Amaury Glaisyer → Alonzo "Barbarossa" Abandonato


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Name Meaning'powerful work' - 'glass polisher'
'noble and ready' - 'forsaken'
'red beard'
Name OriginFrench
Date of BirthMay 01, 2003
Age8 years
Subspecies90% canis lupus familiaris
8% canis lupus
2% canis aureus
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeUnknown - presumed Haiti
Current pack
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Amaury Glaisyer, known as Barbarossa to the inhabitants of Tortuga and the outlying islands, is a current resident of Isla Tortuga and a seafaring pirate exclusive to the Caribbean sea and islands. He also goes by the common name of Alonzo Abandonato.

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1.  History

This is the short of it while I work on his extended profile

Barbarossa was born Amaury Glaisyer, the only son of Christophe and Eugénie Glaisyer, in some unknown region. He had six sisters, worked on his family's farm, and eventually met an Italian ship captain. Enthralled by the idea of a life outside of the farm, Amaury joined his crew; this caused his father to disown him, and in turn caused Amaury to become Alonzo. Alonzo travelled with the crew, working his way into a position of respect. Resentment in the older crew members caused a mutiny, and the death of the captain. Locked in the hold of the ship, Alonzo found his chance to escape during routine docking at the port city of Bridgetown on Barbados. He holed himself up in the inn there and kept to himself until a curious woman named Ilene Kerseillea forced her way into his life.

Introducing himself as Captain Alonzo Abandonato, Alonzo was muscled into working with the Kerseillea family by Ilene and her sister, Akili. A year was spent in service with the wolfdog family before he managed to find his own ship — The Eagle Owl's Perch. Alonzo amassed a small crew and set off to the sea. The group quickly turned from simple sailors into brutal pirates, razing merchant ships to take their cargo as far as England. Alonzo gained the nickname Red-bearded Demon from several merchants; despite the honor he felt in their fear, it was also his downfall. The government of Spanish county Monte Santo issued a bounty for the entire crew of the Eagle Owl's perch. With the love of a father for his family, Barbarossa ordered his crew to leave; many returned to their homes in the attempt to hide from the knights of Monte Santo, leaving Barbarossa alone. He settled on the remote beach of Pointe Saline on Tortuga, living in a cabin named The Grotto.

2.  Personality

2.1  Internal

2.2  External

3.  Relationships

To uphold his family's honor, Barbarossa changed his given name to prevent his enemies from finding them. The names of his parents are entirely unknown to the world, and only a few names for his sisters and extended family can be discerned for certain — many have been falsified in writings and verbal stories to help offer extra protection. Names indicated with italics are the names he knows for them, rather than what they might currently call themselves.

3.1  Family

  • ParentsChristophe Glaisyer & Eugénie Glaisyer
  • SiblingsNephtalie Glaisyer, Aimèe Gagnier, Bertille Porcher, Jacqueline Glaisyer, Liliane Glaisyer, Raphaëlle Sylvaine Tailler
  • Children
    • with Ilene Kerseillea — Devontè Kerseillea, Marla Kerseillea, Sesane Kerseillea
    • with Alexandria TeachMelissa Teach, Martin Teach

Please see the Glaisyer family for more information.

3.2  Specifics

Alexandria Teach


Scevalo Abandonato

Marguerite de Toledo

Ilene Kerseillea

3.3  Friends and Acquaintances


  • Kgosi — A Cape Jackal (canis mesomelas mesomelas) from Botswana. Kgosi's real name is unknown even to Barbarossa, but the sea name — meaning king or chief in Tswana — is a typically masculine name; this comes off as ironic and entertaining to Barbarossa, as Kgosi is a very feisty woman.



3.4  Enemies

4.  Skills

4.1  Primary Skills

  • Carpentry

4.2  Secondary Skills

  • Sailing

4.3  Tertiary Skills

  • Cooking

5.  Appearance

Lineart by Sie
Displays coat pattern and colors.

5.1  Luperci Forms

Lupus (H: — W: — L:)

Description here eventually.

Secui (H: — W: — L:)

Description here eventually.

Optime (H: 7'5" — W: 300lbs)

Though clearly more doggish than anything, Barbarossa is a hulking behemoth of a Luperci. He can easily claim being twice the size of most medium-sized canis lupus familiaris Luperci, rivaling wolves in both height and width, and carries a great amount of muscle as a result of the work he's done over the years of his life. His gait is a distinct swagger, and he carries himself with an almost effeminate grace despite having no traces of a feminine body.

His coat is mottled shades of earthy, dark brown; this lightens in a few key places: his face, his arms, his legs and his tail. Offsetting all of the brown are patches of black, found on his shoulders and hips. This is also seen on the tips of his ears, the tip of his tail, the lower half of his face excluding his bottom jaw and as a wide saddle on his lower back. His eyes are a tarnished shade of gold.

The majority of Barbarossa's fur is medium-length and coarse, but not very thick. His tail carries slight feathering, as do the backs of his calves and elbows. While his Lupus and Secui forms bear uniform coat lengths for the most part, his Optime body does not — his mane starts just below his ears, dreaded and braided and decorated with various things to keep it out of his way, and his lower jaw has a distinct red-colored beard, longer than the typical 'goatee' that many men have been seen sporting; this is also braided, but not nearly as decorated as his mane.

5.2  Miscellaneous





6.  Resources

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