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Carys is a Cardigan welsh Corgi x Swedish Valhund and coyote hybrid. She is smaller than most Luperci and is often confused for as a fox or a goblin. She is merely just a midget living in a big world. She likes to occasionally take said world by the balls and twist though, often making her come off as a huge bitch. She live in Nova Scotia, and has for some time now and can often be spotted in random places up and down the coast. She was killed in January of 2014 by a horrible gut wound[1].


  • Carys is born in Norway. She spent a lot of her life in Norway, being a Norwegian midget and stuff.
  • Her parents were awesome vikings, and taught her a lot about being an awesome viking lady warrior. She learns how to fight with a sword, and to ride horses (ponies rather because of the size of the midgets), and some herb work. She is also taught Norse paganism.
  • She has her first heat, but because of her strict training and general lack of interest in any of the males in her clan, she refuses to marry and mate with any of the suitors that come to her.
  • One day, her boat is blown into deep, unknown seas. She becomes lost and has no choice but to keep heading to the west, hoping that she would hit land soon.
  • She lands in Ireland, and spends a little bit of time there before she sails out again. Apparently, another storm blows her off track (or so she says) and she ends up sailing for a very long time and finally landing in Nova Scotia in mid-2012. She arrives there with her horse, and begins to live a new life there.
  • She ends up becoming somewhat of a thief, her slight of hand becoming exceptional in a small amount of time.
  • One day in particular, she is caught by a younger luperci that had been watching her from afar. She was confronted by the larger male, and she was easily overtaken by the large male. She ends up stabbing the beast in the face and as she tried to get away another male grabbed her by her long hair and pulled back. This is where Cotl Ulrich intervenes and slices through the woman's braid to cut her loose.. She is angry with him, it's obvious because she ends up running and attacking her attacker and killing him while Cotl moved on to kill the other male that had caused the midget woman trouble.
  • At first she refuses to even really look at Cotl(her savior) and she acts annoyed and very angry about her ponytail. Cotl teases her and tells her something slick like "meh, you look better with short hair anyways" and she gets frustrated rather than angrier. She knows that she feels weird about Cotl.
  • Once Carys really gets a good look at Cotl, she realizes that he is the epitome of everything she ever wanted. She had been in the wrong lands and she now knew that.
  • She begins to hang out with Cotl van Ulrich fairly frequently after that but refuses to join Inferni or go anywhere near his packlands.
  • She sees Cotl often, and eventually they hook up, resulting in Carys becoming pregnant.
  • Carys leaves the area for awhile, and has Cotl's children in a distant land. She joins a pack to help feed the children.
  • She makes it back to Nova Scotia with her three aging puppies. She ends up getting into some trouble at the end of the 8th month of the puppies being born and ends up losing two of her puppies (they go missing) leaving only Drystan Ulrich with her.
  • The two run into a hostile male that ends up stabbing Carys in the gut and leaving her to die. Drystan carries his mother to the closest pack, which happens to be Inferni
  • Cotl happens to be scouting the border and stumbles upon Carys and Drystan and Carys tells him of their son before she passes away. She also tells him that he must care for them or he will die too. [2]

Companion- Nobu

  • Her faithful steed is a 6 year old Icelandic Horse that was gifted to her when she was very young.
  • He is very lively and well trained as a war-pony.
  • He is aggressive with other stallions, and territorial with mares.
  • He has been known to purposefully trample luperci when he is let loose, so one should be very careful when approaching him.