Brîska Hesso

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Brîska Hesso was a mercenary, the daughter of Kurdish immigrants. She participated in La Marea's actions against Cour des Miracles with the ultimate goal of gathering information on Skoll Haskel for a client, Khael Lykoi.




OOC Info

  • Date of Birth: 28 February 2014
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Band: La Marea
  • Rank: Undertow

1.  Appearance

Brîska is round-featured, with a soft face and short, narrow muzzle; her long whiskers always seem to droop downward. She is slight of build with long legs. Her fur is rich brown in coloration, with darker saddling and white markings underneath. She has hazel eyes.

Though she weighs only about 25 pounds in Lupus form, Brîska stands at 5'11" in Optime, which is her preference. She wears fleece-lined clothes for the winter.

Curiously, she wears drops of gold in her ears -- no other jewelry.

2.  Personality

Polite and soft-spoken, Brîska does not often make a splash. However, she is a driven individual with a strict code of honor (if not necessarily a moral one) -- demonstrated in her adherence to her mercenary contracts.

Her strongest talent is finding information. She is very observant, patient, and purposeful in her search. Brîska fears little, and has no problem performing dangerous or immoral deeds for a client. She only has one hard rule: she will not harm children.

3.  Threads