Beatriç del Fraysse

Beatriç del Fraysse

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Date of BirthJanuary 3, 2010
Name OriginOccitan


Birth placeRivière-aux-Graines, Quebec
SpeciesWolf-coyote hybrid
75% Wolf
25% Coyote
Subspecies25% Eastern Timber Wolf
25% Labrador Wolf
25% Plains Coyote
22.5% Arctic Wolf
2.5% Tundra Wolf
LuperciYes (Ortus)


Current PackLoner

Beatriç del Fraysse is a wolf-dominant hybrid coyote hailing from coastal Northern Quebec near Labrador, born in the former human town of Rivière-aux-Graines. She grew up as the child of a single mother in a conservative pack and left when she was nearly a year old to either find her father or herself.


Beatriç is a very fluid character: although there are a number of plot points that will be played out once Beatriç is adopted, for the most part, the adopter has a lot of room to expand upon the information provided or develop new information to explain Beatriç's personality, appearance, or history.

Adoption Conditions

The adopter may change, modify, alter, or expand upon:

  • History
  • Appearance -- minor modifications, such as piercings or tattoos
  • NPC's -- such as a companion
  • Personality -- keeping consistent with the existing personality, but you may want to explain how he felt about the failed Sequoia plot
  • Pack - Beatriç can join any pack or remain a loner

The adopter should respect the established:

  • Appearance
  • Personality
  • History
  • Heritage (this is upcoming, part of the plot!)

But they may be altered with discussion! c: As long as it is discussed, it's fair game!

Baubles and Art

The adopter will receive:

I reserve the right to reclaim the character if you fall inactive, drop the character, change huge aspects of the established canon without discussion, or plan to kill the character.

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  3.   3.  Relationships
    1.   3.1  Family: Aston
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  4.   4.  Abilities
  5.   5.  Inventory
  6.   6.  History

1.  Personality

Beatriç is a kind-hearted individual who always sees the best in others. She tries, she really does, but ultimately, her poor grasp of social situations and her tendency to blurt her thoughts out make it difficult for her to effectively communicate with others. Her poor grasp of English also complicates things. Despite her communication difficulties, she loves conversing with others in French and learning more about them. She found that trading gave her an opportunity to learn more about others and the world around her and even though she is not necessarily a merchant by trade, she tries to keep many different goods on her, both for when she does need something, and as a sort of excuse to meet others.

Beatriç is very empathetic and can often relate to others' positions and opinions. She tends to see the best in others and often finds herself trying to rationalize their decisions. She also does this because she sometimes finds it difficult to actually understand others with her language barrier, so she tries to imagine why they are acting the way that they are.

While Beatriç is for the most part a very caring individual, she can be a little scatter-brained and has a tendency to put herself first without thinking about. She is working on forcing herself to recognize when she is being selfish because the thought of being rude is very alarming.

1.1  Ideals


  • Likes: traveling, trading, carving, star-gazing, and cloud-watching
  • Dislikes: imperiousness, those who say one thing and do and act another, anduncomfortable social situations.


Caring, warm, outgoing, abstract-thinker, lively, self-indulgent, sensitive, reliable, adaptive

  • Outlook: Optimistic and naive
  • Expression: Introverted in situations where she is uncomfortable, but is usually extroverted. Tends to be dominant as a loner when encountering other loners, but submissive as a pack member or when near packs for her own self-preservation.
  • Alignment: Chaotic neutral good


  • Being trapped, isolation, ostracizement


  • Being kind, helping others, meeting new individuals, learning more about the world and herself, finding a place for herself


Beatriç uses marijuana very occasionally as a recreational drug, but did not grow up in a culture where it was mentioned let alone where the use of it was disapproved.


Beatriç was not raised with any form of mythology or spirituality and has had little exposure to it.


  • Packs: None
  • Species: None
  • Non-Luperci: Prefers to use all of the abilities granted to her and fails to understand why a luperci might scorn their other forms.
  • Gender: None
  • Color: None
  • Sexuality: Prefers heterosexual lifestyles and is not openly biased against non-heteronormative lifestyle, but has a difficult time understanding sexual unions that would not eventually produce children in a mateship.
  • Age: None


Beatriç is sexually attracted to males and females, but is romantically attracted only to males. She tends to identify as non-heteronormative and secretly wishes that she could consider other women potential mates, but has a difficult time reconciling sexuality without matehood. As a child of a single mother, this has influenced her romantic attraction because she doesn't realize that two women can provide a home for children.

Beatriç tends not to be very promiscuous and is monogomous -- the notion of polyamoury isn't something she's ever realized was possible.

For the most part, Beatriç's sexuality is strongly influenced by the prevailing culture of her birthpack, which was quite conservative. Although she doesn't realize the impact this has had on her, she is open-minded and may change her beliefs over time.

2.  Appearance

Beatriç is a pale-coloured wolf with a smattering of brown and gold in her fur. The dominating colours are either a mixture of rich or lights hues, giving her a woodsy look. For the most part, a medium gray mixed with a light brown dominate her fur, with a lighter underbelly and darker shoulders and back. Her eyes are gold-orange.

Since she is a wolf-dominant coyote hybrid, she represents her mottled blend of wolf heritage much better than she does her coyote heritage. Beatriç is thickly-built, with a strong frame and round muzzle. She does however have slightly thinner legs and tail. She is neither massive nor small and lithe, as she appears to be a scientific average of her many heritages. Since her parents descended from a mix of small and large canines, her stature is quite average save for her strong frame.

2.1  Colouration

  • Pavlova (#d9c7a3): main pelt colour
  • Spring Woof (#F7F7F0): underbelly and underside of muzzle
  • Arrowtown (#978A72) and Pine Cone (#6E5A4E): lowlights on upper face and neck
  • Barley Corn (#A88A62): back
  • Anzac (#E0B851): eyes

2.2  Forms

Beatriç tends to favour practicality and convenience over aesthetics, so she does not see one form as being 'better' than another. She instead tends to use her four-legged forms for covering speed and distance and will consider shifting into her two-legged form if necessary. She is however conscious of the drain it can have on her energy, so she is cautious about shifting too much in case she has difficulty finding food.




80 lbs (36 kg)
28 in (71 cm)

160 lbs (58 kg)
35 in (89 cm)

190 lbs (86 kg)
6 ft 2 in (185 cm)

Beatriç's lupus form displays many of the features of her mixed subspecies: she is light and sleek, as a coyote might be, and is on the larger end of what a Plains coyote might resemble. Her features are rounded like a wolf's and her tail is bushy like a wolf's, too.

Beatriç gains a significant amount of fur in her secui form and gains much more muscle mass. The patterning in her coat does not change drastically in comparison to her lupus form.

Beatriç tends to favour a more wolf-like than human-like optime form, letting her fur lengthen into a messy mane, and walking less on her toes and distributing her weight more onto her thighs and knees.

2.3  Gallery

Image by Ami B. of Dawnthieves

Image by Ami B. of Dawnthieves

Image by Ami B. of Dawnthieves

Lines by Canis-Ferox

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family: Aston

  • Parents: Ysabet del Fraysse and Myrtle Hammerkop
  • Grandparents:
    • Maternal: Anguera del Fraysse and Noffre Castell
    • Paternal: Bernadette and Barthélémy Aston
  • Siblings: Francesch

3.2  NPCs


  • Species: horse
  • Birthdate: April 5, 2010
  • Description: Téga, short for pétit garçon, is a small flaxen chestnut horse that Beatriç acquired in her travels. Peddling a number of fine wares, she was able to trade her goods for the sickly horse. She nursed him back to health and they have been friends ever since. Beatriç does not often ride him, preferring to use him as a pack mule.
  • Personality: a bit skittish, but generally quite mild-mannered. Téga is actually a mare despite her name, as Beatriç misunderstood the trader and thought she was actually a male horse.
  • Lineage: In 2017, Téga bore a colt, sired by Ash. He is as-of-yet unnamed

4.  Abilities


  • Tracking (Journeyman): Beatriç is very adept at tracking her prey and other canines. This skill has always come easily to her and she has expanded upon it in her time as a loner.
  • Bartering (Apprentice): Beatriç has done well for herself trading and bartering her goods. However, she tends to overestimate her skill and underestimate her spoken English abilities and sometimes comes away without having struck a good bargain.
  • Healing (Dabbler): Beatriç knows a bit about fixing a few ailments, but is still learning and has occasionally made her injuries worse because of her lack of knowledge. Nonetheless, she is an eager student!
  • Beatriç is very patient and dedicated to whatever she sets her mind.
  • Carving (Dabbler): although she hasn't been properly trained, Beatriç tries to make small items for little tasks and will trade them with anyone who is interested


  • Beatriç's English speaking skills are quite poor and she has a difficult time understanding others and others have an even more difficult time understanding her.
  • Beatriç has a very poor grasp of satire and sarcasm.
  • Beatriç is a little socially awkward, especially when she finds it difficult to communicate with others.

5.  Inventory


Beatriç is generally willing to trade if something catches her interest, if she wants to lighten her load, or if she no longer has any use for an item. For the most part, she's fair, but in an effort to prove herself, she may drive up the price if she thinks someone is trying to take advantage of her.

  • Offering: carved sticks, bones, and antlers for tools, collected feathers
  • Accepting: anything that strikes her fancy; Beatriç isn't actively looking for goods, though she is often known to trade her items for food if hunting is difficult


Weapons and tools

  • 1 arrowhead
  • 1 small knife for skinning animals
  • 1 bone knife for skinning
  • Many carved sticks and pieces of bone and antler


  • Feathers of many different colours
  • Jar of fat for candles
  • 1 roughly-made leather satchel

6.  History

Beatriç was born in Northern Quebec in January 2010 in an area roughly between the now-decrepit towns of between Havre-Saint-Pierre and Sept-Îles. Her mother became pregnant after an extended tryst with a traveler who had been passing through nearby neutral grounds. Her mother guided him through the neutral territories and sent him on his way to Nova Scotia before returning home. Once she discovered she was pregnant, she decided to seek out his birthpack to see if she could locate him. Four months after Beatriç and her brother were born, they and their mother set out to locate their father's birthpack. Upon their arrival, they were disappointed to learn that he had not returned from his destination. Although Beatriç's mother was disappointed that she would not be able to give him the good news, she decided to return to her home.

Beatriç grew up in her mother's birthplace, Rivière-aux-Graines. The pack followed a strict and rigid hierarchy and whereas Francesch found the logic confusing, Beatriç was too clueless to question the pack leaders' authority. Beatriç, not wanting to disrupt the social order or get her family into even more trouble after Francesch started questioning the pack's rules, did her best to fit in. Unfortunately, she was naturally awkward in her youth and her unintentional social gaffes caused the packmembers to think that both of Ysabet's children were defying authority.

When Francesch discovered that another wolf, Alamanda, had a child without a mate, he insisted on befriending her. Thinking nothing of it, Beatriç too befriended Sebienda. After Francesch was exiled from his den and demoted, Beatriç tried her best to maintain her friendship with Sebienda, but was very hurt when the other girl told her they could no longer be friends. Not knowing the cause of the problem, Beatriç quietly accepted her fate and considered it for many months.

Two months after Francesch had his rank restored to subordinate and he returned to the communal dens, Beatriç made up her mind: she would leave. For too long she had been perplexed by her brother's desire to resist authority and for too long she had felt out of place in her own home. Deciding that it would be best to strike out and learn more about who she was and what it meant to be a packmember, she decided to set out for Nova Scotia to see if she could find her father. Rather than travel to his birthpack, she decided to journey elsewhere to develop her own sense of self after having lived so long assumed that her brother was the only one who was self-aware.