Calrian Amaranthe

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Calrian Amaranthe


Credit: Alaine


  • Name: Calrian Amaranthe
    • Pronunciation: cal-ree-in | a-mr-anth
    • Etymology: none | unfading (Latin)
    • Nickname: Cal
  • Date of Birth: 25 January 2017
  • Sex: Male
    • Pronouns: He/Him
  • Family: Amaranthe, Revlis
  • Species: Hybrid (Luperci Ortus)


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Calrian Amaranthe is the roguish Broker of the The Troupe and one of the founding members of the entertainment parlor, La Estrella Roja. His other half is the soulful and beautiful musician Malik, who has been his partner-in-crime since their very first breath, and Lady Luck willing, will be until their very last. The brothers Amaranthe are currently settled with members of The Troupe in old Inferni territory, running the establishment of their dreams.

1.  Personality

1.1  Overview


Calrian was born with the silver tongue of a Revlis and the effortless charm of an Amaranthe; his role as Broker of the Troupe was thus a natural one. He possesses an enterprising spirit, and is always on the lookout for unique and rare objects and opportunities. Calrian has a way of kindly commanding attention, whether to himself or to others, and can keep tensions light and spirits lifted even in the most challenging situations. He loves to take a gamble on new things and experiences - as long as it's new.

Although he is not prone to introspection, his keen observation of others has shaped him into a terribly clever businessman. At his worst, he can be a manipulator of people and self-serving, even if his heart is mostly in the right place. Most of his troubles can be traced to his own curiosity, typically a driving force behind his actions. He does have an impulse for heroics (thanks ma), especially when it comes to pretty ladies, but would rather flee with his prize than stick around and fight with honor. When the conditions call for it, Calrian can be serious, but it takes a lot to get there and even then one can expect him to crack a joke or two. Fearless, reckless, and an incorrigible scamp, he thrives in sticky situations. Much of his wisdom is hard-earned, mostly from digging his way out of his own mischief.


  • Demeanor: Friendly, Quick-witted, Clever, Cheerful, Confident
  • Speech: Calrian has a pleasant, honeyed voice that's easy to listen to, which is good, because he talks a lot. He is fluent in Common (English) and Spanish.
  • Scent: Varied — woodsmoke, forest, nomadic scents (The Troupe)
  • Outlook: Never down for long, Calrian is a by-the-books optimist
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Always looking for the best deal and will work with anyone to get it
Believes in luck and chance, rather than fate or destiny
Avoids authority, resents restrictions, and challenges traditions

1.2  Detail


  • Likes: Malik, Malik's music, his family, spending time with friends, making new friends, trading, well-made objects, juicy drama and gossip, red hair, cuddling
  • Dislikes: Conflict, physical confrontations, threats, losing bets, being alone, being bored


He doesn't think anyone is truly bad, simply misguided. He assumes the "norm" in most cases (cisgender, heterosexual, etc) but does not have any preconceived notions about sexuality or gender, and will adopt new conventions of respect for those he encounters who fall outside the dominant trend. Calrian is kind of a basic bro with good intentions.

Motivations & Fears

His biggest motivation is his desire to acquire wealth and be loved. He also wants to take care of his brother and make his mom and pa proud. He's not very complicated in this way.

His fears are not entirely known to him, but they are, you can probably guess, being alone. Most of his plans involve creating a community with compelling reasons for others to stick around.


Calrian is heterosexual. He only experiences romantic feelings after developing a strong emotional connection with someone, but is prone to casual affairs because he can't differentiate between romantic interest and physical attraction. He becomes lonely easily and will accept most kinds of company over nothing.


Calrian won't say no to a drink or a smoke, but he does tend to operate in two modes (Business or Pleasure amirite) and thus may limit himself depending on the situation. Thankfully he did not inherit a certain love for alcohol that runs in his family, but he does like to let loose and enjoy what life has to offer. He is predictably a happy and amorous drunk, and will devolve into a cuddly, affectionate puppy if you give him the chance (please, don't).


Lady Luck is the only superstition Calrian keeps. For those who are deeply religious, he maintains a respectful curiosity and a neutral perspective.

1.3  Skills

Note: Listed skills are those that the character has some significant talent or interest in to be noteworthy. Skills that have been mastered (and are best expressed as such) are marked.

Main Focus: Rogue/Broker

  • Persuasion (high experience)
Related Skills: charming, lying, manipulation
Flattering without being ingratiating, humorous and self-deprecating in the right amounts, Calrian is a man who appears to have complete confidence in both himself and others. He's extremely likable upon first meeting. It helps that he's cute, too.
  • Trade (high experience)
Related Skills: barter, appraisal
Calrian loves fancy things, and in order to get fancy things, one has to know how fancy things are made and what makes a fancy thing fancy. The amount of talking and socializing Calrian's done, he's learned about subjects from A to Z and honed his appraisal abilities down to a fine, trade-level grain. He has standing agreements with travelers from all over, and is known to strike fair deals.
  • Gambling (high experience)
Related Skills: sleight of hand
While most gamblers know a trick or two and how to keep their fingers light, nothing beats the experience that comes with dealing cards night-in and night-out. Calrian's a master of the deck, and very good with making small things come and go, but uses these skills with great discretion.

Auxiliary Skills & Hobbies

  • Language and Literacy
Calrian can read and write in Spanish and Common (English).
  • Memorization
Most would be surprised to learn that Calrian has a superb memory. He plays dumb, but when he's got his wits about him, he can keep track of quite a few details. This is more of a practical result than a natural one — being too poor to afford writing implements for most of his young life, he had to rely on his mind to keep his ducks in a row. He uses strange techniques to help him with this.
  • Handyman
Thanks to a difficult nomadic life, Calrian has become a resourceful person. He has a range of basic and moderate skills from tailoring to basic woodworking and tending livestock. He has enough experience and know-how to tackle fixing new problems; however, he is more "results" based than doing things the "right" way. It may look ugly, but it'll work.

2.  Appearance

2.1  Basics


Credit: San


A self-proclaimed devilishly handsome scoundrel. In reality, he is proportionate — if not a little on the lanky side — and well groomed. His expressions can give off the impression that he's up to no good, and his smiles lean a little self-satisfied (maybe he thinks he's cute?) Overall, he does have a keen sense for presentation and doesn't hesitate to flex this skill.

True to his wolf and dog ancestry, Calrian's fur is plush, double-coated, and soft to the touch. In his Optime form, his hair is raven-black and often swept back in a look of breezy nonchalance. His brother helps him keep it short with frequent haircuts.

Calrian grew up in a humanized household and feels most comfortable with clothing, tools, and shelter. His Revlis blood has given him a love of fine things, especially useless but aesthetically pleasing things. As a result, he is typically found in some manner of ostentatious attire. Valuing quality over quantity, Calrian's wardrobe consists of only a few different outfits that he rotates or intermixes depending on the season. He is always looking to add to his small but budding collection.

Inventory and Forms


  • Optime: 6 ft 4 in (193 cm) ↔ 195 lbs (88 kg)
  • Secui: 40 in (16 cm) ↔ 145 lbs (66 kg)
  • Lupus: 31 in (12 cm) ↔ 82 lbs (37 kg)


  • Collared leather vest (black)
  • 2x tunic (pale blue, white) — torn up, dirty
  • 2x fitted trousers (black, grey)
  • Wool cloak with embroidery (black)
  • Long leather jacket with claw clasps (brown)
  • Padded jerkin (black)


  • Metal ring (silver)
  • Fox fur collar with gold buttons
  • 3x leather belts with belt bags
  • Linen scarf
  • Fur-lined leather gloves

Color Palette

Please note that Calrian's color palette may be artistically exaggerated in his depictions.

Fur and Optime Hair

 Haiti (#27212f)

 Cloudburst (#394055)

 Comet (#595f77)

 Mishka (#afb1bb)

 Silver Rust (#c9c0b6)

 Westar (#e3ded9)

 Millbrook (#5d3c31)

 Old Copper (#764a3e)

 Fallow (#c19067)


 My Sin (#f9bb3c)

2.2  Gallery

For the full gallery, click here. Hover for image credit!

by Alaine By San by Gen by Lin by Westy by Despi

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

Immediate Family (Amaranthe, Revlis)

Extended Family (Amaranthe, Revlis)

Calrian belongs the Revlis, Amaranthe, and Lykoi families; as such, many of their members are directly and indirectly related to him.

4.  Animal NPCs

4.1  Current



1 2 3 Credit: Alaine


  • Name: Idoia
    • Meaning: Pond/Pool (Basque)
    • Pronunciation: ee-DOI-yah
  • Sex: Mare
  • Species: Svantevit Horse
  • D.O.B.: 2011


  • Height: 15 hands (60 in; 152 cm)
  • Weight: 890 lbs (404 kg)
  • Coloration: Warm brown with dark hair and dark eyes
  • Inventory: Krokar themed textile saddle blanket, leather saddle and reigns
  • Personality: Gentle, sweet, responsive


  • Acquired by Semini in 2015 from the trader Dalimil Kovachev
  • Given to Calrian in 2017 when Semini departed for Onuba
  • Was cared for by Cassia in Portland for a while
  • Was returned some time in the spring/summer of 2021. She now resides with other livestock at La Estrella Roja.

5.  History

5.1  Summary

Born to Semini and Lokr Revlis one bright winter morning, Calrian and Malik had an idyllic childhood between the riverlands of Krokar and the forests of Mount Oromocto, where their parents kept a quaint and hidden cabin. Calrian grew up free of the influence of Salsola or his own dark lineage there, but he has heard many stories of his mother's homelands and his older siblings.

In the winter of 2017, Calrian's parents returned to Onuba following the inheritance of Semini's late father's ship. Deciding they had brighter futures elsewhere, Calrian and Malik declined to go with them. Together, they said their farewells to Krokar and left to make a new life for themselves in Portland. While there, they met many interesting characters, who upon realizing each other's talents, formed a group. Things were good for a time, until an incident involving rescuing an old man led to all of them getting the boot from the city.

Following this, the brothers Amaranthe traveled the country roads of Nova Scotia with The Troupe while picking up new faces along the way, and singing, sleeping, and doing (mostly) whatever they want. After a rough winter, they settled in a schoolhouse on old Inferni territory and began to make La Estrella Roja come alive.

5.2  Thread Log



With Calan Brecours. Cal and Cal trade gossip at La Roja.
With Adrianna Julia. Cal and Adrianna discuss Cal's heritage.
With Nathan O'Dimm. Cal meets the young trader Nathan and strikes a deal.
With Odalis, Marina Amaranthe. Cal meets his cousin and his cousin! More family yaaay
With Serafina, Valan. Cal is visited by Serafina, who tells him everything. And they discover that Valan may be married to their mysterious benefactress.


With Tallulah Colt. Rebuffed again by Salem, Calrian turns to a pleasant stranger for fun.
Calrian attempts to dig a half-frozen carcass out of the frozen lake.
With Adrianna Julia. As the rainy season starts, La Roja acts as shelter to those escaping the floods.


With Character?. Description.


With Character?.



With Krios Revlis. Cal engages a strange patron who seems down!
With Malik. Cal and Mal catch up on brother things.
With Adrianna Julia. Cal catches Adrianna eying a certain somebody and presses her on it, somewhat unwisely.
With Salem. Salem teaches Cal how to read her cards.
With Serafina, Malik, Lotan. New siblings Serafina shows up at La Roja and gives Cal and Mal the surprise of their life.


With Tiamat, Serafina, Jethro Lykoi, Sawyer Cook, Marlowe de le Poer, Tercero Robles. Tiamat shows up and it's a bit chaotic.
With Salem. Calrian seeks refuge with Salem.
With Esperanza Tejada, Santiago Tejada, Serafina. Santiago comes to trade and gives them chickens.
With Jethro Lykoi. Calrian and Jethro take a break at the lake.
With Tiamat. Calrian investigates why Tiamat and company have shown up.


With Aldora Knight, Percival Parhelion, Jethro Lykoi, Daisy Parhelion, Asher Johansen, Peony Braithwaite. Calrian competes with the other athletes in a swimming competition for a prize!
With Salka Huxley. Salka comes to visit at La Estrella Roja.
With Anya Southpaw. During the Del Cenere Gang Stockshow, Calrian checks out Anya's wares.
With Rahab de le Poer. Rahab and Leander say goodbye to the Troupe.
With Malik. Malik has some news for Calrian.


With Jethro Lykoi. Jethro and Cal talk and bond.
With Molly Summerfelt?. Calrian helps a curious damsel.
With Percival Parhelion, Daisy Parhelion. New Caledonians come looking for some information and bring a dire warning.





  • Calrian and Malik turn a year old and begin their lives in Portland, doing manual labor at the docks! They live in a barn and have no wealth at all!


  • Calrian and Malik work hard and practice their skills.


  • Working 5 to 9! You've got passion and a vision / 'Cause it's hustlin' time, a whole new way to make a livin' / Gonna change your life, do somethin' that gives it meanin'



  • Calrian and Malik were born, baybee


  • Calrian & Malik were but wee babes!


  • Calrian and Malik were old enough to say goodbye to their mama and papa and head on over to Portland for greater things!