Aurèle Aston

by Mel

Aurèle Aston was a member of the Aston family, member of Lac Sakami, and former member of AniWaya.

Aurèle Aston and her her siblings were born and raised in Québec to a pair of loving parents. The family was generally happy, and so too was Aurèle. Sometime during her adolescence, for unknown reasons, Aurèle's personality changed for the worst. She began bullying on her siblings, specifically targeting Tayui and Barthélémy, though she only showed physical violence towards Bart. There was no explanation for this sudden shift in behavior, and when confronted about it Aurèle turned viciously defensive and often stormed off.

After a fire ripped apart their pack, Aurèle (like many from the area) left her charred homeland behind. She spent the next four years wandering and taking up with strangers, traveling throughout northern Canada but never settling down. Her journeys would eventually bring her to Nova Scotia, where after several weeks a shocked Aurèle found her sister Tayui. Equally shocked by her sister's pregnancy, Aurèle soon joined the tribe her sister had taken up with to assist with the upcoming litter.

Haunted by demons she would never explain, Aurèle's risk-taking behaviors would place her in many questionable and dangerous situations. Through one of these trysts, Aurèle herself became pregnant. She departed AniWaya not long after the birth of her sons, Anatole and Athanase-Sade, raising them alone in the wilderness. Only one is known to have survived to adulthood.

Though her son would journey to AniWaya when he was of age, Aurèle remained transient. She would eventually reunite with Anatole, and the pair would travel to Lac Sakami to finally settle. Aurèle lived the remainder of her life there, dying peacefully in her sleep at the age of thirteen.







  • Date of Birth: 3 June 2003
  • Date of Death: 23 August 2016
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: Wapanoutauw
  • Mate: --
  • Pack: Lac Sakami, Québec
  • Rank: Culture-Keeper
  • Pronunciation: O-REHL
  • Etymology:
    • Aurèle: golden, gilded
    • Aston: east town; ash tree settlement
  • A pied crow, the form her spirit guide appeared in, journeyed with Aurèle long after she left AniWaya. Few people ever heard the bird speak. It disappeared when Aurèle passed on.




  • Species: Undoubtedly an Arctic Wolf, showing no signs of hybridization.
  • Fur: Largely white with faint tawny gold accents throughout.
    • Optime Hair: Worn long.
  • Facial Features: Small ears, short muzzle.
  • Build and Size: Larger than average for her species.
  • Scars:
    • Neck: Three parallel scars, the Korean symbol for 'heaven', caused by Corvus Vendetta.



 White (#FFFFFF)
 Desert Storm (#F8F8F7)
 Hampton (#E5D8AF)
 Rob Roy (#EAC674)


 Atlantis (#97CD2D)

Nose, Skin, Paw Pads

 Black (#000000)


 Dusty Gray (#A8989B)


Family: Aston

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