Cal Gerrido

Cal Gerrido is a former member of AniWaya.

Cal Gerrido

by Lauren



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2 January 2012




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12% Great Plains Wolf
23% Red Wolf
65% Eurasian Wolf




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Pack AniWaya
Rank Tsisdu Kanati (Hunter)


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Omicron, Phi, Beta, Delta

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  2.   2.  Personality
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1.  Appearance

Cal is a fit young male, having developed a subtle curve of muscle to his form given his active lifestyle and constant movement. Being a traveler and a hunter, he is adept at moving quickly and has outstanding endurance, which has brought him to be rather well-rounded in his body's abilities, both lean and slightly muscular. Typically he remains in his optime form for traveling and leisure. Although he owns few possessions, he does own a bow, a staff and a few bits of clothing, so it often proves hard for him to travel in anything but his optime form, which allows him to carry all of his belongings. On occasion he can be seen in his secui and lupus forms when he has settled down for a lengthy stay and need not worry for his belongings, or when he is preparing for a hunt and does not wish to use his bow.

In his optime form he stands a fairly average height, around 6' 2” and weighing in at approximately 170-180 pounds. The base of his coat is a caramel-chocolate brown, though the color is broken with the various markings his fur contains. A dark tar color boots his legs and gloves his arms as well as masking his face, only causing his stunning ocean-blue eyes to present an even more noticeable contrast against his pelt. A brighter hue – ranging from a darker reddish brown to an almost peach-like color – makes an appearance in a cloak along his back that tapers down along his spine and floods out again atop his tail.

Typically he can be seen in rather minimal clothing, occasionally lacking clothing and merely carrying his staff or his bow and quiver. Generally he is seen wearing one of his two pairs of knee-length pants and potentially one of his cloaks, often putting on what look like furry leg-warmers in the winter months to keep him slightly more insulated.

1.1  Build and Species

Cal most strongly resembles a wolf in structure, stockily built with subtle but clear muscles. He stands at near 6'2", an average height for a Eurasian wolf, which is the majority of his species. The red wolf and great plains wolf in him show through in near nothing but his coloring, providing him with the rich red that stands in contrast to his darker pelt.

1.2  Coloration

Go go name that color!

  • Optime Hair: Night Rider (#1e160f)
  • Eyes: Bright Turquoise (#00ccf8).
  • Fur:
    • Primarily Saddle (#4c3321).
    • Lighter Kabul (#57473c) and Mondo (#43352b)on underside.
    • Darker Zeus (#241e19) and Treehouse (#33261c) coating his legs and side.
    • Reddish-brown Pickled Bean (#6a4023), Mule Fawn (#835230) and Sepia Skin (#9b643f) along his back.

1.3  Forms




80 lbs (36.2874 kg)
28 in (71.12 cm)

130 lbs (58.967 kg)
32 in (81.28 cm)

175 lbs (79.3787 kg)
6ft 2in (74 in) (187.96 cm)

In his lupus form, Cal is about the size of a large-breed dog. He weighs in at around 80 lbs, more lean than bulky. He typically uses this form for swift travel when needed.

Secui form is Cal's preferred form for hunting, when not using his bow. He is bulky and a bit more heavy-set than in his lupus form.

Cal is an average height and weight in his optime form, if not a bit on the small side. He rarely styles his hair, typically keeping it the length of his normal fur, though when it does grow out he lets it grow however it pleases and hardly ever chooses to style it. It grows in a bit of a mess that hangs over his eyes and around his face if he doesn't keep it trimmed.

1.4  Other


  • Piercings: None
  • Tattoos: None, though tattooing does interest him, so if he happens to meet an artist he might consider it.
  • Scars:
    • None thus far, besides a few hunting scrapes here and there.


Cal doesn't currently wear any accessories, though one of his outfits does contain a blue pendant, which could be considered an 'accessory', even though it serves the practical purpose of keeping his cloak clasped around his neck/shoulders.


  • Cal has a few clothing items, his outfits usually consisting just of pants, though he has a few other articles of clothing as well.

All of his clothing articles can be seen on his reference sheet. (Mind you, the first outfit doesn't really belong in souls universe. He would always been seen/roleplayed as wearing clothing from the latter three outfits.)

2.  Personality

Cal is typically seen as a friendly, likeable fellow when he is in a social atmosphere. Charismatic and charming he tends to get along with nearly everyone he meets without putting much effort into doing so. Although a majority of his life has been spent in solitude as a traveling hunter/woodsman, he enjoys company and craves society.

Fun-loving and outgoing he engages in whatever activities are presented to him, preferring hunting and archery but willing to try anything new that he sees. He carries a strong determination to master anything he tries (always hating to make a fool of himself and mess up), whether it be hunting or knitting. He always enjoys trying something new and will give any activity his all.

Not overly dominant he often avoids fighting when he can, content to live a life of low status so long as he can live it happily. He has little ambition for a high rank or for power, preferring to live a humble and simple life with fewer responsibilities. He is respectful of those ranked above him, as well as those ranked below, never one to flaunt what he has.

The idea of a partner has always appealed to Cal in its own ways, though so far he has yet to settle down quite long enough to seek out that girl of his dreams. Thus far he has only engaged in temporary relationships, often struggling somewhat to reject a woman's affections and getting himself into troublesome situations because of it, lacking commitment. He is not opposed to short-term relationships though he intends to find a woman to settle down with some day. For now he focuses primarily on looks, often trailing around after whatever pretty girl he finds, though as he ages he is slowly beginning to look for a life partner, someone who he can find attractive both inside and out.

2.1  Ideals


  • Likes: Leather-working, hunting, crafting, bird-watching, cooking, hiking
  • Dislikes: loud noises, thunderstorms, honey


Proud, confident, outgoing, open, friendly

  • Outlook: Optimistic
  • Expression: Extroverted, Submissive
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


  • Failure, mockery, loneliness, rejection


  • Happiness, romance, self-satisfaction


  • Packs: Cal has no bias for or against any of the packs on 'Souls. Regardless of his pack's affiliation with others, he holds no particular like or dislike for any of them.
  • Species: Prefers to judge others according to their actions rather than the species label they have. However, even though he isn't one to treat others differently very often based on their heritage, he finds he is far more attracted to other wolves than to any of the other canis species.
  • Non-Luperci: Admittedly Cal does find non-luperci a tad difficult to be around. However, he is far more willing to try and keep company with another high-speaking non-luperci than with the lower speech type. He simply finds them a bit awkward and difficult to relate to.
  • Gender: Cal enjoys the friendship of both women and of men, sharing no preference between who he keeps company with.
  • Color: Cal doesn't much care the color of any wolf he is friends with, though he tends to find darker pelted females a bit more attractive.
  • Sexuality: Purely straight, though any homosexual advances would be met with an attempt to understand and let the other down as easily as possible, preferring to keep the friendship alive if he can. Homosexuality does not make him uncomfortable, and he will very willingly try to keep friendships going with homosexual characters.
  • Age: Although he does love pups, they also frighten him someone. He views infants as fragile and typically is reluctant to be in any way a babysitter of a pup under about a year old.


Cal is straight as a metal rod. He is fine with being good friends with a male but never have his thoughts swayed to anything more. He is flirtatious upon approach and rarely rejects an offer of affection from a woman, which has lead him to numerous short-term relationships. However, if he is the one to try and make the advances, rather than the other way around, there is a good change is far more serious about his interest.


He has yet to try hardly anything, nor does he have much of a strong desire to.


Cal believes in some form of higher being, though he isn't quite sure what. With the beauty of nature surrounding him constantly in life, he is certain there is something out there governing the glorious Earth, and something that created it in the first place. However, he is not overly vocal in his belief, not praying or performing any sort of ritual. He is open to the idea of religion and willing to consider any religion told to him in hopes that it may fulfill the questions he has about nature and afterlife.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Key Relations

  • Characters: This will be updated once Cal meets more people eligible to be added here.

3.2  Family: Families, Families, and Families

  • Mother: Opal Ellone (Last name of mother is yet to be determined for the same situation as the lack of his sister's name)
  • Father: Lyon Atticus Gerrido
  • Siblings: Sister: (Name of sister has yet to be decided, as she may be picked up by a friend for roleplay and I'd let her have the call on her name)
  • Extended: Cal has near to no extended family. His father is an only child, and his mother only has one sister, Eloise, who has two child, his younger cousins, Chance and Vivienne.

3.3  Minor Relations

  • I will be updating this as Cal meets more people eligible to be added here.

3.4  Former Relations

  • Grimsby McAlastair: A male from a nomadic pack he met along the route to AniWaya. The two became decent friends and traveled together for quite some time before parting ways as Grim went with his pack and Cal chose to continue his travels in a different direction. He still remains a loyal friend and trading partner, and Cal hopes to find him again one day to catch up and exchange some of the various things he's gained along his travels.

4.  Interaction

  • Speech: Unlike many males, Cal's voice holds hardly any trace of roughness to it. His voice is neither too much on the low side or on the high side, a decent neutral with an ever so slight rural drawl.
  • Scent: Cal's pelt carries numerous woodsy smells with it, given the amount of time he spends hunting in the forests.

4.1  Residence

  • Cal currently lives within Itse Gaduhv in AniWayan lands, though he has yet to be assigned to a hut or to build one. This will be updated later.

4.2  NPCs


  • Species:
  • Age and DOB:
  • Description:
  • Personality:

(this section will currently be left blank in case I do take on any NPCs in the future)

4.3  Abilities


  • Hunting/Tracking (Master): Cal considers himself somewhat of a master with a bow and arrow. He learned from his father at a young age how to hunt and quickly took to it, surpassing his father's skills rather easily. He hunts daily to keep his skills as fine-tuned as possible.
  • Skinning/Leatherworking (Journeyman): From his time as a young pup, he and his father would skin their kills and tan the hides, using them for clothing and blankets. He considers himself to be decent with this art, often crafting his own clothes from the material he gains, or selling the leather to others.
  • Carving (Journeyman): Cal is decently skilled at crafting and carving, typically working with wood but also having the tools to carve bone, which he likes to use as knife handles and for staff decorations. He is far from being considered a master, but still has the skills enough to create perfectly usable weaponry, as well as rather intricate wood carvings and figurines.
  • Sewing (Apprentice): Considering that creating decent goods with his leather, hide, and fur projects, Cal took up sewing as a skill a while ago. His stitching is rather sloppy and rushed, but gets the job done well enough to keep two pieces of material together just fine.


  • Literacy: Cal is currently illiterate. He has had no need for reading or writing in his lifetime.
  • Size: Standing around 6'2” there are several luperci far larger than Cal, which gives him a bit of a strength disadvantage.
  • Naivety: Unfortunately Cal tends to see the best in people, which often leads him to being disappointed or to having his friendliness being taken advantage of.
  • Good Looks: They're just such a burden u kno

4.4  Inventory


Cal highly enjoys trading and is always honest on what he's looking for and what he can offer. However, it is easy to get him distracted by something interesting, and he tends to come home with far more than what he set out to get.

  • Offering: Cal tends to offer his services to people, rather than items themselves. As in, he prefers to get something in return for making something of their choosing, rather than offering premade items. He is capable of making things ranging from fur/leather cloaks, pants, and belts, to practical weaponry like bows and arrows, as well as carved bone daggers.
  • Accepting: Typically Cal is more interested in things that can help him increase the variety of things he can make. He is always after thread and needles, and strongly covets colored dyes. However he also has a strong interest in cooking, and therefore would also willingly trade for various herbs and spices. Cal also may be open to trading in exchange for a service or lesson. (ex: Horseback riding lessons)



  • Badger-head cloak. The bulk of the cloak is made with black bear fur while the cloak's hood is a badger head. The black of the badger fur and bear fur blend together well, creating an almost seamless transition for the cloak as a whole, besides the subtle variation in fur length.
  • A pair of fur leg-warmers, typically used to protect his calves from harsh brambles scraping him while hunting, or to provide extra insulation in the winter months.
  • Cal has two pairs of hunter pants, this one being the longer of the two, with darker material that stops just below the knee.
  • Elk-hide cloak (Up for trade)
  • Rabbit-hide Cloak (Traded for by Kenna)
  • Long Pants


  • A staff that Cal himself crafted with a long piece of wood, two bits of fur to set off an ideal area for one to hold it, topped with a deer jawbone and antler. The staff is meant far more for show and average staff use than for fighting, though the weight of the bones that decorate the top are enough to do some severe damage if struck with.
  • Cal owns a good bow with several arrows. The bow was a gift from his father and is made of red cedar wood, giving it a subtle red woody tint. The grip is leather. Cal makes his own arrows so he can keep them in good stock in case he loses a few.
  • Cal owns numerous deer jawbone knives. Typically the handle is a deer jawbone (since their blunt teeth make for fine gripping, whereas carnivores pointed teeth serve poorly in the use of a handle), though he does occasionally work with other types of bone. He often binds the bone with a sharpened stone similar to a spearhead with the use of leather twine and natural glues, though he also occasionally simply just sharpens the end of the bone, so it is a seamless piece of bone with a distinct handle and blade.
  • Extra bow (for trading purposes) (not pictured)
  • Thread and needles (not pictured)
  • Chestnut dye (not pictured)
  • Walnut dye (not pictured)
  • Animal hide (various animals, namely deer and elk) (not pictured) x6
  • Leather pouch and belts (not pictured) x3
  • Blue sapphire pendant (typically used to hold his cloak around his shoulders) (not pictured)
  • Extra Arrowheads (not pictured) x14
  • Elk-fur/hide throw (Traded for with Kenna) (not pictured)

5.  Achievements

Pack Game

Go get your Pack Game template and put it here; else delete this section.


Go get your Catacombs and put it here; else delete this section.

6.  History

Cal was born in a bit of a tense situation, his mother mates with a different man than his father. When the children were born, Cal was sent off to live with his father while his sister stayed with their mother. His father lived deep in the woods in a cabin by a river, where he raised Cal and taught him how to survive on his own. Cal took to hunting quickly and easily surpassed his father's skills with a bow. When he was around a year of age he began to show an interest in crafting and leatherwork, watching as his father skinned and tanned hides to make clothes for them in the winter. He was far from a natural in the skill but he worked hard to learn and eventually it grew as a second talent. Slowly he continued to grow, and nearing the prime of his life he decided to leave the cabin and head off on his own adventure, traveling to find a new pack and family to live with. For a while he was on his own, occasionally stopping by a small town or living with a pack for a week or so, but never lingering for long. However, he does like the idea of settling down somewhere and hopes to soon find a place he can call home.

6.1  Timeline


  • Month: This section is most useful for detailing what happened before your character came to 'Souls, since that is not included in the lower thread archive section. Some players choose to continue their timeline history with important events from the thread archive while other players are content to use this section solely as a "before 'Souls" section.

6.2  Threads


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    AREA?, with CHARACTER?. Example of mature thread where your character was an NPC.
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    AREA?, with CHARACTER?. Example of thread where your character was an NPC.
  3. [3]? (DD Mon)
    AREA?, with CHARACTER?. Example of regular thread.


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