Candace "Canary" Cash

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Born in The Dampwoods, Canary Cash spent most of her life as a loner in Nova Scotia, banding together with other loner groups and roaming the region without purpose or destination, making use of her social savvy and her musical voice.

The singing vagabond joined Inferni at the end of 2016. She was quick to befriend fellow smooth-talker Laurel del Bosque and reached an elevated level of respect in the clan thanks to her friendly presence and stealthy contributions. However, even her songs couldn't brighten the mood that hung over the clan after their defeat at the Inferni-Salsola War. She helped where she could, but when bad storms brought despair to Inferni, her friend Laurel urged her to leave before she, too, fell ill. Reluctantly she departed, not long before Inferni's disbandment.

After several weeks of traveling alone, Canary joined Mistfell Vale.






  • Date of Birth: 26 February 2013
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Pack: Mistfell Vale
  • Rank: Crowstooth

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1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics

Canary is a small-medium coyote with a lean build. Her fur is thick for a coyote, well-suited to the northern forests, and strikingly light in coloration with a plush tail. Her facial features are narrow and pretty, with large ears and a slim muzzle. Though she has a feminine face, her body is less so -- a little more angular, with almost no curves.

In Optime form, her mane is thick and often tied into a ponytail, with plenty of decoration; she also sports light clothing, such as hide skirts, and simple jewelry on her wrists. She often smells of her horse and raccoon, and flowers.

1.2  Colors

  • Muelsi (#AC835B) -- base coat
  • Cameo (#DDC0A7) -- side and facial accents, tail gradient
  • Dawn Pink (#F2EBE2) -- underbelly, legs
  • Armadillo (#483F38) -- saddle, tail-tip
  • Dune (#37322D) -- nose, skin, paw pads
  • Polo Blue (#7F9AC8) -- eyes

1.3  Images


2.  Personality

Canary is a creative, upbeat individual with a good heart and a love for roaming. Diplomatic and socially savvy, she tends to get on well with others -- even those you might not expect. Her main flaw is her self-awareness; she knows that she is a good singer and talker, and sometimes her pride can rub others the wrong way. While she has good intentions and often takes in strays and "projects" canine and non-canine, she can be somewhat flighty or ditzy. However, she isn't a pushover; there is plenty of cunning behind her smiles and songs!

2.1  Details

  • Sociability: Extroverted, friendly, tactful, cunning
  • Values: Creativity, intelligence, goodness, fun
  • Vices: Pride, flightiness, self-indulgence
  • Motivations: Music, love, beneficence
  • Fears: Enclosed spaces, getting old
  • Biases: No biases; she gets along with all kinds.
  • Sexuality: Bisexual, with a slight preference for males.
  • Spirituality: Spiritual, but claims no distinct religion; believes in souls.

3.  Assets

3.1  Skills

  • Singing: Not for nothing did Canary "rebrand" herself; she has an innate talent for singing, and isn't shy about showing off her skill. She likes to use singing as a means to break the ice and endear herself to others, though sometimes her silly tunes can get on others' nerves.
  • Diplomacy: Thanks to roaming with very diverse groups of loners and needing to work with many different personalities, Canary is good with people. She uses tact (and sometimes misdirection) to deal with hot-headed strangers, and usually knows the best way to get into someone's good graces.
  • Animal Care: Canary has a soft spot for animals and often takes in injured strays. As a result, she knows the basics of how to take care of some animals, such as horses and cats.

3.2  Residence

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3.3  NPCs

  • Elvis: a black draft-type horse with sabino markings and awesome hair.
  • Fish: an old tabby tomcat with a pale underbelly; blind in his remaining eye, with ragged ears and a stump for a tail, this cat has probably used up eight of his nine lives but is no less bold for it.
  • Tonks: an orphaned raccoon Canary took in and nursed back to health; she gets into plenty of mischief!

4.  History

Born in The Dampwoods to a pair of coyote loners in a small litter, Canary was named "Candace" at birth. She was an adventurous and sweet pup and lived an average life, with little strife. When she and her siblings were old enough to take care of themselves, they parted ways without drama -- though Candace, having dubbed herself "Canary" for the musicality her parents had encouraged in her, lingered in Nova Scotia.

She met up with other loners and lived a social and fun life, sometimes singing at establishments in Halifax or exploring the Eastern Realms, and sometimes ranging as far as Freetown with her friends. However, as of late she began to realize that she was missing out on something; there was a definite draw to the coyote cries she heard some nights, and when her curiosity became too much for her, she joined Inferni -- insisting that Elvis and Fish come live with her, of course!

4.1  Threads

pNPC Threads

  1. Why Don't You Do Right? (Dec 2016)
    Canary decides to join Inferni and is greeted at its borders by Shikoba Whiplash.
  2. Words keep curving in and out of lining up side to side (Feb 2017)
    Canary peeks through Inferni's history book.
  3. Within the Canary circles (Mar 2017)
    Basilio Lykoi investigates Canary's singing.
  4. Sweet child of mine, don't leave this world behind (Apr 2017)
    Canary helps cheer up Virue by singing at his father's funeral.
  5. Diplomacy and virtue do not make easy companions (Aug 2017)
    Along with Vicira Tears and Laurel del Bosque, Canary helps make plans for diplomacy.
  6. We build an army from nothing (Sep 2017)
    Vesper calls Inferni to a meeting, announcing the attacks by Salsolans, and warns her clan to prepare for war.
  7. [M] field and fountain, moor and mountain (Nov 2017)
    Salsola sets fire to the D'Neville Mansion. Canary is one of the coyotes asleep inside when his happens; she barely manages to escape with her life, dallying in her attempt to rescue Fish.
  8. If the bard was weather-wise (Jan 2018)
    Canary sings a sad song in Inferni's new territory.