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André Fontainé was the jealous and wrathful ex-boyfriend of Omni Cadeaux. He tracked her to Nova Scotia and attacked her but was fended off, retreating back to Quebec to bide his time to pounce again.

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1.  Appearance

André is large for his breed, despite being predominately coyote and jackal. His fur is a dark sable brown tone. His dark ears are prominently larger than most canine’s. His muzzle tapers to a point, and his eyes are masked in black. His tail, paws, underbelly, and chest are black as well. The most startling, in-your-face feature that he carries is his eye color—a burning crimson much like fresh blood.

1.1  Forms

  • Lupus: Described above.
  • Secui: Notably grows taller, more spidery-looking than bulky, but jaws are massive.
  • Optime: In optime form, he is rather large and intimidating. His dark brown hair is spiky, not extending past his shoulders, and is usually highlighted with red dye.

1.2  Modifications and Accessories

  • Two small studs in each ear
  • Stud on left eyebrow
  • Red dragon tattoo covering back

2.  Personality

André is a damaged character. At the root of his personality are hidden insecurities that drive him to be paranoid and overly arrogant to make up for it. He refuses to step down to a dominant creature, which gets him into trouble on pack grounds and fuels his loner’s nature. While he is not terrible to everyone he meets, he can be turn hostile very quickly to strangers if they rub him the wrong way. At best, he’s standoffish and annoyingly cocky, often trying to get something out of another person if he “befriends” them. He believes most people are below him, however, and views them more like pets than friends.

His morals are lacking due to his upbringing, and he’s modeled the bad behavior he’s seen around him. While he isn’t a mindless murderer, he is remorseless about the kills he’s made over the years, and he’ll likely kill again if he thinks it’s justified. He’s also incredibly dominant during sex and won’t hesitate to hurt his partner during.

He is capable of goodness still, though far from completely redeemable; nothing will “fix” him. Most likely, if someone with a pleasant nature pushes him enough and he doesn’t grow violent toward them, he will latch onto them. He craves someone to care about and wants someone loyal to him above all else. However, his paranoia causes him to destroy most relationships he enters.

3.  History

3.1  Timeline

  • Born in Quebec
  • Trained to be a warrior
  • Mother had affair, father died
  • Kills the wolf mother cheated with, drives mother away
  • Becomes alcoholic
  • Falls in love with Omni
  • Cuts her when he thinks she's cheated on him
  • Rapes a girl and is expelled from pack
  • Follows Omni

3.2  Full

André was born in a small village near Quebec City, in a loosely-knit coyote-hybrid pack. Within the pack, each family mostly dealt with itself, and there was little monitoring of what went on in the apartments—a misfortune for André in his youth. His father was an alcoholic, often absent from the boy’s life, and André had to fight for paternal attention. He spent most of his time training as a result, sparring and fighting in hopes of entering the warrior tier of the pack. The only time his father would spend time away from the bottle was when he watched his son take on his old duty.

However, the other warrior-apprentice boys mocked him for his then-small size. The only way he could overcome them was through dominance and ferocity; a little posturing went a long way especially when backed with the real threat of injury. He got into several fights, but they only sharpened his skills even more, and eventually he entered the warrior ranks officially. His father was proud of him, and everything was good—for a while.

His mother was almost as absent as his father was, but as a hunter, she was expected to head off for days at a time to find food. It was normal, and why he was more worried about his father’s affections. One night, however, as his mother came back to the apartment, André was witness to the pair having a serious fight. His mother had apparently been cheating on his father with an outsider—and a wolf, who were viewed with suspicion in the hybrid pack. This news was devastating to the family, and his father returned to drinking as a result—with one binge drinking session killing him outright.

André resented his “whore” mother for this, as well as the outsider wolf that drew her away from his father. He tracked down the wolf and slaughtered him easily—for, by this point, he’d hit his late growth spurt and filled into a very large frame. He drove his mother away from the pack with enraged screams, flinging an empty vodka bottle at her as she ducked out of the door for the very last time.

He was an adult now, reaching the highest of the warrior ranks. He was standoffish toward most of the pack, even his peers, who had learned to fearfully respect him since their youth. However, in keeping to himself, he caused little trouble. He simply did his patrolling duty and would go home, eat, and get wasted on occasion—picking up his father’s addiction to alcohol, despite seeing how it had ruined his father’s life. Due to his insecurities, he continued his dominance act and practically forced pride into himself, acting arrogant on the outside whenever he was in public.

It was at about this time, a bit over one year of age, that he met a bewitching woman named Omni. She was beautiful but distant from her own family, something that he understood knowing how his own had messed him up. He would climb up to her apartment window and invite her to play with the other young adults in the pack. It was out of character for him, but he was anxious to find someone to replace the hole in his heart his parents had carved out. He had grown too old too fast, and bringing a young woman into his life, a girl, would help him become the boy he was supposed to be.

The two formed a relationship, and André truly loved the girl. He was gentle with her, far from the domineering kid he used to be. He felt whole—but he also fretted, worried that she would prove to be unfaithful like his mother had been. She seemed distant, and he attributed it to a lack of interest, which only fueled his worry. His insecurities flooded back to the surface whenever his lover went away, and he hit the bottle again in secret to cope with the concerns that floated through his mind.

One night, André returned to their apartment from a late patrol—only to see Omni passed out drunk and probably drugged up in the living room. There were others around as well, but his eyes were only on his lover and the man unconscious next to her. His mind leaped to the conclusion that she’d been unfaithful, and his memories rushed back to his mother and the night she left. Unable to suppress his rage, André grabbed her and carved the word “WHORE” into her inner thigh with a knife so that everyone would know what she was.

Needless to say, their relationship shattered; he pushed to get rid of her, and she scrambled to get away from him, leaving Quebec. André was enraged to hear she’d gone, but he directed his anger toward alcohol and fighting since he didn’t know what else to do. His personality changed, the goodness in him repressed by his dominant and demeaning characteristics. At one point, drunk, he snapped and raped a girl who’d been passing through the village. Because this was a public act, not hidden away in the apartments where much happened without anyone else knowing or caring, the pack decided to cast him out. He agreed that he would be better off alone and began to travel.

André recently heard that Omni had taken up residence in Nova Scotia, and his damaged mind leaped immediately toward nasty plans. She was the whore that destroyed his life; she deserved to pay for what she did. He believed that destroying her would give him closure so that he’d be able to move on.

3.3  'Souls Timeline

Name a Direction
André learns about Nova Scotia from a coyote woman he's bedded. Specifically, he learns about Inferni, and decides that he will begin his search for Omni there.
André vents his anger on New Dawn trees until he is driven off by Augustus.
Oh, You Will Come
André reaches the borders of Inferni at last. He calls for Omni, and the two begin a desperate blaming match. André inadvertently reveals that he's angry because he was hurt, but that doesn't stop him from calling Omni a slut and physically assaulting her. Omni's mate, Jacinto Lykoi, jumps in before too much damage is done. André screams at him some before leaving.

After the unsuccessful reunion with Omni, André departs from Nova Scotia. It is uncertain whether he is living or dead, or if he'll ever come back.

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