Aoi Itou (糸葵)

Aoi Itou is one of Alaki's many illegitimate children and unlike her sister Miwa Itou, she was primarily raised by her mother Noir, until her mother was unable to care for Aoi anymore and left the pup upon Anathema borders as she had previous done with Miwa. Aoi was then raised by her father Alaki and was a member of Anathema until her father left; taking his entire family along with him to escape the dull life of leadership. In May 2013, her father has a mental lapse and killed Aoi, leaving her bloodied body beside her younger brother Ren whilst he was asleep, pinning the crime on him.

Aoi Itou (糸葵)

by Kitty

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Date of Birth

October 10, 2011

Date of Death

May 15, 2013




Birth place

Fundy National Park


Wolf/Jackal hybrid


50% Eastern Timber Wolf
50% Abyssinian Jackal



Previous Pack

Mates None
Anathema (June 2012 - August 2012)
Dasa (Warrior)


colored by Kitty, lineart by Gen


  • Optime Hair: Eternity (#1a150b)
  • Eyes: West Coast (#644a19). .
  • Fur:
    • Her back layer is a Acadia (#120c03), running all the way from the top of her head/ears to the base of her tail.
    • Fading from the black tones, her pelt turns to a more Birch (#332e23), then Lisbon Brown (#4c4026)
    • Throughout the browns, patches, streaks and splashes of Fuscous Gray (#4D4A45) can be seen.
    • Lighter Zorba (#9b978d) on underside.

Taking after her father in appearance, Aoi is largely built in all of her forms, predominantly looking like a pure timber wolf. Her pelt is dense and soft to the touch, although short all over and providing limited amount of warmth in winter even with her winter coat. Her markings are seemingly random; various tones of brown and grey splashed without much organization, black taking up the vast majority of her back like her fathers. Her underbelly pales to a grey- leaving no white markings on the girl. Whilst she carries the 'Itou' family name, Aoi is one of the few members who isn't predominantly grey, neither does she possess the common face blaze marking and blue scale eyes. Her coloration is the only thing that she really inherited from her mother and whilst it marks her as an outsider of her own family, she isn't sure whether to dislike or love her uniqueness.

Previously she kept her hair short, entering a rather tom-boy phase as she struggled to accept that she was no dainty little girl like her sister Miwa. As time progressed and she grew to love her position as a warrior and fighter, Aoi has come to love her form and began to eat properly, filling it out to healthy levels and coating it with hard cut muscles from her hard work and training. With time her once short hair has grown out, now reaching shoulder length and styled in ragged layers, typically tied up and out of the way with leather strap or something similar. Aoi's eyes are a deep chocolate brown, the most soft and gentle part of all of her and are highly expressive and intimidating, overshadowed by heavy set brow and dark markings, her eyes truly stand out and seem to glower at anyone and everyone.

Aoi has large scratch marks going down her back and are noticeable in all forms due to her thin pelt. These are from a training accident where her father lost his temper with her, attacking her in secui form to vent his anger. They are angled just so that she can't clearly see them, but she is aware that they are there and that they are visible.





56 lbs (9.97 kg)
24 in (43.18 cm)

132 lbs (44.45 kg)
38 in (66.04 cm)

174 lbs (59.42 kg)
5 ft 9 in (60 in) (152.4 cm)

Stocky built, Aoi looks more like a male canine then a female in her lupus form. Her demeanor, size and everything about her indicates towards male. Her pelt is short and stubby, sticking out in a scruffy manner in various direction and coated in 'cow licks'.

Aside from gaining more bulk there is little change in Aoi's form, aside from the slight lengthening of the fur around her neck and increased muscle along her legs. When in this form her pelt appears slightly darker, the black along her back more wide spread.

Aoi has a generally masculine and athletic build; broad shoulders and long legs take up most of her body, and she hates her body despite it being strong and thick-set. Her hair is kept tied back so that it doesn't get in her way.



  • Piercings: Upon the right side of her right ear she has 3 simple silver stud piercings, with a single silver hoop beneath them; these piercings were given to her by Alexander Collins.
  • Tattoos: None, although she may have obtained some by now!
  • Scars:
    • A large set of two claw marks scrapping down the center of her back from a training session gone wrong with her father Alaki.


  • A single necklace with 2 black beads and a white crow's feather handing from it.


  • Aoi often wears a checkered triangle scarf around her neck in all forms.


Aoi is generally shy, and quick to upset. She usually appears depressed however that's untrue, she's simply happy by herself and does things alone, a big thinker and strong opinion. For the moment she is young, and has time to grow out of her awkwardness, however she could also stay this way. Aoi only talks to those close to her, and finds herself spending time with little creatures and birds rather than her own kind, developing quite a knowing for the low speech despite her young age. Aoi is cautious, calm, very mature, and all together intelligent. She is also very concerned about her appearance, as she doesn't know how beautiful she is.

Aoi is a strict pescatarian (only meat she eats is fish). She'll also attack anybody she see's hunting anything other than fish, to protect the prey. She has a strong connection with animals of the low speech and is their self-appointed protector, constantly fighting for them. Her stern belief that they are equal to luperci will eventually enable her to become a fine and practiced warrior with age. Already she has a taste for swords, and as soon as her first shift comes, the first thing she tells herself she'll hold is a sword of her very own.



Hot-headed, Controlling, Un-trusting, Masochist

  • Outlook: Pessimistic
  • Expression: Stoic/Dominant
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil


  • Packs: Minor dislike of Anathema and Aniwaya?
  • Color: Due to witnessing her father's mental breakdown, Aoi unconditionally detests white canines


  • Atheistic: Does not believe in god(s) and finds the concept of gods a waste of time.
  • Omamori Whilst not a strong belief, she does make and carry Omamori just on the off chance they give her luck and protection.



  • Languages: Predominantly English speaking, she would have a typical Nova Scotia accent, although would be educated in Japanese language (speaking, reading and writing).
  • Low-speech: Aoi has the basics of 'crow' low-speech down and can vaguely interact with other high-intelligence birds.


  • Scent: Iron, Must, Earth, Salt (like Anathema) due to her father having lead the pack and all her family members consist of ex-Anathema members- upon leaving Souls they have continued to live in mountain and cave like areas so her scent hasn't changed much since.


Key Relations

  • Alaki: Having been mainly raised by her father, Aoi has a great amount of love and respect for him, although after one of her dad's mental lapses which resulted in her getting injured their relationship has been somewhat strained.

Family: Itou

Minor Relations

Former Relations


Born from a one night stand between Alaki and an Abyssinian Jackal named Noir Regan, Aoi is the younger of the two pups. Knowing that she was dying slowly and incapable of raising two pups on her own, Noir abandoned Aoi upon Anathema's borders when she was still young, getting taken in by her father and his mate at the time, Matteo and began raising Aoi as her only daughter; although this didn't last for long. When Noir's death became unavoidable she abandoned the young Aoi upon Anathema borders, leaving her in the care of her father as she had done with Aoi.



  • June: Born to Noir and Alaki.


  • January: Aoi was abandoned upon AT borders and taken in by her father: Any way you want it
  • January: Through the Rast ceremony, Aoi graduated pup-hood and entered the adult ranks of Anathema, opting to follow the path of a animal carer.
  • March: After a few months of being a Anzu, she still doesn't feel comfortable with her selected path and contemplates changing to that of a warrior.
  • April: Aoi decided to swap tiers and became a Dasa, throwing herself into the task of sharpening her fighting skills with katanas and hand to hand combat.
  • August: Her father Alaki decided to abandon his duties and left Anathema and his position as Angelo, taking with him his mate Alexander Collins along with all of his children; Aoi Itou, Aoi Itou, Rin Itou, Ren Itou, Ryo Itou, Tsubasa Itou and Ren Itou, along with Aphrodite Itou and his cousin's mate Akihiro Tsukino.
  • September: With their father's consent, Miwa and Ren left the family to live in Japan with Aphrodite and her mate Akihiro.
  • October: Alaki looses his temper with Aoi during a training session, attacking her and badly scaring her back.
  • December: The tension between her and her father lightens and the two begin to start training again and fixing the bridges that had broken.


  • January: Her crow companion Saigai dies; killed by an unidentified predator.
  • March: Miwa and Ren returned back to their family on their own and began to live with them once again.
  • May: During the dead of night, Aoi and Alaki begin to argue, resulting in her father having a mental lapse and killing Aoi, leaving her body beside Ren as the younger male slept.



  1. Any way you want it (January 6)
    Musquodoboit Valley, with Naniko D'Angelo & Finn Fidh. Aoi is abandoned by AT borders and found by the Angelo and Finn.
  2. Intruder Alert (January 8)
    Howling Caverns, with Mido. Aoi claims the crow Saigai as her personal companion npc.
  3. messed up generation (January 8)
    Howling Caverns, with Snufkin Akelos. Aoi encounters a bat.
  4. A Game of Thrones (January 21)
    Howling Caverns, with Alaki. Unfinished daughter/father bonding thread
  5. Of my darkest days (March 7)
    Howling Caverns, with Alaki. Daughter/father bonding thread
  6. Dug my way out of blood and fire (March 13)
    Howling Caverns, with Alaki, Naniko D'Angelo, Aeron Ganesa, Caprica D'Angelo, Mido, Ayasha, Liam, Lillith Alexandria Trombetta, León Austral, Anon, Alduin, Octavius Poer de Angelo, Severus Poer de Angelo, Panda Behr. Pack meeting.
  7. Dragonborn (March 14)
    Musquodoboit Valley, with Ayasha. Meet and greet between Ayasha and Aoi.
  8. plant the seed (March 22)
    Thackary Village, with Octavius Poer de Angelo. Meet and greet between Octavius Poer de Angelo and Aoi.
  9. Lux Aeterna (March 22)
    Howling Caverns?, with Severus Poer de Angelo. Meet and greet between Severus Poer de Angelo and Aoi.
  10. Back to the basics (March 24)
    Howling Caverns, with Alduin. Meet and greet between Alduin and Aoi.
  11. It started off as a feeling (March 28)
    Howling Caverns, with Anon. Meet and greet between Anon and Aoi.
  12. A Song of Ice and Fire (April 5)
    Howling Caverns, with Rivers Skyeward. Meet and greet between Rivers Skyeward and Aoi.