Alistair Callow

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Alistair is the son of the treacherous Aedan de Valence and gentle Rowan Callow. He was raised by wolves in a militaristic pack originating from England, but settled in Canada. After some time in 'Souls he was adopted into the Knight family by Jazper Rhiannon-Knight. He served as the Sole for a few years, but stepped down late in the year of 2016, owing to his murder of his own father and the guilt that followed.

He is the former mate to Lola and fathered pups Guinevere and Tristan with her. He has three half-siblings: Syringa D'Angelo, Delphinium D'Angelo, and Dagr Soul, two of which remain unknown to him.

Most notably, Alistair served as War Lord in the pirate attack on CdC. And was Lune during the Syndicate Conflict, becoming CdC's only leader after Sole Jazper stepped down.

He was captured by Salsola in February 2016 by Hyacinth Silevue, Boss Salvia Eternity and her mate, Stannis de le Poer and held for ransom in exchange for two of CdC's horses.

In the beginning of 2017 he played a part in the Second Boreas Conflict, fighting on behalf of Inferni to fulfill (in part) a promise he had made years ago to their Aquila, Vesper.

In the years that followed he roamed the wildlands with his companion and lover Atalanta . The pair of them joined New Caledonia in August 2019 on a temporary basis to help the refugees settle into their new home.






  • Date of Birth: 13 December 2010
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Mate: Atalanta Kartal
  • Animal NPCS
    • Merlin, stock-type quarab horse gelding


  • Alistair is a temporary PACK NPC for New Caledonia
  • When using Alistair, please respect his established IC history and personality!
  • NC players should note that Alistair walks with a slight limp.
  • He is skilled in carpentry and has acquired his own tools for use of the pack.
  • He is also a master of melee combat and can be used to instruct characters in sword-based training. However, do note that he is 8+ years old and may not be as fast or a physical as he once was!




  • Species: True to his hybrid nature, sporting similarities to each. His fur pattern is markedly dog but thicker.
  • Fur: Thick and wolfish.
    • Optime Hair: Short and tousled.
  • Facial Features: His ears are tall and his muzzle is shorter and blocker than that of a full-blooded wolf. He sports some silver around his muzzle and temples.
  • Build and Size: Broad-shouldered, well-muscled, but not bulky. He is larger than the average wolf and has long, somewhat lanky legs.
  • Humanization: High. He can read, write, fight with an array of weaponry, craft, and often wears some form of clothing.


  • Fur: Alistair is Husk with a saddle of Carnaby Tan and an undercoat of Yuma.
  • Markings: 
  • His muzzle is Carnaby Tan.
  • The area surrounding both eyes is Yuma.
  • The toes on his back right paw are Carnaby Tan.
  • His tail tip is Carnaby Tan.
  • Eyes: Hazel with elements of amber, brown, and green.
  • Optime Hair: Carnaby Tan
    • Nose and Paw Pads: Black.


Carnaby tan (#4E2418)
Husk (#BFAD61)
Yuma (#cfc39a)
Eye Color
Brown Bramble (#6c3105)
Bourbon (#B57023)
Costa del Sol (#615D30)



  • Scars:
  • Scar from a spear wound across left shoulder
  • Stab wound scar over heart
  • Secui claw slashes across belly and abdomen

Jewelry and Accessories

  • Wears a steel cast hollow sun on a leather cord


  • Tan trousers which lace up the front
  • Loose off-white shirt
  • Wears sturdy leather armor in combat situations


123 lbs (~56 kg) — 34 in (~94 cm)


Large, typical hybrid appearance.

237 lbs (~108 kg) — 45 in (114 cm)


Double the size of his lupus. His chest deepens and his mane becomes thicker.

265 lbs (116 kg) — 6ft 11in (~211 cm)

Optime (Preferred)

Tall, leggy, and broad-shouldered with a straight, humanoid posture.


  • Speech: Alistair's voice is like warm velvet. He has a markedly British accent and he sometimes chews his words.
  • Voice Canon: Steve Valentine
  • Scent Merlin, leather, steel, Atalanta .
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.:  Ruffles his hair when anxious or idle, talks with his hands.
  • General Posture and Body Language:

He's very active and just a little fidgety. He ruffles his hair alot and is very animated in conversation. He's also prone to pacing.



Deadpan SnarkerKnight in Sour ArmorGood is Not Soft

Cynical, Sarcastic, Guarded

Alistair hasn't had the best life. He was treated poorly in his youth and despite his tendency to spot the silver linings in even the darkest situations the memories color his interactions. He is sharp-witted snarky, and suspicious overall, a product of his society and jaded by his experiences.

Playful, Compassionate, Chivalrous, Charismatic

Kind to a fault, Alistair cherishes his relationships. Friends are family and he is a champion of the down-trodden. He cares about people even if they don't always live up to his expectations.

Good-humored and amiable Alistair uses his wit for more than throwing barbs. He taunts and teases and always has something to say. He might even talk a little too much.

Protective, Determined, Self-sacrificing

Alistair is a fierce friend and he knows how to fight. He'd much rather take a blow for someone than see them take one for him. His life is secondary to that of an innocent and he would gladly sacrifice it for the greater good. He has a strong sense of right and wrong and no qualms speaking his mind, which isn't easily swayed. He can be unbearably stubborn but his heart is always in the right place.



  • Outlook: Pessimistic and cynical. While he tries to appear positive, Alistair is known to doubt. He's all too aware of the darkness in this world and is always certain to tread with care.
  • Sociability: Acts the extrovert- is actually an introvert. Alistair is amicable but guarded. He shies away from sensitive topics and is near-expert at diverting topics of conversation. It takes a bit of prodding for him to express his feelings and he's not overly fond of talking about his past.
  • Expression: Pleasant, neutral.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good


  • Helping people
  • Being a good person
  • Survival


  • Falling/Heights: Following a near-death experience Alistair is terrified of heights, he has recurring nightmares about this event.
  • Failure: Alistair's afraid of failure because he knows it's possible, maybe even inevitable. He's pessimistic and often discredits himself and his achievements.
  • Degenerative illnesses: He's seen people waste away and the thought of it happening to people he loves, or to himself is frightening.
  • Death of loved ones: Alistair loves with all he has, the violent losses of loved ones has the potential to destroy him.


  • Packs: Hates Anathema and abhors the practices of Salsola, while being wary of Inferni (less so with Vesper in charge).
  • He is fond of Cour des Miracles and has friends there. He adores Casa di Cavalieri and reminisces fondly though he feels he was never quite good enough for the Cavaliers.
  • Species: Identifies most with wolfdogs. He is wary of coyotes and impartial to wolves.
  • Non-Luperci: Alistair is wary of them, but not unfriendly.
  • Gender: Believes in the equality of the sexes.
  • Sexuality: Alistair is strictly heterosexual.


  • Kinsey Scale 0
  • Heterosexual and monogamous.
  • Alistair values commitment to a single partner. He falls hard and can be incredibly romantic, almost saccharine sweet. Whatever woman holds his heart all but rules him.
  • He has had an odd dalliance but that was an exception, not the rule. He would never cheat on a committed partner.


  • Likes: Casa di Cavalieri, books, sparring, carpentry, myths and legends, his hair, Atalanta .
  • Dislikes: Slavery, cold-blooded killers, liars, cowards.


Alcohol: Social drinker, may overindulge and has done so during times of stress.


  • Christianity and the Knight clan belief in the wolf-god Fenris. While he believes he is not overly religious. He generally only invokes religion in ceremony or during times of distress.


Family: de Valence, Callow

  • Extended: Adoptive ties to the Knight family.


Key Relations

  • Lola His first love and the woman that broke his heart. They began hard and fast. It was love at first sight though they were far from happily ever after. The young couple struggled with Lola's "affliction" for some time. But, with patience and the utmost care Alistair dispelled her demons and later fathered children by her. They enjoyed a long period of marital bliss until the spring of 2015 when a figure from Lola's sordid past reemerged. Pon's reappearance only marked the beginning of their troubles, however. Bitter disaggreements, public insubordination, and Lola's refusal to share the secrets of her past ultimately drove the couple apart. Heartbroken, Alistair ended it in September of 2015.
  • A part of him will always love her.
  • Jazper Rhiannon-Knight: The Sole of Casa di Cavalieri quickly inducted Alistair into his good graces. The pair became close, and in 2013 Jazper asked him to become a part of the Knight family. Having lacked a father figure his entire life, Alistair readily accepted the Sole's offer, but they were far from the family ideal Alistair expected. He was resented by several of Jazper's children, thinking the Sole favored Alistair over them. Alistair eventually became uncertain of the relationship, and when his birth father re-entered his life, he succeeded in creating a rift between them.

Their relationship recovered but Alistair has dropped the Knight surname for good.

  • He still has yet to learn of Jazper's death.

It's complicated.

  • Atalanta, a wandering storyteller, wound up in Casa di Cavalieri after the fall of the red star. Alistair, heartbroken after the end of his mateship and embittered by his recent capture by Salsola was immediately suspicious of the lone female, yet he was drawn to her as well. They became friends once he was certain that she wasn't there to trick him, and then things got confusing... Alistair left Casa di Cavalieri after he murdered his father and to his surprise, Ata followed suit.
  • They've been adventuring ever since.

Positive Relations

  • Skoll Haskel Skoll and Alistair first forged a friendship years ago in the neutral territories. Both share similar views of the world and similarly sharp wit. So much so they could be brothers, in fact Alistair considers Skoll the brother he never had. Though duty keeps them apart most of the time they're swift to seek each other out during interpack functions and their friendship has only grown stronger.

Luca is the grandson of Jazper and as a young man he was quick to exploit that connection, riding on the back of his grandfather's achievements. This quickly caught Alistair's ire and after a night of drinking and debauchery Alistair confronted him. Violence ensued, but it was exactly what Luca needed from then on Luca stepped up for his pack. In the time that followed tensions eased between them and they forged a solid partnership when Alistair promoted him to Lune.


  • Vesper Alistair's friendship with Vesper was unexpected and unusual and developed a great deal over time. Though they bicker both consider each other good friends, so much so Alistair went to war for her.


  • Aedan de Valence A treacherous villian and monster of a man. Alistair's father once infiltrated CdC, a plot that was uncovered by his then mate- Lola. Aedan nearly killed her but was foiled by both Alistair and Jazper. However, he managed to get away. Years later, following a tip from Aedan's daughter (Alistair's half-sister) Alistair was able to track him down and end his reign of terror once and for all.
  • Salsola: Alistair vilifies and abhors Salsola's practices and likely will so long as the pack continues to thrive.

Minor Relations



  • Breed: Stock-type Quarab horse
  • Description: Pure black Merlin is a gelding standing at 16 hands tall. He has muscular legs and dark, soulful eyes.
  • Personality: Docile. He is a trained warhorse obedient and hardy though is not naturally aggressive. A reserved horse Merlin is generally only affectionate to Alistair and his family. Merlin is very close to Alistair and clearly trusts him.




  • Alistair is a swordsman. He has had training in both 1-handed and 2-handed swords, and is well versed in shield tactics He tends to be defensive over aggressive, though can deal significant damage while counter-attacking. His physique allows him to be agile, while hardy enough to take a hit.
  • He prefers to fight up close and personal and in optime via hand-to-hand combat. He knows some techniques, but mostly relies on practicality and instinct.
  • He has some basic skill with other weapons and styles of combat, like daggers.
  • Alistair is an average horseman, but is improving with time.
  • He is a skilled handyman though no artisan by any degree. His works are practical, but efficient.
  • His hybrid vigor means his is larger than the average wolf, and likely, healthier.


  • Lupus and secui combat beyond instinct Alistair prefers the use of weapons, and uses these forms exclusively for hunting. He is mostly untried in combat on all fours.
  • Though he tries, Alistair is no archer. In fact, all forms of ranged weaponry seem to be too difficult for him to master.
  • In times of stress and personal turmoil Alistair has succumbed to alcoholism to the point of very nearly falling off of Knight's peak and to his death.
  • A born cynic
  • Overworked Alistair shoulders a lot of the physical burdens of Casa di Cavalieri.