Asariel, base by Kiri
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Date of Birth21 May, 2007
Age> 2 years
Birth placeCalifornia, US
'Souls Profile

Previous Pack

Phoenix Valley

Joining dateFeb 27 2009
Previous RanksGenus, Tenens, Tueris, Fuerre

Asariel was a previous member of Phoenix Valley.

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1.  History

There's not much to Asariel's history. She was born somewhere in California into a very small pack of only 23 members. Most of them were family, but there were a few who had once been stragglers that had joined. She stayed there with her family until she was around a year and a half, and that was when a disease whipped through her pack like locusts. Her mother, being near death and wanting to save her last two remaining offspring, begged Asariel to take her youngest sister - Taela - and flee. Sayna told Asariel of a place down in Canada; it was here that was the young woman's destination.

However, during her travels, Asariel had noticed that Taela's condition was deteriorating. It was only four days later that she awoke to find her sister dead. Grief stricken, she carried on towards Nova Scotia, knowing that she had to find a new life for herself. She stumbled across Phoenix Valley, on February 25th, where she's met quite a few interesting characters.

2.  Personality

Asariel is naturally extroverted and outgoing, always bouncing around here and there. Though, as stated earlier, since she's become part of Phoenix Valley's ranks. She now prefers to sit by herself and think, sort out thoughts and brood about logical questions. She's met one person here that sticks out more than any other, one that she's positive must have some kind of purpose in her life; why else would he be sticking out so much? His name is Lysander, and for some reason the poor girl can't get him out of her head. Asariel gets frustrated very easily, so she is often upset by not being able to figure this one out.

She can almost always (though there've been a few where it doesn't work) bring some ray of sunshine to a dark situation and she's mostly very positive, though she can think about the negative. It really depends on what mood she's in at the moment..

3.  Relationships


  • Mother; Sayna Knight; deceased
  • Father; Thomas Knight; unknown?


  • Sisters: Taela; Cael
  • Brothers: Mikael

4.  Appearance

Asariel, when she first joined Phoenix Valley, used to be very outgoing; however some of that has changed during the course of her stay. She's quieter now, preferring to think and observe than to take action without thinking. Her eyes are bi-colored; her left is blue, her right is emerald green. At a glance, her pelt is golden tan mixed with grays, whites, and blacks; the grays and whites are mostly on her chest, belly, and legs, though you can see flecks of gray mixed with the inky black that's mixed in perfectly with the golden hue. She has two visible scars on her body. One on her left flank and one that wraps around her right fore leg; the girl must have been quite young for she does not remember where she got these. A tribal-inspired tattoo wraps around her left foreleg as well.

Both her ears are pierced; she wears two small silver hoops (about the size of a quarter, if that) in each of these holes. Around her neck she sports an Onyx stone on a black cord. She'd been told by friends of her family that it had once belonged to her mother.

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