Catrin Ganesa

Catrin Ganesa was the half-sister of Aeron, Padme, and Maxen through their Ganesa father. She was an Allu (Caretaker) of Anathema, tasked with looking after the children of her packmates, but in April 2014, she led a coup against Anathema's current Angelo, her nephew Kentaro, and was executed as punishment.

Catrin Ganesa

Lisalyn stock, manip by Miyu
PlayerpNPC of Anathema
Subspecies100% Canis latrans (Coyote)
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeUnknown
Current packAnathema



Joining dateApril 29, 2012
Previous Rank(s)


Catrin is a full-blooded coyote who stands roughly 5 foot 7 inches in Optime form. Her colors are a mix of Sand Orange (#EF9F57) and Dusty Grey (#999999). Compared to Aeron, Catrin is lighter in color and more silver than gold. She is shorter than her sister, and more petite and feminine in build. Her eyes a deep silver. She is most commonly seen in her Optime form, and has been known to wear clothes, namely a skirt and a tank top.





35 lbs (16 kg)
22 in (56 cm)

145 lbs (66 kg)
33 in (84 cm)

155 lbs (70 kg)
5 ft 7 in (67 in) (170 cm)

Rarely used. Typical coyote build.

Rarely used.

Preference; often wears feminine clothing such as skirts.


Catrin is Aeron Ganesa's younger half-sister through their promiscuous father, and came to find her sibling along with a male named Gideon (Aeron's former packmate). She developed an unrequited love for Gideon, but never acted on it. She has been present in Anathema since April 2012, having endured the Hurricane as well as helping to raise her sister Aeron's pups. It was later revealed that she did not support her young nephew Kentaro Lykoi's rise to power at Aeron's expense, and plotted against him. When the coup failed to assassinate him in April 2014, Kentaro executed Catrin to quash the mutiny.


Catrin was once a kind soul who took care of Anathema's children, notably babysitting her niece Pride Tormenta. She is good with her hands, and does all manner of domestic chores. Her talents are weaving and dancing. She was generally cheerful, and liked to have fun -- but only after her duties are fulfilled. As the years went by and her desire to start a family remained unfulfilled, she grew bitter, though she hid it well. No one suspected her when she finally made her move -- siding with dissenters against her young nephew Kentaro Lykoi.


Family: Ganesa