Amos Arphralos

Amos Arphralos

Name MeaningAmos: "burdened"
Name OriginHebrew
Date of BirthMay 2001
Age> 9 years
Subspecies100% Canis latrans
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeNew Orleans
Current packInferni

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Joining date
Previous RanksTirones

Amos Arphralos is the father of Cassius Arphralos. Like his son, was a former member of Inferni.


It was hard for him to let his son go after his nephew had just returned, but soon after his son left to Nova Scotia, his beloved mate Less died of an unknown sickness. He and Brutus decided they had nothing left back in their home in New Orleans, and so headed after Cassius, north to the Cold Lands. After passing Maine, Brutus was asked to go ahead by Amos, who decided he could make the rest of the way and did not want to slow Brutus down. After arriving at Nova Scotia though, Brutus was nowhere to be seen. Amos decided to follow the faint scent of Cassius hoping it would lead to his nephew as well


Amos is very sociable and hearty. He loves being around a group, and enjoys telling stories to anyone who will listen. He is still quite capable of hunting by himself, despite his age. He has a strong Southern Accent, as is a little on the uneducated side. He is also quite the smoker (cigarettes).




With his age, Amos' fur had faded into a boring beige color. His eyes however, have not lost their bright color, being a brilliant purple color. His size is a little smaller than his son's, due to his old age and his full coyote heritage. In Luperci form, Amos always wears a white colored cowboy hat, with a black string around it. Often, he also carries around a beat up leather bag.