while Teilo Antum toughened them with a stern hand. While Cerberus grew to be the suave trickster of the pair, Geoff remained a quiet and intellectual being from birth. And, being the first son, Cerberus quickly acquired the affections of his father, while Geoff managed to appear only second-best in Teilo’s eyes. None of the Antum’s knew of the distress this would cause Geoff, however, until it was nearly too late.

A typical autumn day carried a threatening breeze across the plains as the Antum family lounged in an abandoned farmhouse claimed as their own since the boys’ birth. Teilo discussed prime hunting grounds with Ceri, while Venicia pursued one of her many mindless hobbies as usual. Geoff, however, was nowhere to be found. Eventually the wary mother suggested they go find the missing Antum and bring him along on their hunt, which inevitably ignited an enraged protest from Teilo. While the couple argued about the seemingly-absent potential of their second son, the first snuck away to find his brother. Cerberus, unlike his father, was very close to Geoff and very protective of him as well. Too often had he fought the useless battle of defending his brother; he could sense something was wrong, and he wasn’t about to waste time shouting at his dad. Upon inspecting the small glen behind their house, he found the poor lad hanging from a tree by an ill-fashioned noose. Neglecting to call the others, Ceri tore his brother down and removed the rope in time to witness his brother’s last breath, the event shattering all allowance of experiencing the same pain again. Not a single eye was dry when Venicia and Teilo finally arrived, and Geoff was buried hastily with a few shaky words in his behalf. Ceri left home that winter with resentment toward his parents in his heart, as well as a hole left from his brother’s absence.

Cerberus then came across the territory of ‘Souls, and after forming several friendships, decided to try and join the pack of New Dawn. To his elated surprise, he was accepted, and quickly formed a love for his new home. One day, after befriending a she-wolf with mismatched eyes named Blind, the two went hunting together with the intent of returning with a decent kill to share for lunch. Unfortunately, this was not the case. Having disturbed a mother bear and her cubs, a series of teeth-gnashings and claw-slashings resulted in the untimely death of the dark wolfess, and terrible injuries to Ceri’s face and arm. After a slumber too short to be classified as a coma, Cerberus stumbled back to his packlands in order to deliver the heavy news, with the hope that they hadn’t moved on without him.

He was able to rejoin New Dawn, but a combination of wanderlust and painful reminders of his past drove him to pursue life as a loner again.


It takes Cerberus a while to cope with the loss of loved ones, as he becomes very attached very quickly. But eventually he recovers his sharp wit and sickly-sweet charm – while he hurts easily, he also heals well. He often fraternizes with women (and even men if he’s desperate enough for attention), and swindles his way through life while breaking hearts and making friends along the way. He has a very unpredictable nature, and his personality often flip-flops between dashing and bashful. It was his need for attention that drove him toward pack lands, but his deep-seated insecurities kept him from calling on anyone for a time. He has a sense of adventure that forces him to be very comfortable with who he is as a wolf, as well as a sense of safety that keeps him from doing anything too rash. Though he may appear to be a cocky smart-aleck, Cerberus is a good man deep down, masking his loyalty and compassion with sarcasm and schmooze. He has been known to get on a few canine’s nerves, but he doesn’t mind a quick spat if one ensues, as it tends to help his standing with the ladies. Generally, though, he gets along just fine with men and can be a good friend if given the chance. He’s a regular Casanova, with a sharp tongue and a heart of gold; though he may like to fool around, his motives are never harmful.



  • Parents — Venicia Petal Antum & Teilo Antum
  • Siblings — Geoff Antum





Cerberus' reference.

Cerberus (or Ceri, as he prefers to be called) is a scruffy young thing, though he is by no means emaciated. His wild appearance can be attributed to his thin, wispy, white and tan coat, and his coyote-like build – his mom was, after all, a coyote. He prefers his optime form, using the other two only to hunt, and he stands an average six feet tall. He’s a rather lean fellow, with a confident gait and an even more confident grin. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), he’s handsome and he knows it…and he’s not too shy to make sure you know it too. However, it has been said that it’s rather refreshing to see that he always has a smile on his face, especially because it’s genuine 100% of the time; he will absolutely let you know if he’s upset, otherwise. In optime form, his mane sits atop his head in a short but unkempt do, a travesty that always has his fingers running through it. His eyes are ironically mismatched: his left is a pale gold, calm and honey-sweet like his coyote mother, and his right is an orange as fiery and unforgiving as his timber wolf father. As a tribute to his dear brother’s life and a token of luck (whether good or bad always depends on fate), he proudly wears a piece of the rope with which Geoff tried to hang himself loosely tied around his neck, and if you try to touch it…well, you’d best not. This spry young wolf is built for athletics and combat, always using speed and lightness of foot to his advantage. A token of his sparring, in fact, can be found above his right eye in the form of a thick scar stretched across his brow.

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