Bindu Epals

Bindu Epals

PlayerMarie A.
Date of BirthDecember 2009
Subspecies50% Red Wolf, 50% dog

'Souls Profile


Bindu was born to a young dog and a red wolf couple somewhere in what was once southern Texas. Her mother was the leader of a motley 'herd' of dogs, while her father was a banished individual from 'some pack up north'. He was gone before his daughter turned one month old, and no one went after him.

Things grew complicated when it was discovered that he'd given the lupus virus to several members of the pack. In an area where the bipedal disease was rare and generally frowned upon, the new and sudden transformations changed everything. Anti-wolf sentiments that were already embedded in the majority's herding blood spread and multiplied because of the wolf who'd plagued them all.

The dog pack began to butt heads with neighboring red wolf clans, who had also recently been introduced to the lupus virus. Bindu's mother began to shelter her daughter more and more in the fear of her pack's prejudice against wolves.

When the region's instability was threatening her family of two, Bindu's mother dragged her pup away from prying ears. The two had never been particularly close. Nevertheless, the dog woman told her child to go east until she hit the ocean, and then to follow the coast northward until she came upon "the land of your father". Bindu did not respect her mother very much at this point in her life but reluctantly obeyed. She left when she was around six months old.

Two months were spent traveling to the fabled land, but those months cut deep scars in Bindu's mental and physical health. She was already around the age where pups start questioning the meaning of their life, and with no one to help her through her muddled thoughts, the girl went a bit insane. She was very weak when she finally made it to 'Souls.

From there, Bindu wandered around for a few days before being found by Geneva Stockholm. Geneva helped to restore the teen's health; the process took a whopping four months. In better mental health, Bindu left the valley in early December of 2010. She plans to meander west, meeting new wolves and gaining experience in the hopes of discovering herself.


Bindu is and has always been curious, but she tends to hold it in rather than acting on it with questions or adventure. She bottles in a lot of things, and may let opportunities slip past because of her uncertainty.

For a brief time, she went a bit 'batty' without anyone to talk to, and a doubt in her beliefs and faith; instilled by her mother and unraveled in solitude. After being found by Geneva, Bindu regained her mind, but because of the brief period of insanity, she occasionally still feels uncertain about what she sees and thinks. She is comfortable with wolves, unlike in her early childhood, and has accepted several as her friends.

Bindu gets happiness from helping others in any way that she can, always keeping in mind the act of kindness that saved her life. Every wolf helped, every good deed performed, is repayment to the wolves in Phoenix Valley who cared for her when she didn't know how to care for herself. This concern for others may lead her to the path of healing, though first she'll have to gather some confidence.

Following her first shift, Bindu felt angry, grieved, and distressed. Her self-esteem collapsed and now she is trying to cope with being a Luperci, when she'd been taught to fear them by her mother. Likely she'll grow withdrawn from friendship, love, and family, and will struggle with herself until she discovers who she is and what she believes in.


Optime form has a lighter, more golden pelt and darker brown, wavy hair around the head that falls to the shoulders.

Secui form has more gray tones. Wavy hair is more prominent.

Bindu isn't one to adorn herself with little trinkets and such, but she always wears a red paisley bandana around her neck, and a leather band beneath it; they are heirlooms of her mother's family.

Category: Loners