Angelique du Coudray

Angelique du Coudray

Angelique, by Requiem
Name OriginFrench
Date of BirthSeptember 23, 2006
Age> 3 years
Subspecies100% Cascade Mountains wolf

'Souls Profile

Current Pack

Phoenix Valley

Joining dateAugust 3, 2009[1]
Joining RankLoas, Elu, Genus
Most Recent RankGenus

Previous Pack


Joining dateNovember 18, 2007[2]

Shadowed Sun

Joining dateApril 13, 2008[3]

Angelique du Coudray, formerly known as Kyuubi, is a current member of Phoenix Valley. She has been a member since August of 2009.^[4]^' Previously, she was a member of Storm, and following the fire, was a member of Shadowed Sun.


Kyuubi. It was a name that meant 'set aflame' in the Japanese language. And it had fit her very well. Her parents Kiba and Hitomi, were together for a while, but Kyuubi would never meet her father. An event caused them to be separated her whole life.

It was an early morning, and she had just had her first birthday. She was one month old finally. A small, squealie yawned echoed in the cavern of a small dog den one winter morning. Kyuubi shivered the cold. Getting up and staggering from being tired and worn from hunger, she bumped into a warm and soft thing. Looking up, she saw it was Hitomi. She was definitely out from last nights events. Half of her pack had died, and now, she had lost her mate. Supposing he was dead, she only had Kyuubi left in her life. Kyuubi bumped into her again, trying to get her to wake up enough so she could eat. Hitomi moaned. "Kyuubi... it is too early... go back to sleep... " she whispered as she rolled over. Finally! Kyuubi thought she was going to eat her own stomach out or something! Gawd! Things you gotta do for a little milk around here! Kyuubi smiled as she thought CHAAAAAAAAAARGE! A loud thump sounded as she gulped down the nourishment she needed. It was enough of a bump to awake Hitomi. "Oh. I see what all the fuss is about now. And on such a cold morning too. You cold thing." she said as she smiled, watching the young one suckle. She frowned as she thought to herself. That fire almost killed us. If I had not jumped back with Kyuubi by the scruff, we would have been crushed by that fallen tree that was on fire. Kiba was not so fortunate however...

It was months ago. Kiba was a dog that had ruled the packs of Illania. Hitomi was a reject from Silver Mountain and had some how come to this place. It was a mishap of a meeting for the two. Kiba was trying to run a pack, and Hitomi could only think about was how to keep her coat clean and white. It frustrated him sometimes, but over time he had found it to be quite cute. She was a beautiful arctic dog with a small black spot next to her right eye. Kiba was a full blooded Gray dog with a palette of dark tones on his body mixing from brown, to gray, to white, to brown and finally to black.

The two of them were getting along. It was in the autumn when Kiba had asked her to join the pack and become his alphess. Hitomi was excited and accepted of course. It would be her first time in leadership, but unknown to her, instinct took over and helped her along the way.

With the love birds in leadership together, the pack was in harmony. It kept growing and expanding, along with their territory. They had also made pacts with other wolves and packs, sharing the land they lived on and the prey they hunted. Suddenly, new things arrived on their land they had no knowledge of. Man. Man and their fire sticks. Fire sticks that erupted with thunder and lightning and killed faster than a second. They did not know why they had come, and why now. But they knew their lives were in danger. And so was the pack.

Aeros led an attack against them, thinking that brute force would bring them down. However, they also had dogs that were much stronger than their wolves, and he lost many to them. Hitomi kept the other females and pups together, and was told to lead them out of here if things got dangerous. And of course they always do. Hitomi was with Kyuubi at the time, so it made it more difficult. Kiba barked the signal to move, and so on they went. The sounds of explosions behind them. At that time, a wild fire that some foolish camper had set spread throughout their lands and was moving at a fast pace. Hitomi tried to lead them to safety, but found themselves trapped in front of a fire wall that was a mountain high. As she tried to turn around, she could only scream as an on fire log fell on top of several other wolves, their screams in her ears. Kiba could only watch as the fire continued to burn. He called out their names, but no calls were returned. The fire spread so much, that he could not stay and had to flee. At the same time, Hitomi found a hole that was large enough for them to fit through. It was also away from the flames. Going first, she slipped through the hole and several others followed. Leading them away from the fire, she led them to safety.

She closed her eyes as a small tear fell on top of Kyuubis head. She whined and moved over to avoid more. Hitomi giggled as she watched the pup shuffle over to the next nipple to get more milk.

Winter had finally ended, and they could now enjoy the warmer months of spring. Oh it was an exploration trip for the young Kyuubi. "dog PILE!" was the shout coming from her maw as she landed on top of a pup like her. Suddenly, a few other pups also piled on her. Laughs and moans and grunts sounded as they played. Their mothers and Zetas keeping an eye on them carefully as they chatted amongst themselves in the wild flower field. Butterfiles of all colors and sizes flew around them as they laughed about something that one of their pups did. Kyuubi finally pounced on Hitomi. "Gotchya!I hunted you!" she laughed. Hitomi giggled. "Okay. I need you to go and hunt Zena now. She is a good prey player. I am talking grown dog stuff with my friends. Go and run now." she said. "Kyuubi ran off through the wildflowers and disappeared through the shrubs. Only petals could be seen flying in the air of where she was going. Hitomi's smile finally faded. "We need to discuss the plans of a new Omega. She thinks that Kiba is coming back, and I am not sure how or when I should tell her." she said sadly. The other faes nodded. "Well, wait till she is at least six weeks old. She will understand a little better." said a younger, jet black dog. "No way! Six weeks is way too young! She needs to be at least a year!" said another grey female. "No! That is too old! Hitomi needs to tell her when the time is right for her. She needs to tell her when Kyuubi is at the right moment of maturity to be told." said an old white female. Her name was Mitsuki. She was one of the grannies of the pack. Hitomi nodded. "Yes. That is the best time." agreed the females. Hitomi smiled. "Thanks Mitsuki."

THUD! Went Kyuubi's body on a smaller pup. "Ouch! That hurt! Hey when are you going to be prey?" asked the smaller brown pup. Kyuubi stood up and tilted her head to think for a moment. "Umm... never!" she teased as she pounced on him again and teethed him. He laughed furiously as she tickled him. "Kyuubi!" shouted a voice. She immediately stopped and looked up. Hitomi was standing up and looking for the small dog. "Coming!" she shouted back. Faster than a lightning bolt, she ran to her mom. As she tripped, she became a rolling ball of fur and flowers as she skidded to a stop infront of her mom, a mouth full of flowers. "Oh Kyuubi!" exclaimed her mom, thinking it was a gift for her. Kyuubi shrugged and went along with it, giggling all the way. Hitomi smiled as she looked over to the males. "It is time for dinner." she said as she laid down. One of the males came up with a mouthful of food. "You should eat. You have not eaten in days. Your pup will not have milk if you do not eat." he said worriedly. "Shh!" she shouted. Kyuubi looked up confused, but Hitomi smiled and shook her head telling her to ignore it. "We will speak later when she is asleep." she whispered into his ear. He nodded and stepped aside.

Hours later, Kyuubi could not sleep for it was cold. She awoke to see her mother not by her side. Getting worried, she whined and called out for her. There was no response. Padding out, she saw her walking to the river. Why was she out so late? She snuck out to see if she could follow her. As she crept into the bushes, she saw another dog. The one from earlier? She snuck in to get a closer look. They were whispering. "I told you not to speak of that infront of her." she hissed. Kyuubi became confused. "She is not to know that Kiba is dead yet. I am to tell her when she is old enough. And do not giver her suspicions of why I am not eating." she said as she paced back and forth. "Sorry m'lady. However, there will come a time where she will find out on her own. That will not be good." he said as he sat on the ground. Kyuubi became shocked, She became so emotional, she burst out "You're lying!"

Running out of the trees, she rushed past her den and into the wild flower field. Her mother calling for her all the way. Tears ran down her face as she ran. She just wanted to run away and never return. 'How could she lie to me like that?' she thought to herself. Stopping, she over looked the lake as the Le Soleil in Teh Sky floated above it. Sighing, she remembered this was where Kiba would take her all the time to talk. She cried. Hitomi snuck up behind her as she looked down to her. "I was going to tell you dear." she said softly. "You should have told me sooner." she sobbed. "I know. I was not sure if you were ready to hear. That is all." she said. Kyuubi said nothing. "If you want to be mad at me I can understand. However, please don't stop talking to me okay?" she said as she walked back to the den. "Come. You are going to catch a cold out here." she said. Kyuubi followed and slept for the night.

It was about a year later, and Kyuubi had grown to look much like her mother. Same looks and coat, and even same birthmark. Her fur whipped in the wind as she stood on a cliff over looking the pack. Hitomi had become ill. Kyuubi had not known why. All her words were "Go and find a dog who knows about the disease. Then return to me with him or what he suggests." Kyuubi had set off in search of this ... dog who knew the disease. And old acquaintance of hers? She was unsure. However, what she did not know was that two months into her travels, her mother along with the pack would die. And so the disease would spread. She was the only one who did not have it. Now she travels in search for the herbs that would help her family.

'Souls History

  • Returned from disappearing for a year in October 2009
  • Met with Ember Phoenix to catch up with Phoenix Family from ruling the 'Land of the Thunder and Sun' pack in Late October 2009
  • Loas in Phoenix Valley November 2009
  • Elu in Phoenix Valley in December 2009
  • Genus in Phoenix Valley January 2010
  • Alerted of Dahlia de Mai and Inferni war in February 2010, lead First Aid with Anya (missing) for Phoenix Valley pack and any refugees looking for sanctuary.
  • Forcebred by Brutus (NPC Loner) in Phoenix Valley March 2010


A kind and gentle hearted Luperci, she tends to be more respectful to her pack mates. Being more closed to the ones she doesn't know, it is how she protects others but that doesn't mean she isn't respectul anyway. She does give respect but only when some one earns it and no sooner.

When it comes to pups she takes them in as if they were her own and cares for them as their mother would in any circumstance. Being an excellent care taker, she is used to taking on more than one litter of pups at a time which don't shift until they turn two years of age and even then it is hard for them to shift until they get fully comfortable with it.

Loners are a different matter. Loners in her opinion are lazy and careless about others, and thus are loners unless they have good reasons to be like coming from a different territory to join a pack. She usually criticizes those she has met after a week of not joining a pack - or less even. One cannot survive on their own and must be in a pack in order to survive the brutal winters in her mind.

Softened in personality and now looking at life just a little more seriously Angel lives on the lands of Phoenix Valley. Kinder than she used to be she looks upon others of a pack kind with respect and loyalty. Loners of sorts are another story. Loners she finds to be rude, stupid and not as loyal. If there is no pack life there is no survival. You just can't live out there alone without companionship in her mind.



  • Grandparents
    • Maternal — Anna and Jesse
    • Paternal — Rein , Winchester
  • Parents — Malikai , Poca
  • Siblings — Rohort , Silver , Thalis , Birnita
  • Aunts and Uncles
    • Maternal — Rona and Falmeir
      • Cousins — Jona , David , Aries , Jenna , Norm
    • Paternal — Therma , Ulser
      • Cousins — Jester , Rawhide , Fawn , Destiny


  • Height: 3'5" Length: 4'5" Weight: 95 lbs

Jet black in color eyes remain the ice blue they were so long ago. Her height is still the same though she carries a little more weight than she did way back then. It had only been two years thus far and things have gone quite well for her it seems. Scars now lie on her back side as well as her back, atop of her head and part of her face from a certain tragedy that struck her oh so recently.