Caspian Bane

Caspian Bane

Caspian, by Sie
Name MeaningThe largest inland body of water in the world.
Name OriginEnglish
Date of BirthJuly 1st, 2010
Age2 years
Subspecies75% Mackenzie Valley Wolf, 25% Tundra Wolf
Birth placeSoutheastern Nunavut
Current packN/A
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Joining dateN/A
Joining RankN/A
Most Recent RankN/A

Caspian Bane is a lone wolf, wandering 'Souls territory.

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1.  History

Caspian was the first born in a litter of three on July 1st 2010, the son of pack alpha Bacchus Bane and his mate, Eleanore. The Alpha's son came into the world in the midst of a major pack conflict that would have a great effect on his upbringing. In fact, two and a half months after his birth, Caspian and his two siblings were left without a father, and Eleanore without her mate.

The Alpha's murderer, and the new leader of the pack, was ruthless and merciless. His thirst for power could not be quenched, threatening Caspian and his siblings, as they were the proper heirs. Finding herself with no other option but to flee, Eleanore took her three children and set out for a world unknown, even to her.

For the next year, Caspian was raised as a lone wolf, traveling south-east towards Quebec and Nova Scotia. It was a harsh way of life, and Eleanore found herself barely able to cope. Caspian was the one who took charge, hunting for his two siblings and, more often than not, depriving himself of food so that the others would have enough to make it a few more miles.

Just a few weeks following his second birthday, Caspian was on a hunt with his brother. The pair was attacked by mother bear, and Caspian would witness yet another death -- that of his brother; his best friend. The death of Salem was the trigger to a series of events that would lead to Caspian parting ways with his mother and sister.

In fact, just as winter was looming over the country, Caspian found himself at odds with his family. A part of him believed that his mother blamed him for the death of her other son, and after a point, Caspian began to believe it himself. He fought with his mother about the simplest of things. The argument that came up most frequently? Where they should travel to. Caspian wanted to go to Nova Scotia, while Eleanore and Heaven wanted to go to Quebec.

Caspian had inherited his mother's stubborn streak, so it is safe to say that there was no compromise. In December 2012, Caspian left the remaining members of his family behind, determined to prove them right. He would complete the trek to Nova Scotia on his own, finally entering into Souls' territory a month and a half later.

2.  'Souls History


3.  Appearance

Luperci Forms

Lupus:130 lbs, 38 in
Secui:245 lbs, 46 in
Optime:255 lbs, 6 ft, 11 in

Caspian prefers his Optime form, but also uses his Secui form. He is rarely seen in his Lupus form.

[Image, by Spencer]

In all forms, Caspian possesses a thick coat, its color primarily a grayish brown. The insides of his legs, as well as his underbelly, are a creamier brown, as are his tail, muzzle, cheeks, and the surrounding area. His eyes are a piercing blue hue, often compared to a summer sky. They are rimmed with the same creamy brown color as the majority of his face. His ears and the back of his head are a darker shade of brown.

Finding himself on the larger side of the spectrum, Caspian's appearance can be summarized as intimidating. The muscles of his body are broad and well-defined, allowing him an excess of strength and stamina, but reducing his speed and agility rather drastically. In his Optime form, Caspian's preferred form, he has a mane of unruly dark brown hair ending just below his shoulders, near the collar bone. He often ties them back into a simple ponytail. In the same form, he stands at almost seven feet, and weighs 255 pounds.

A notable feature of Caspian's is the long, jagged scar stretching over his left eye, similar in shape to a lightning bolt. He received it sometime during his travels east to Nova Scotia, between the time he separated with his family and the time he entered Souls' territory.

4.  Personality

Caspian Bane, commonly known as simply Cas, is very straightforward; with him, what you see is what you get. Upon first meeting new wolves, Cas tends to stand on the side of caution, although that doesn't mean he is unfriendly. In fact, he is the complete opposite. Cas enjoys the company of others and is seldom seen by himself. He is charismatic, social and trustworthy.

Cas has a difficult time trusting others; however, he is eternally loyal to those who have earned his trust. It is for that reason that Cas takes betrayal very seriously. He will react very strongly towards those who turn on him; if you've crossed him once, there is absolutely no chance of returning to how things were. Caspian holds grudges.

Caspian is extremely protective of those he cares for and he holds himself responsible for them. He strongly believes in maintaining the relationships he has formed; this is especially so within a group or a pack. Moreover, Caspian will seek vengeance when his friends, pack mates and loved ones are hurt, often acting ruthlessly and impulsively.

After spending most of his life as a lone wolf, Caspian does not always find it easy to obey to a certain set of rules. He often finds himself going against the grain -- rebelling, if you will. He does not think before acting, which is often the main cause of his troublesome ways. He doesn't mean any harm; honestly, he doesn't!

Contrary to popular belief, Caspian isn't normally a vicious wolf -- he isn't even remotely violent. In fact, putting aside the grudging nature and impulsive anger, Cas is a very friendly beast and can be quite the softie. He just happens to be overly large and overly passionate, two factors that might intimidate some. If anything, Caspian merely wants to live in peace -- but he is always ready to defend his territory and those he loves.

5.  Relationships

5.1  Family

  • Mother: Eleanore Bane
  • Father: Bacchus Bane
  • Siblings: Salem Bane, Heaven Bane
  • Mate: N/A
  • Sons: N/A
  • Daughters: N/A

5.2  Friends


5.3  Acquaintances


5.4  Enemies


6.  Thread Log

6.1  March 2013


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