Avinalora Phoenix

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Avinalora Phoenix


by Corie
The pages of my story are torn and frayedWhat if I can't forget you? I'll burn your name into my throat, I'll be the fire that'll catch youBound by blood, never aloneEclipse the blood red moon

Basic Info

Date of Birth: January 9th, 2014
Age 8 years
Human Age: 53 years
Gender: Female
Luperci: Ortus


Name: Avinalora Phoenix
Nickname: Avi
Pronunciation: Ah-vee-nah-loh-rah
Meaning: Pure + Laurel
Origin: Persian + Latin
Alias: ?
Epithet: The Medic, The Wraith


Family: Phoenix
Species: Jackal-dominant Hybrid
Subspecies: 95% Jackal 1, 5% Wolf
Mate: None
Ex-Mate: Maelyx Nocturne

OOC Info

Player & Creator: Silverfrost
Forum Profile: Clicky!


Avinalora Phoenix was a former Decidant of The Circle of Ravenshadow and the former Bathin of Anathema She is the mate of Maelyx Nocturne and mother of Alvira Phoenix, Winter Phoenix, the late Ghost Phoenix?, and formerly the adopted mother of Jaketta Einar-Nocturne, Elias Einar-Nocturne, and the late Zea Einar-Nocturne.

Avinalora was born to a pair of jackals whom abandoned her at birth because of her unnatural pelt. A coyote healer took her in and trained her as a medic. When Avinalora was a year old, her adopted mother, Adri died of pnemonia. Unable to handle the grief, Avinalora fled. On her travels, she met a man named Jarix and many animals. The pair came to 'Souls and after a brief stint as loners, they joined Midnight Shores. There, their family grey with the addition of three foxes, Avinalora's half-sister, Adrian Raven-Shadowryn. It also shrunk when Jarix and Cobalt left. Avinalora worked her way up the ranks, reaching the rank of Cygnus before the pack disbanded.

After the disbandment, Avinalora spiraled afterwards and her view of the world was changed. She started to get better, and then in an accident with Nyx Greyfire, Avinalora got her eye ripped out. Not long after this, a great sickness came to Anathema, making Avinalora spiral once more and almost dying. During this, she meets Maelyx Nocturne and sparks flew. The two began a friends with benefits relationship after a kiss and soon it escalated when Maelyx became pregnant with Lux Einar's pups. Avinalora proposed mateship and later changed her name to Avinalora Phoenix to reflect the many changes in her life. The two jackals cemented their marriage in July. Later on, Maelyx miscarries the litter but then adopted Rumpa Nightshade and Mercy Nightshade.

Later on, Avinalora goes on the diplomacy expedition, her group headed to Salsola and Krokar. In this time, she conceives her first litter with a man named Malik Crane. She returns to Anathema to find that her mate is also carrying pups as well. She gives birth to three children but one perishes after its first breath. Avinalora began delving into information gathering for Anathema and trains crows and ravens to help her. And then one of her sons, Zea Einar-Nocturne is killed by mercenaries in front of them. This pushes Avinalora to work harder to protect Anathema.

And then in Feburary, Avinalora is put on edge by the attacks on her pack-mates and fears for the worse, though nothing could prepare her for the worse outcome. The rogues set Anathema's Thackary Village on fire and Avinalora and her family escapes. Avinalora and fellow medic Innya rescue herbs from the clinic and barely make it out alive. Avinalora also gets into fights with multiple mercenaries and gets injured. After accepting the fact that she cannot fight, she tries to stay on the sidelines. And then her mate and the other witches decide to leave Anathema. Seeing as she was a burden to Anathema since she was injured and sick, she leaves to join her family in The Circle of Ravenshadow.

It was peaceful for a while before her mate and adopted daughter were kidnapped and her mate returned home blinded. And then not long after her son and daughter shifted, Maelyx and Jaketta left unexpectedly, leaving the Circle - and Avinalora - in shambles. Not long after Winter and Alvira decide to bring their mother and family to Halifax to live with her sister and family friend. Not long after, Avinalora flees to Elysium and has a child, Siamak Phoenix and connects with her half-sister Artemis Hunter and her children, Avinalora's niece and nephew.

When Siamak was weaned, Avinalora headed west and ended up in Suhra' Almanzil and integrated herself and her daughter into the culture. She became pregnant during the journey there and gave birth to her final litter with three surviving: Nemeris Phoenix, Sobek Phoenix, and Anubis Phoenix in the spring.

Avinalora was Midnight Shores's Top Poster for August 2016, September 2016, October 2016.
Avinalora was Anathema's Top Poster for December 2016, March 2017, April 2017, May 2017, and December 2017.
Avinalora was nominated for Most Needing of a Hug, Most Likely To Have A Happy, Long Life, and The Eyeore for the 2016 Yearbook. Avinalora was nominated for Strongest Character Development for the 2017 Yearbook.

Pack History

Jamieat Jakaliz

Duration: March 2018 - Present
Residence: 'Suhra Almanzil
Ranks: Eulim (2018 - Present)


The Circle of Ravenshadow

Duration: February 2018 - June 2018
Residence: The Dampwoods
Rank: Decidant


Duration: December 2016 - February 2018
Residence: Thackary Village
Ranks: Bathin, Volac, Empusa, Furcas, Zepar
Specializations: Herbarius, Venator, Praceceptor, Communis

Midnight Shores

Duration: July 2016 - December 2016
Residence: Charlottetown
Ranks: Cygnus, Spica, Pollux
Co-Ranks: None

Anathema's Arachnids

Hesperus: Committed a total of three major crimes and got away with all three!
Mactans: Imbibed large amounts of painkillers
Variolus: Extorted a valuable 'item' from a canine by threatening to expose criminal acts or discreditable information, and offering a bribe.
Antheratus: Caught comitting a crime that was against pack rules, and submitted to punishment
Apicalus: Became a part of an official polygamous relationship.
Artonis: Contributed to Anathema's pack stores!
Colphepeira: Received five (5) or more serious injuries in the defense of the pack.
Enacrosoma: Teach another pack member a new skill or trade!
Melychiopharis: Completed 2 threads where your character either befriends, trades with, or generally shows a foreign pack member good will and helps form a friendship between both Anathema and the pack.
Sedasta: Defended Anathema's territory, whether from trespassers or lost predators.
Artoria: Complete the threads to claim a Co-Rank/Specialization in Anathema!
Lycosella: Reach the top of your rank tier.
Notocosa: Acquire a mate and have the leaders throw a Mateship Ceremony for you!
Evippinae: Attended five (5) pack meetings or pack events.
Stygnidae: Pack-wide Plot'
Cyphophthalmi: Your character has been an Anathema pack member for 6 consecutive months.
Stylocelloidea: Your character has been an Anathema pack member for 1 consecutive year.
Pettalidae: Your character has been an Anathema pack member for 2 consecutive years.
Troglosironidae: Your character has been an Anathema pack member for 3 consecutive years.
Eotrogulidae: Council Rank



  • Speech: Avinalora's tone can either be quite formal in certain situations and sarcastic in others. She often has a sharp or icy tone when dealing with certain people or when mad. Her voice ref would be something close to Paget Brewster as Emily Prentiss from Criminal Minds.
  • Scent: Herbs, Anathema, Jackal, Foxes
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Her tail lashes or sways depending on her mood. She is very expressive with her ears at tail. Has a tendency to cross her arms.
  • General Posture and Body Language: She has a somewhat dominant body language when dealing with most people.


  • Three scars running down the left side of her face over an empty eye socket. From Nyx [M] 1
  • Four puncture marks on her left shoulder. [M] 2
  • Three small scars on the Achilles tendon of her left leg 2
  • Four scars on the outside of her right forearm. [M] 4
  • A crescent-shaped scar on her right shoulder. [M] 5
  • A scratch on her chest
  • A slice on her hip

Notable Accessories:



Color Palette


Alabaster (#F9F9F9)
Pumice (#B4B5B4)
White (#FFFFFF)

Optime Hair

Heavy Metal (#191B1A)


Goblin (#30712D)

Left (Missing)

Forest Green (#226C22)

Nose, Paw Pads, Scars

Tuatara (#20201E)
Clam Shell (#D4B6AF)

Physical Appearance

  • Species: Avinalora looks purely jackal with the exception of her coloring which is a throwback to her wolf blood.
  • Fur: She has painfully short fur from her jackal heritage and can often be seen wearing clothing.
    • Optime Hair: Her hair is straight and shoulder-length.
  • Facial Features: She has large ears from her jackal breeding and a narrow face with a non-tapering muzzle.
  • Build and Size: In all forms, Avinalora is very skinny and long-legged due to her jackal blood. She is very scrawny and delicate-looking. In all forms, she possesses a rather large fox-like tail that seems a bit big for her.
  • Lupus: Avinalora looks like a long-legged fox with big ears. She looks purely jackal in this form except for her long tail. She uses this form when needing to hunt small prey or to gather herbs in the warmer months. She tends not to shift into this form during the colder months. She's faster in this form with the advantage of quadrapedal (well, in her case tripedal) movement.

10 lbs (4.53 kg)
12 in (30.48 cm)

  • Secui: Avinalora is about as tall as a small wolf but most of her height comes from her rather long legs. She looks very skinny in this form and doesn't have the muscle mass that most Secui have. She has a black mane in this form and looks like a maned wolf. She uses this form when she needs to travel, hunt, or for defense. This is her secondary preferred form, used almost as often as her Optime form. She has been able to shift her paws to have thumbs after a lot of practice.

54 lbs (24.49 kg)
33 in (83.82 cm)

  • Optime: Avinalora is rather skinny with no curves; she has a relatively small chest and narrow hips. She has a rectangular body shape and looks quite fragile though she has gained some muscle. Her bust is also small. Her hair is black and goes to her shoulders and is normally tied into a ponytail. She has a humanized posture and walks with her weight on her feet. She is always clothed in this form due to her short fur and upbringing. This is her preferred form due to her humanization and job, although with her lame leg, she's slower and less able to defend herself; she can't really run or move quickly without pain. She uses this form when she's working, within pack lands, or when she's surrounded by other Optime-formed Luperci.

105 lbs (40.82 kg)
4 ft 8 in (56 in) (142.24 cm)



Avinalora's greatest asset is her intelligence. She often has to think her way out of things because of her disabilities preventing her from running or fighting. She uses her logic and strategic thinking to make decisions and find the best option. She is good at thinking on her feet, being a medic and all. She is also quite observant and analyzes situations. She is quite rational and she thinks before she acts, most of the time. She is quite clever and cunning when she needs to be. She has She also has a very good memory due to her lack of sight that makes it hard for her to read. She seeks knowledge in every interaction and is a fast learner and can adapt well to situations.

Avinalora is also quite sarcastic and serious with of hint of cynical. She can be a Dr. Jerk to some people more often or not. She is prone to nicknaming people either for fun or just because she doesn't like them. She makes snarky and snide remarks and seems to down-play certain things. She can be blunt when she wants to be and sometimes abrasive, especially with trouble patients. She is a no-nonsense healer and can be brutally honest when she needs to be. She can be sardonic in certain situations. She uses these traits to get her patients to listen to her, or simply use her words instead of actions. Just don't annoy her or make her mad and you're fine. As of March 30th, this is her default personality.

Avinalora also has quite the temper and a foul mouth. She is quickly irritated by people, especially people that she doesn't like. She can be a jerk at time when she is angered. She doesn't normally attack others in anger, though she will swear and curse when she's mad. When she is mad or irritated, her words have a biting tone and her hackles rise and her tail lashes. She is quite the spitfire

Despite this, she can be kind and loyal when she needs to be. She can also be brave. To those she emphasizes with, she is gentle and somewhat motherly. She will help anyone in need of medical attention, or simply if they need help. She tries not to let bias or prior experiences stop her from treating her patients. She doesn't like seeing people in trouble and not being able to help them. She is also quite loyal to her pack and will not hide her affiliation under in circumstances. She will not betray anyone's secrets and firmly upholds the Hippocratic oath.

She is quite determined and independent which leads to stubbornness. She will not give up unless she has exhausted every option she has. She is relentless in pursuit of her goals. She is confidant in her senses to keep her out of harm's way, but she knows her limits. That doesn't stop her from traveling outside the territory or help her pack. Avinalora can be stubborn when needed. She will not be moved by any force that she doesn't agree with. She prefers to roam and she doesn't like being confined.



  • Outlook: Realist, with some pessimistic views
  • Sociability: She can be an ambivert at times, but can be an introvert
  • Expression: Somewhat dominant, but is respectful of higher-ranking individuals.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good.
    • "Will give her life in defense of her community"
    • "Places value on life and the welfare of each individual "
    • " She will help those in need and she prefers to work alone"
  • Personality Type: Defender (ISFJ-T) and Executive (ESTJ)


  • Anathema: Avinalora strives to protect Anathema and serve her pack well. She defends her pack's reputation and that is what drives her interactions with outsiders, making sure Anathema gets represented well. She is loyal to her pack and will defend her pack's reputation.
  • Family: Avinalora's family, not just her blood-related family but Anathema as a whole is very important to her. She will put their well-being above her own and strives to serve them well as their Bathin.
  • Helping Others:


  • Water: Avinalora can't swim and therefore logically fears water,
  • Faliure: Self-explanatory
  • Losing her pack: Having lost Midnight Shores, she fears she will lose her new home
  • Losing those close to her: She has lost many people and doesn't want to lose any more


  • Likes: Healing, herbs, reading, jackals,
  • Dislikes: Irrational behavior, Arrogant people, Narcissists, Being insulted


  • Packs: Avinalora isn't the biggest fan of Casa di Cavalieri since she believes they were responsible for the downfall of Midnight Shores. Also, her pups were taken from her by a Cavalier so a lot of a grudge. She also has a dislike of Cour des Miracles since a member attacked her, but since another member rescued her, she may be a bit friendlier. She is vaguely neutral around other packs, though has had her share of troubles with many. She is partial to former Midnighters. Anathema is her home and she is loyal to her pack.
  • Species: Ever since the attacks she suffered, Avinalora is wary around wolves that are not known to her. She is more partial to jackal hybrids since they are quite rare. Coyotes, dogs, and hybrids are neutral to her.
  • Non-Luperci: She is knowledgeable about infection vectors and takes care not to infect one without their consent.
  • Gender: Avinalora doesn't exactly have a gender bias, but she doesn't trust male strangers as easily as she would trust a female stranger.
  • Job: Avinalora respects healers.


Avinalora is bisexual with a preference for females. She prefers jackals and jackal hybrids as partners. She is somewhat demiromantic and maybe a bit demisexual. She doesn't have a very strong heat or libido. She is monogamous, except for reproduction.


Avinaora was formerly an atheist but after the disbandment of Midnight Shores, she becomes a bit unhinged. She believes that there are three gods. Fate is the god of warriors, Kismet is the god of hunters, and Moirai is the god of healers. She believes that these three gods control the destiny of the people they watch over. She also believes in a heaven and hell and karma.


Avinalora is no stranger to painkillers and used them heavily after having her eye torn out. She does drink sometimes, though she often waters down the alchohol or drinks it in small quantities so she remains alert and without a hangover. She doesn't use any other substances. She disaproves of alchoholics and is often reluctant to treat hangovers. She really doesn't approve of drugs in general, especially addicts may get a colder treatment from her.


  • Medical
  • Education and Learning: Avinalora was raised by a traveling healer whom passed her craft onto her adopted daughter. Avinalora mostly took to herbalism more than the other healing arts. She practices with rodents that she catches and uses to test out poisons and balms. She also learns from books and from other healers.
  • Herbalism (Master): Avinalora is skilled in identifying herbs and can often identify them from smell alone. She is quite knowledgeable about the uses of herbs and knows how to combine herbs to make them more effective. She has extensive knowledge on how to prepare them and has some ability to dry and make them into powder.
  • Injury Treatment (Skilled): Avinalora knows how to treat, sterilize, and bandage wounds. She is knowledgeable about wound healing and long-term care. Her knowledge is extensive and can treat most injuries with confidence. She has a lot of experience, especially from her own injuries and can field-dress and crudely stitch.
  • Diagnosing and Treating Sickness (Competent): Avinalora knows how to recognize the symptoms of common sicknesses and how to treat them. She can identify symptoms and figure out mixtures to treat each one.
  • Poisons (Dabbler): Avinalora knows about poisonous herbs and is interested in learning more about mixing them together to create more poisons.
  • Knowledge and Experience: Avinalora is still learning. She is well-versed in certain arts but lacks ability in others. Some things she has seen but never practiced. She can mimic certain healing techniques, but she may not know how to do it exactly. And some of her knowledge is limited to verbal descriptions and books.
  • Sewing Wounds: Her eyesight makes it hard for her to sew wounds. She can crudely stitch, but only small cuts. She can crudely stitch but prefers more experienced hands to help her.
  • Bone injuries: Resetting dislocated bones is quite difficult due to her lack of strength. She also doesn't have that much experience in it. She isn't particularly experienced with broken bones either but could treat them if needed.
  • Burns: She is less experienced with burns than wounds. She can treat minor scalding but anything else is out of her knowledge other than basic herbs used to treat them and such.
  • Crazies: Avinalora isn't very good at dealing with crazy people. At all


  • Education and Learning: Most of these skills were self-taught. She was taught by Nyx Greyfire to fight and relies on her own logic and sometimes instincts in other areas.
  • Hyperconscious (Master): Avinalora's remaining senses, especially her sense of hearing is very keen. Her strong senses comes from her vulnerability. It would be quite hard for someone to sneak up on her.
  • Tracking (Skilled): Avinalora has a good sense of smell which makes it easy for her to track scents.
  • Stealth (Competent): Avinaora's stealth skills is mostly used to hide from perceived dangers. It is strongest in her Lupus because she can easily find hiding places. She is also good at moving through thick undergrowth because of her petite and skinny build.
  • Hunting (Competent): Avinalora can hunt small prey like mice with only minor difficulty. Anything bigger than that requires help. She can flush prey and chase them towards someone or ambush.
  • Secui Combat (Apprentice): She can basically dodge out of the way, scratch and bite her attacker, and throw herself at her attacker. Much of her style also comes from watching cat fights.
  • Aikido (Dabbler): Avinalora has learned techniques from Toboe. She can shoulder-roll and knows how to weasel out of a grasp. She probably won't ever use it because of her handicaps, but she finds it good to know.
  • Traps: Silent and smell-less. She wouldn't be able to detect it and would be caught it traps quite easily.
  • Holes and Roots: If she can't see them, then she will trip over them or fall into them. Also goes for small trees.
  • Water: Avinalora can't swim nor is her body suited towards it.
  • Sight: She is nearly blind which makes it a bit harder for her to fight
  • Size and Strength: She doesn't have much in size or strength which makes it quite hard for her to defeat anyone, really.
  • Coat:She has a thin coat which requires her to wear clothes. Her fur color also makes her stand out in forests. Without much fur for protection, she gets wounded easily.
  • Left Side: She is vulnerable on her left side because of her eye and lame left leg.


  • Education and Learning: Avinalora was taught to read and write as a young girl. Her mother also tried to teach her to sew as a start for sutures. She picked up low-speech and animal handling from handling her own animals.
  • Reading (Skilled): Avinalora can read very well. She sometimes uses big words and will often seek out books to read. She likes to read novels but she will also look for informative books, especially about medicine.
  • Writing (Skilled): Avinalora can write pretty well. But, it is a bit messy and has grown more messy since she lost her eye. Reference.
  • Sewing (Dabbler): Avinalora can repair small rips in clothing. She doesn't do it often because of her eyesight and that she hates poking her fingers with a needle.
  • Persuasion (Journeyman): Avinalora is good at persuading others, especially in arguments or votes. She puts forward logical reasons and quite often, she wins an argument
  • Low-Speech (Journeyman): Avinalora has learned Low-Speech to communicate with her companions. She is fluent in Owl, Corvid, and Cat Low-Speech.
  • Animal Handling (Journeyman): Avinalora is quite proficient at handling animals, particularly birds. She can handle some animals such as horses, birds, and most small furred creatures
  • Temper: Avinalora has a temper and is very fiery.
  • Guilt Complex:
  • Doubt:
  • Trust: Avinalora finds it harder to trust people now.
  • Impulsivness: In the rare moments that Avinalora is impulsive, it could end badly.
  • Astigmatism: Her astigmatism makes it hard for her to read for long. And her vision causes her to have to squint
  • Spelling: She spells based on sound which leads to misspellings of names.

Familial Relationships

Italics indicates an unknown relationship; they may be offboard or the relation is merely uncertain.
* indicates character does not know this person by name.

  • Alvira Phoenix is her firstborn and it broke her heart to have to leave her daughter behind. She remembers her daughter every day and wishes that she could return to see her. Avinalora saw parts of herself and her lost mate in her daughter and it both hurts and warms her heart.
  • Winter Phoenix' is her second born and first son and she saw much potential in him. It broke her heart to have to leave her son but hopes that he is taking care of his sister.
  • Siamak Phoenix is her daughter and she loves her child dearly. She hopes that the girl walks a different path and is proud of her for staying true even within the Jamieat.
  • Nemeris Phoenix is the firstborn of her fourth litter and Avinalora saw some of herself in her, though worries as Nemeris does seem to have a dark side that Avinalora once had. Nemeris's affinity for the magick arts like her former beloved makes the woman worry as well as the influence the Jamieat has upon her.
  • Anubis Phoenix is her third son and he has taken to the medical arts which she guides him in. His belief that he is the god of death and his apathy doesn't sit well with her at times and she hopes that she can steer him away from that.
  • Sobek Phoenix is her second son and he is the one she worries the most about due to his affinity towards violence.

Former Relations


  • Maelyx Nocturne: Maelyx was the love of Avinalora's life. She trusts the woman and is quite protective of her. Their relationship went from friends, to friends with benefits, to mates following the news of Maelyx's pregnancy. Avinalora came with her mate to The Circle of Ravenshadow and supported her beloved during her blindness. Maelyx's sudden departure broke Avinalora.


  • Nyx Greyfire: Avinalora's friend in Anathema. Avinalora feels a kinship with the white woman and she respects her greatly. The woman taught her how to fight, and was one of the people that drew Avinalora to Anathema. Even though Nyx scratched her eye out, Avinalora doesn't hold this against her. She still views Nyx as a friend.
  • Skana Creo: Avinalora's former packmate and friend. Skana saved her life once. But, stuff happened
  • Jace Wolfe:
  • : She finds common ground with the scout. She also acted in protection of him in a massive misunderstanding.
  • Athena Graves: The were former packmates and Avinalora considers the woman a friend. She respects the woman's skills.


  • Lux Einar: He used to be her friend and then he became violent towards members which soured her opinion of him. And then he knocked up her mate...twice.
  • Elva Kai: Avinalora still holds a grudge against the girl for many things.
  • Raine Nighshade?: Took her babies away :(
  • Skoll Haskel: He did attack her before and is a dick in general.
  • Helki: The woman is weird.
  • Addler: The guy attacked her, but he traded with her. Still not a friend.
  • Discordant: Rude and disprespectful. He also treats his fox friend rudely.
  • Charletter Ebony-Leishman?: She is crazy and her generally unpleasent demeanor rubs Avinalora the wrong way. She wouldn't trust her as far as she can throw her. She was also rude to her mate.

Minor Relations

Past Relations:

Home & Inventory


Books: (All are paperback except for the medical journal)

  • Adree's medical journal (Good condition)
  • Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH (Tattered pages and a few are missing)
  • My Side of the Mountain (Fairly worn with pages missing)
  • Sherlock Holmes: The Hound of the Baskervilles (Well-kept and cared for but there are tears and signs of age)
  • The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Well kept but has rips and tears and signs of age)

Medical Equipment:

  • Always has tree-based medicines year-round supply
  • Herb poultices in jars
  • Dried Herbs
  • Bandages


  • Small knife

Animal NPCs


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The Circle of Ravenshadow

Duration: February 2018 - June 2018
  • Decidant (February 2018 - June 2018)


Duration: December 2016 - February 2018
  • Bathin (July 2017 - February 2018)''
  • Empusa (May 2017 - July 2017)''
  • Volac (March 2017 - May 2017)''
  • Furcas: (Feburary 2017 - March 2017)''
  • Zepar: (December 2016 - January 2017)''
  • Herbarius (Herbalist)
  • Venator (Hunter)
  • Praeceptor (Teacher)
  • Comminus (Feral Fighter)

Midnight Shores

Duration: (15 July 2016 – 15 Dec 2016)
  • Cygnus: (October 2016 - December 2016)''
  • Spica: (September 2016 - May 2016)''
  • Pollux: (July 2016 - August 2016)''
  • None

Avinalora's parents came from an all-jackal pack, Jamieat Jakaliz that was based in California and were Luperci. The jackals had immigrated from their native homelands to settle. They inhabited a small town and their numbers were substantial. The Jamieat Jakaliz were fiercely protective of their bloodlines and it was taboo to mate with non-jackals.

Avinalora's parents, a pair of jackal hybrids named Sasirante and Alimro dispersed from the pack in an Suhra' Almanzil. Along their journey, Alimro became pregnant. Outside stress caused Alimro to give birth early. Only one of the pups survived, Avinalora. Alimro and Sasirante was stricken with grief and the pup's appearance -- she was born weak and her strange coloring scared her parents since they believed that they were pure jackals -- made them believe she was cursed and abandoned her outside of a healer's den. Then, the mates split up and Sasirante went back to Jamieat Jakaliz and Alimro went on to have three other children.

Adri, a coyote-dog healer took in Avinalora and raised her. Soon it became apparent that her premature birth had caused several defects. Adri taught Avinalora about healing and made sure that the pup learned to work past her flaws. Adri lived in an old human house where she healed anyone that came her way. She also taught Avinalora how to forage for food and to survive.

Avinalora was later found to have a leg defect that worsened after an injury and was blind in her left eye and was near-sighted in her right. Despite this, Adree worked to raise her daughter to work past her flaws and contribute as a healer in a small village.

All was well until Adri died of pneumonia. Unable to handle the grief, Avinalora fled her village. A few weeks later, she finds a jackal hybrid named Jarix stuck in a trap. She frees him and treats the injury he received and saved him from infection. Hearing of 'Souls, the pair decided to go there, picking up animals and supplies as they went. They came to 'Souls with a cat, two birds, and a horse. After a stint as loners in Nova Scotia, the pair joined Midnight Shores.

In Midnight Shores, Avinalora worked her way up the ranks, reaching the rank of Cygnus before the pack disbanded. She met her long-lost half-sister, Adrian Raven-Shadowryn in September and the two have stayed together. She also adopted three fox kits as her wards in August after finding two grey foxes held in cages by a trader and finding a silver fox maimed after a cougar killed his mother. In October, Jarix and Adrian's friend, Cobalt leave Nova Scotia to go on a trip, taking their horse, Jasper with them.

When Midnight Shores disbanded in December, Avinalora had a bout of depression, blaming herself for the disbandment and blaming her newly-created gods. She and her sister were once again loners for a bit before joining Anathema. They moved into a house in Thackary village. Avinalora began roaming outside the territory and was attacked several times by loners and was rescued by some good Samaritans. She began using Secui as a main form a transport while outside the territory. She was starting to get better.

In late Feburary, she comes across a man named Stormblade. Around this time, Adrian moves into a the Howling Caverns and one of Avinalora's fox kits, Garrett Ash decides to strike out on his own in Anatheman territory. Avinalora begins working in the newly constructed clinics in Anathema and works her way up the healing tier. She also starts leaving the territory more often to hunt for healing trees and becomes less afraid of being attacked again.

In late March, Avinalora was injured while attempting to treat Nyx Greyfire whom was having a breakdown. The woman struck without thinking and scratched Avinalora's left eye out, leaving her horribly scarred. While she was healing, she began taking painkillers regularly. She became more cautious and more snarky.

Avinalora found a a sick loner and her cat. She brought them to Anathema to be healed. Not long after the woman left her care, a great sickness came to Anathema. Many people died and Avinalora once again spiraled because of guilt. She pushed herself to her very limits, not caring if she died. And she almost did.

During the sickness, Avinalora brings a jackal witch named Maelyx Nocturne to Anathema. The two women became quick friends. And then sparks flew. They later became mates and then were surrogate parents to Rumpa Nightshade and Mercy Nightshade before the pups returned to their father's care. In September after a Diplomacy trip, both women found themselves pregnant and Avinalora and Maelyx gave birth to three children each. Alvira Phoenix, Winter Phoenix, and Ghost Phoenix? were born in Avinalora's old home a week after Maelyx gave birth to Jaketta Einar-Nocturne, Elias Einar-Nocturne, and Zea Einar-Nocturne. Sadly, Ghost died after taking her first breath and then a month later, Zea was killed by mercenaries.

Times were happy for a couple of months until Anathema was attacked by mercenaries hired by Kentaro Lykoi, whom burned the Thackary Village to the ground before laying siege on Anathema. Near the end, Avinalora fled with her mate, children, and other spiritualists to form The Circle of Ravenshadow which settled near Moonstone Lakes.

In the summer, Maelyx and Jaketta are kidnapped and while Jaketta returned only days after, Maelyx was held for longer and returned without her sight. A month or so after, Maelyx leaves, taking Jaketta with her. This was the straw that broke the camel's back and Avinalora broke. Her children took her to Halifax to stay with her half-sister and friend, but Avinalora couldn't stay in the place that had brought her so much grief. She left only weeks after with solemn goodbyes.

She bartered passage upon a boat and found herself in a place known as Elysium where she meets her half-sister, Artemis Hunter and her niece and nephew, Artemia Hunter and Sephiroth Hunter. She had concieved on the trip and gave birth to Siamak Phoenix in August.

In February, Avinalora meets one of the members of the Jamieat Jakaliz named Yamina, whom recognized Avinalora's traits as belonging to Alimro, Avinalora's mother. Further intrigued by Yamina's description of the place her parents hailed from, Avinalora returns with the caravan to Suhra' Almanzil with her daughter. The Rayiys declares that she is of Alimro and therefore of the Jamieat and she is welcomed with open arms. Avinalora secured her spot as a Eulim and works well even adapting to the culture, though disapproving of the act of slavery.

In the spring, Avinalora conceives and later delivers what would be her final litter, Nemeris Phoenix, Anubis Phoenix, and Sobek Phoenix.

Post Log & Archives


July 2016


  1. The Healer
    With Skoll, Jarix. Avinalora and Jarix get into a verbal argument with a rude man!
  2. Out in the forest, we'll sing a chorus
    With Addler, Avinalora gets into a confrontation with an unknown male.
  3. A New Start
    With Esmeralda Collins, Jarix, Avinalora and Jarix join Midnight Shores
  4. A Walk Through The Woods
    With Felix Nightlark, crazy stuff happens!
  5. Thread Learning an Art
    With Toboe. Adrestia learns some martial arts

August 2016


November 2016


December 2016

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January 2017


  1. {M} In with the freaks
    With Helki, Lux Einar, [[Adrian(Raven-Shadowryn, crazy stuff happens!
  2. Thinking about what could've been
    With Athena Graves & Rocky, crazy stuff happens!
  3. born in the u s a
    With Brandy Blackrust, crazy stuff happens!
  4. {M} Run for your life, little fox
    With Safire Hotep, crazy stuff happens!
  5. Wake me up inside, I can't wake up
    With Indi Knight, crazy stuff happens!
  6. The boy on the blue moon dreams of sun
    With Muses, crazy stuff happens!
  7. When both our cars collide
    With Skoll Haskel, crazy stuff happens!
  8. {M} Race to the finish
    With Anathema, crazy stuff happens!
  9. Mother's song
    With Characters, crazy stuff happens!

February 2017


  1. Clinic in the caverns
    With Characters, crazy stuff happens!
  2. A clinic built from scratch
    With Characters, crazy stuff happens!
  3. Anyway the wind blows
    With Characters, crazy stuff happens!
  4. Are you an angel?
    With Characters, crazy stuff happens!
  5. With fine winding tendrils that strangle the heart
    With Characters, crazy stuff happens!

March 2017

  • An extra crazy thing happened this month!


April 2017


  1. Lean on me
    With Lelouch Amarok, crazy stuff happens!
  2. '{M} Do you got room for one more troubled soul? (March 10th)
    With Elva Kai, crazy stuff happens!
  3. Sick as a dog
    With Elva Kai, crazy stuff happens!
  4. {M} The anesthetic never set in and I'm wondering where I am
    With Lux Einar, crazy stuff happens!
  5. Learning Curve
    With Discordant & Nyx Greyfire, crazy stuff happens!
  6. {M} You look so precious
    With Kassius Grim, crazy stuff happens!
  7. Bumps and Bruises
    With Evangeline Lykoi, crazy stuff happens!
  8. {M} Regular decorated emergency
    With Maelyx Nocturne, crazy stuff happens!
  9. Into a psychedelic silhouette
    With Maelyx Nocturne & Lelouch Amarok, crazy stuff happens!
  10. {M} Hungry mouths and sharpened teeth
    With Maelyx Nocturne, crazy stuff happens!
  11. Spring's sweet kiss
    With Characters, crazy stuff happens!
  12. {M} I feel stupid and contagious
    With Skana Creo, crazy stuff happens!

May 2017


  1. {M} Oh Death, won't you spare me over 'til another year (May 8th)
    With Characters, crazy stuff happens!
  2. Sing me a song, piano man (May 10th)
    With Characters, crazy stuff happens!
  3. {M} I'm gonna show my scars (May 13th)
    With Nyx Greyfire, crazy stuff happens!
  4. Lower your standards, it's never getting better than this
    With Vesper, crazy stuff happens!
  5. Soaring like a bird
    With Yennefer de Valk, crazy stuff happens!
  6. As quick as a mouse
    With Characters, crazy stuff happens!
  7. {M} Love like winter
    With Maelyx Nocturne, crazy stuff happens!
  8. Just listen and learn
    With Myra Garcia, crazy stuff happens!
  9. {M} And a Few More of Your Least Favorite Things (May 25th)
    With Nyx Greyfire & Lukos Greyfire, crazy stuff happens!
  10. I won't apologize for being different!
    With Valdis? & Rozenn, crazy stuff happens!

June 2017


  1. With a bit of poise and rationality
    With Adrian Raven-Shadowryn, crazy stuff happens!
  2. Baby you were my picket fence
    With Auspicium, crazy stuff happens!
  3. Walking on the line between what's wrong and my mind
    With Character?, crazy stuff happens!
  4. Pillow talk
    With Maelyx Nocturne, crazy stuff happens!
  5. {M} Ready aim fire
    With Travis Baron? & Wrath Lykoi, crazy stuff happens!
  6. {M} Love's ugly, smooth, and delicate
    With Maelyx Nocturne & Lux Einar, crazy stuff happens!
  7. And I'll raise you like a phoenix (June 15th)
    With Character?, crazy stuff happens!
  8. {M} One night, yeah, and one more time
    With Character?, crazy stuff happens!
  9. Summers glory
    With Anathema, Avinalora and Maelyx's mateship

August 2017


  1. Approaching the border
    With Vincere & Lukos Greyfire, crazy stuff happens!
  2. Light up the effigy
    With Anathema, crazy stuff happens!
  3. {M} An exchange (August 8th)
    With Elva Kai & Maelyx Nocturne, crazy stuff happens!
  4. It's our era, our time is now
    With Anathema, crazy stuff happens!
  5. It's not rocket science, it's brain surgery!
    With Greed Lykoi, crazy stuff happens!
  6. Hippo-what Now?
    With Besekel Greyfire, crazy stuff happens!
  7. Go back whence you came (August 20th)
    With Lux Einar, crazy stuff happens!

September 2017


  1. {M} Gods and Goddesses of fertility and fruition
    With Maelyx Nocturne, crazy stuff happens!
  2. I've still got a lot of fight left in me
    With Characters, crazy stuff happens!
  3. {M} Put on your war paint
    With Virue, crazy stuff happens!
  4. A moment of balance (September 21st)
    With Anathema, crazy stuff happens!
  5. {M} We've all got battle scars… but yours are worse
    With Lust Lykoi, crazy stuff happens!
  6. Hey Mr. Motion, make me a potion
    With Narcisse Perrin du Lac, crazy stuff happens!
  7. Journey to another land
    With Anathema, crazy stuff happens!
  8. You who called me brother (September 30th)
    SL visit
  9. {M} You don't know me and that's how I want it to be (September 30th)
    Avinalora conceives her litter

October 2017


  1. Our history is not our destiny. (October 15th)
    With Maelyx Nocturne, crazy stuff happens!
  2. Grab a Glass Because There's Going to be a Flood
    With Lux Einar, crazy stuff happens!
  3. I've come a long way, from where I began (October 18th)
    With Jace Wolfe, crazy stuff happens!
  4. {M} So you say I'm complicated, that I must be outta my mind
    With Fenris, crazy stuff happens!
  5. Fire burns us all
    With Marceline Sawtooth, crazy stuff happens!
  6. Anyway the wind blows
    With Nier Felbreach, crazy stuff happens!

November 2017


  1. We are all connected (November 20th)
    With Maelyx Nocturne, Puppies are born.
  2. {M} The phoenix rises from the ashes in the dawn's light (November 28th)
    Avinalora's puppies are born!
  3. You'll never know the freakshow sitting next to you
    With Serana Leishman, crazy stuff happens!

December 2017

  • Your character got promoted, congrats!



February 2018


  1. World on fire (February 3rd)
    With Anathema, crazy stuff happens!
  2. {M} We don't need no camouflage, just the battle cry (February 3rd)
    With Mystery & Auspicium, crazy stuff happens!
  3. {M} Get your killer heels or lace up your boots
    With Character?, crazy stuff happens!
  4. It's not worth facing 'em when your whole world is black
    With Character?, crazy stuff happens!
  5. The Witches' Choice (February 17th)
    With Maelyx Nocturne, River Grim, Malefica Ved'maova, Lux Einar, crazy stuff happens!
  6. Take these broken wings and learn to fly.
    With Maelyx Nocturne, crazy stuff happens!

May 2018


June 2018



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Caught comitting a crime that was against pack rules, and submitted to punishment. 1?
Apicalus: Polygamy
Became a part of an official polygamous relationship.

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Artonis: Contributor
Contributed to Anathema's pack stores! Proof!?
Colphepeira: Savior
Received five (5) or more serious injuries in the defense of the pack. Proof!?
Enacrosoma: Educator
Taught Lelouch Amarok about healing 1
Melychiopharis: Alliance Builder
Completed 2 threads where your character either befriends, trades with, or generally shows a foreign pack member good will and helps form a friendship between both Anathema and the pack. 1? 2?
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Lycosella: Master
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Attended five (5) pack meetings or pack events.

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Participated in the AT diplomacy. Proof!

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Cyphophthalmi: 6 Months
CHARACTER has been an Anatheman for 6 months. [December 2016 to June 2017]
Stylocelloidea: 1 Year
CHARACTER has been an Anatheman for 1 year. [December 2016 – December 2017]
Pettalidae: 2 Years
CHARACTER has been an Anatheman for 2 years. [DD Month YYYY–DD Month YYYY]
Troglosironidae: 3 Years
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Avinalora held a Council Rank. [June 2017 –Feburary 12th 2018]

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