Ana Fàbregas i Reus

Ana Fàbregas i Reus

by Rose



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Date of Birth

June 18th 2009




Birth place

Llivia, Catalonia


60% Northeastern Coyote
30% Iberian Wolf
10% Dog




Current pack Inferni
Current rank Tiro Lumen

Ana Fàbregas i Reus is the sister of Ángel Fàbregas i Reus.

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1.  Appearance

Ana is typically coyote. Her body is lithe, but athletic. In optime form, her hair is a light to medium brown shade and hangs down her back in loose waves. Her eyes are blue. Due to an injury to her left wrist, the hand she previously wrote with, she was forced to use her right hand more and if therefore now ambidextrous. Her left wrist is now slightly awkward looking at the joint, but still works fine due to treatment by Enkiel, Inferni's medic.

1.1  Modifications and Accessories

  • Location, description.

2.  Personality

Ana is tough for a girl, with a high pain threshold and a witty mind. She's literate like most of her family and very intelligent. But she has her flaws, like any younger sister, she constantly argues with Angel, always thinking she knows more than him and usually getting into trouble for it. Even though she's still an adult, Angel still tends to treat her like a child. She's a bit of a maneater, but she rarely means anything by it. Ana is cautious about any kind of serious relationship due to the impact the loss of Angel's had on everyone.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

  • Parents — Carme Reus i Garcia and Xavier 'Xavi' Fabregas i Costa
  • Littermates — Xavier 'Menor' Fabregas i Reus II, and Bartomeu 'Tomeu' Fabregas i Reus
  • Siblings — Antoni Fabregas i Reus and Ángel Fàbregas i Reus

4.  History

Born in the small town of Llivia, Catalonia. Her father was originally from the city of Barcelona, while her mother was a native of Reus, Tarragona. She grew up with four brothers, so ended up fairly tough for a girl. Since Llivia was separate from the rest of Spain by a corridor two kilomiles wide containing the French commues of Ur and Bourg-Madame, Ana grew up tri-lingual. (Catalan, Spanish and French). They later moved out of their crowded farm house, leaving it in the care of their cousin and his family and left for the large city of Barcelona.

Her life was fairly boring until her brother Angel's mate was killed. An event that upset the entire family. Angel later left, and unable to cope without her favourite sibling, Ana followed on. Before this Ana left, she worked making clothing and fabric furniture.

4.1  Threads


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