Bleach Evers

Bleach Evers

Date of Birth19 February 2005
Age> 4 years
SubspeciesCaspian Sea Wolf
Birth placeMagadan, Russia
'Souls Profile

Previous Pack

Shadowed Sun

Joining date23 June 2008

Bleach Evers was a previous member of Shadowed Sun.[1]

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  1.   1.  Personality
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    2.   1.2  Dislikes
  2.   2.  Relationships
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    2.   2.2  Friends
    3.   2.3  Acquaintances
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  3.   3.  Skills
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1.  Personality


Experimenting with and learning about plants, fishing, smoking, drinking, cooking, dancing, snow.

1.2  Dislikes

Politics, heat, narrow-mindedness.

2.  Relationships

2.1  Family

Character's relationship with family since 'Souls is totally family-centric/obsessive. 8D

2.2  Friends

2.3  Acquaintances

2.4  Enemies

3.  Skills

She is an excellent fisherman, literate, speaks Russian and English, knows a good bit about plants and herbs (medicinal and otherwise).

4.  Appearance

4.1  Coat

Thick, smooth, and shaggy in quality; often quite 'fluffy' looking in the winter. As for color, she is generally silver. Her legs and face are white, fading to a soft gray on her underside. A silver-blue 'mask' covers the top of her maw and gives way to her forehead, and eventually her ears. The same silver-blue fur flows down her back, though not as intense in color, and completes her tail, which is as dark as her face.

4.2  Build

Bleach is tall, just above the average height of a wolf. She has the figure of a dancer, being thin but muscular, with long legs and wide paws. Pirate life has left her thin and under-nourished; she is naturally heavier-set than most. A few months at Souls should beef her up a little more. :D

4.3  Eyes

Bright Yellow

4.4  Hair

The same dark silver-blue as her 'mask' that reaches nearly to her waist. Spontaneous waves posess the ends of her otherwise straight hair. She often braids objects into her hair, such as feathers and beads.

4.5  Voice

Tenor. Usually soft and pleasant, though can be rough and commanding when necessary. She has just a hint of a Russian accent.

4.6  Scars

Slightly shredded left ear. Long, crescent-shaped scar on right knee.

4.7  Tattoos

Art nouveau koi fish with rainbow scales on the back of her neck (not usually visible).

4.8  Piercings

Surprisingly, none. You'd think after being a pirate so long, she'd at least have one, eh? Hopefully subject to change.

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