Blaise Sadira

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  1.   1.  Basics
  2.   2.  Appearance
  3.   3.  Personality
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1.  Basics

  • Sex: Female
  • Species: Wolog
  • Date of Birth: 6th April 2021
  • Luperci: Ortus

2.  Appearance

With small, pointed ears, long legs and large paws, Blaise strongly displays her wolf heritage, though her dog-genetics are not difficult to detect, either. Her snout is longer than a full-blooded wolf's might be, and her fur has a silken quality that differs from the standard. She has a tall, narrow build, making her very quick on her feet in all of her luperci forms. While this stature benefits her in speed, it does not lend itself to easy strength. Consequently, the female prefers stealth above brute force in hunting and combative situations.

Blaise's overall coloration can be described as swarthy, with areas of paleness that bring some light to it. Her fur displays a semi-typical wolf agouti pattern, with colors ranging from dark chocolate to toffee to very light brown. Her ears, paws and muzzle bear the darkest shades in the palette. Peering from amid these neutral tones are large, periwinkle eyes in the shape of almonds.

Blaise is not the most humanized of canines, forgoing clothing most of the time, though she enjoys wearing jewelry such as simple necklaces, bracelets and anklets. She wears two small, crystal studs in her left ear at all times. Her optime hair is long and wavy, with a curtain of bangs draping over her forehead. It is a brown so dark it may as well be black, the same color as her paws. She retains her tall, willowy figure when she uses her optime form.

3.  Personality

Blaise's overall demeanor can be described as quiet and serene. She is not prone to talkativeness and her expression at rest is usually unsmiling, and relatively cold. Even the cleverest of jesters can barely raise a smile from her lips. She has been known to carry an air of superiority because of her chilly nature, and she is easily irritated by minor inconveniences or annoyances. However, it takes much provocation to bring her to genuine anger. Generally level-headed and calculating, she is fairly consistent in behaving according to logic rather than to emotion. She has a breaking point, and while it is difficult to breach, she is not immune to rash decision-making when pushed beyond her limits.

The young she-wolf spends a lot of time in her head and finds it difficult to form strong personal connections with others. As such, she is definitely a self-absorbed individual, though her moral compass is developed enough to keep her from overlooking the well-being of others in favor of her own desires, most of the time. Her sense of loyalty is strong once she becomes attached to a group or individual, despite her difficulty with emotional intimacy. Blaise is ambitious when it comes to her talents and skills, harboring a rapacious need to hone them and make use of herself as she moves through the world.

4.  History

Blaise was born into a small pack outside of Nova Scotia called Sinopa. Because these canines were fairly isolated, and the area they claimed was small, they had limited access to human knowledge and therefore never became as humanized as some other, perhaps larger populations of Luperci had. Still, their territory was plentiful and they never wanted for much of anything. Blaise's parents were close to leadership and this was the only reason they were permitted to raise a litter; Sinopa was often in fear of outgrowing their resources and losing the peaceful life they lived.

Blaise had two littermates: a sister called Hollis, and a brother who was named Jett. She bonded very closely with her brother. The pups had doting parents and were well cared for, but as they grew older, they began to take notice of their sire and dame's disjointed relationship. Long periods of silence would ensue between the two, and several times Blaise noticed unexplained - or poorly explained - injuries on her mother Cairo. Eventually, the girl realized that these injuries had been perpetrated by Kieran, her father, planting a seed of resentment in her heart toward both parents. Dominating her emotions during that period alongside her blossoming anger was confusion. Her mother was kind and nurturing, while her father was attentive, teaching Blaise the basics of hunting and archery. She loved and hated both of them: Kieran for hurting her mother, and Cairo for being weak enough to submit each time. Blaise drew even closer to her brother Jett, finding comfort and safety in his serene presence. Together they often honed their skills, hers in archery, and his in medicine.

It was not a single event, but rather a series which pushed Blaise away from her pack of origin. A severe winter storm swept through Sinopa territory, isolating the canines even more than they already were and bringing illness. Tension swelled and many wolves grew sick, including Blaise and her siblings. The animosity between their parents escalated until one night, Blaise witnessed Kieran inflict an injury upon her mother that left her blind in one eye. Thereafter, her parents both pretended that this incident simply had not occurred.

Meanwhile, Blaise healed from her illness, but Jett, who had always been small and weak, did not. The young she-wolf watched as the individual she loved most in the world wasted away, and then died.

It took some time for the snow to subside enough to permit safe travel. When it did, Blaise departed Sinopa, angry and brokenhearted. She did not plan to stay away forever, but she found that she enjoyed the solitude and was more capable of surviving on her own than she had anticipated. She has wandered ever since.

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