Andrea Newton

Andrea Newton

Andrea, by Jess
Date of BirthJuly 17, 2007
Age>2 years

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Previous Pack

Phoenix Valley

Joining dateJuly 31, 2008[1]
Most Recent RankTenens

Andrea Newton was a member of Phoenix Valley from November 22, 2009 to April 14, 2010.

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1.  History

Andy was born into a pack consisting of herself and her twin brother Luke. She and her brother lived with their parents. When Luke was killed by their uncle, she fled. After being on her own for quite a while, she found Phoenix Valley. She was met and accepted by Geneva Stockholm, and was an active, treasured member of the pack.

Andrea disappeared suddenly from Phoenix Valley in April 2010.

2.  Appearance

Mixtures of grays, browns, and creams adorn her pelt. Ice blue eyes.

Darker along her back and fading into lighter fur along her underside. She has almost white markings around her eyes and muzzle. Her tail is darker, but with a tip of light gray. Light paws.

She is very much a female wolf, her build taking on a more feminine physique. She is lean, lanky and athletic.

3.  Personality

Andy is quiet and thoughtful. She can be shy around some. Caring, fun, and intelligent. Has a trust issue; once she trusts someone, however, they have made a lifelong friend. However, she is almost never rude, despite having trouble trusting new people. Always polite and friendly.

Even though she is generally very nice, she also has a fiery temper, and if thoroughly provoked, can be a formidable opponent. When she is upset or angry, she can be rude, sarcastic, and quick witted.

She loves children. She finds their innocent curiosity uplifting, and enjoys interacting with them.

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