Ailbhe Latis was a former member of AniWaya in 2009.


Ailbhe: Probably derived from the Gaelic root 'albho', meaning white, or albino.
Pronounced: Ale-"bay"
Latis: Name of the Gaelic goddess of water.
Pronounced: Lah-"teese"


Birth Date: 2o.o2.2oo5
Gender: Female
Breed: Canis Lupus Arctos
Luperci: Ortus
Mother: Fawne Floralis
Father: Schism Latis
Siblings: Talc Latis (F), Goron Latis (M)

Crushes: -----------
Pack: AniWaya
Rank: Itse (Currently)
Skills: Dying (As in, dying fur funky colors.), Piercings, Painting, Dancing, Semi-Literate


Pure waves of white silk blend into curls of silver and cloudy grey, evenly distributed throughout thick lupine arctic coat. Gems of near translucent blue reflect the icy world from whence she hails, reminiscent of crystal in the sunlight. Fluffy silvery ruff is strangely soft and comforting, whilst the rest of her fur is thick, but more prickly than soft. Long, slender form moves fluidly with the grace of a dancer, pointing to a talented history. She stands at about 28" at the shoulder, and weighs in (when well-fed and in good health) at around 108 lbs.

A larger, yet streamlined version of her lupus form, Ailbhe's halfling form is certainly nothing to laugh at. Massive, thick ruff trails from the back of thickened neck to stronger shoulder blades. Rippling musculature is evident in all four thickened limbs, while a more powerful bite offers itself in the form of a stronger, less slim maw and more obvious canines. Longer, retractable claws of cloudy grey are far better adept for slicing and digging into the earth than their Lupine counterparts, while pristine sterling paws are larger and easier to spread across more surface area. Icy orbs brighten into a near white color, staring coldly at those who oppose the power of this magnificent beast. In this form, Ailbhe is about 34" at the shoulder, and weighs in at around 155 lbs.

Upon shifting to Optime form, Ailbhe's look refines into one of a lovely lady. Silvery mane lengthens and drapes down to just above supple hips, streaks of sky blue announcing their presence in a soft, yet forward way amidst the shades of white and silver. Wolven cranium lacks any bangs or upper 'hair style'- only the mane from behind cream cored harks acts as a sort of 'hair'. This can be easily styled with dextrous silver fingers, deep brown paw pads still evident despite this more human look. Ailbhe refrains from wearing clothing in this form, though she is well-versed in other human products, such as mirrors, paintbrushes, and other items deemed 'beauty products'. While dabbling as an Optime, this snowy lady is about 6'6" tall from hind-paw to ear, somewhat short in comparison to most Luperci, and weighs in at about 190 lbs.


Weaknesses: Acts before Thinking; Short-fused; Difficult to Command; Psychologically Injured
Strengths: Strong-Hearted; Intelligent; Intuitive; Observative; Level-Headed
Skills: Observation, Intuition, Mediation

Very helpful and playful female. She will do whatever it takes to help a pack mate, and is very determined to succeed as either a craftswoman, or as a dance instructor. She tends to think of practicing and working as fun games, being far more playful while dancing than she would on the street. Ailbhe loves to make use of her jumping abilities, and though she is longer than most in lupine form, she can stand, balanced near perfectly, upon a comrade's shoulders in Optime form.

This sweet white female is slightly short-fused, and will not hesitate to tear into anyone that threatens her or her friends. As such, she is not usually very kind towards outsiders, and they often have to explain their reasons for being in her terra in a maximum of 5 seconds before she will be upon them, fangs loosed. She can be very difficult to command as such- if an outsider approaches without permission, she may be on them before someone else can say no, completely disregarding any former orders.

Ailbhe tends to be very protective of her friends and pack mates, and will stop at nothing to help any of them if they are in need. She chased a close friend of hers, Ormyl, from the Quartz Shoreline to the Halcyon Mountains simply to attempt to calm down the frightened and emotionally burdened male.

Overall, she is a kind, caring soul, and many know of her simply for this trait.


Season after season, the Latis family had tried, and finally, their prayers had begun to bear fruit. On February 20, 2005, the supposedly barren couple was allowed their first litter of live pups; a litter of 3; two females and one male. The happy parents, Schism and Fawne, rejoiced as the tiny puppies took their first breaths, crying for warmth and searching for food. The three newborns were considered miracles to the small Luperci pack of 6, and as the days went on, and the little ones grew without health problems, things seemed as though they could not get any better. That is, however, until July's wild heat hit the fragile clan.

The year of Ailbhe's birth was certainly not one of plenty, but once July arrived, things took a sudden turn for the worst. Severe drought and famine wracked the last half of the year, leading many of her pack mates to starvation and death. As the pack dwindled, families split, searching for some way to keep their loved ones alive. Fawne grew skinny and weak, refusing to eat in favor of her three 5-month old puppies, while her father worked to keep the family fed as best he could. Alas, by the chilled winds of December and the litter-mates' 10th month of life, their mother had been torn away from them. Grief set into their daily routines, and though the broken family tried as hard as they could, things did not any better through the winter. Schism passed only a few days before the New Year set in.

2oo6 - 2oo7:
The three siblings, Ailbhe, Talc, and Goron (Go), worked as one from day one of the new year, and at almost a year old each, things were getting easier and easier. Rain, which had been so precious before, was plentiful. No terrible weather or saddening events presented themselves to the three wanderers. Things finally were getting back to normal, and after the trio of siblings had traveled a nomadic path for nearly 4 months, the troupe finally settled into a little nook near the eastern shoreline, in an abandoned human house. Things only seemed to get better at this point, and the group of sibling Luperci certainly made the best of what they had. While shifting out of Lupine or Secui forms had been frowned upon in their previous lives, the trio continuously began shifting forms- Secui for hunting, Optime for fishing or housekeeping, and Lupine for travel or scouting. Each sibling became adept at some form of human task- Talc could sing and clean like no one could, and was very good with a whittling knife, sporting her handiwork in the form of wooden beads. Go became powerful with the bow and arrow and building furniture, additions to the house, and other things of use to physical laborers. Ailbhe became a talented dancer, gifted painter, and a talented hairdresser- she religiously dyed her sister's and her own fur, as well as braid in the little trinkets Talc would make. Life was good for two whole years... the deemed 'golden years' of the young Luperci.

Things started out well- the siblings celebrated New Years with a gusto they deserved, continuing their work, their lives, as usual. Sometime in March, a few strangers popped into their little abode, lost and hungry. The trio immediately took to the two new-comers; a short, shy black male called Ormyl, and a female that was nearly twice his size, called Earthsong. The pair were not siblings, but friends, and had been traveling for months in search of a pack to settle into. The three siblings eagerly invited the duo to stay and rest up before they continued their journey. One thing led to another, and before she knew it, Ailbhe was left alone in the house or on the bluffs regularly. Talc and Ormyl hit it off quite nicely, being similar in size and in mind, and Go had become infatuated with the lovely white and black Earthsong. Gone were the days of sibling rivalry and bonding. Gone were the days of Sisterly squabbles and sleepovers. Ailbhe simply suffered in silence as her siblings grew closer with their soon to be mates, while she sat alone on the couch her brother had made, playing with the beads her sister was so good with. Just as her heart was beginning to break from the lack of attention, something terrible happened. Bleeding Souls was set aflame. Warning reached the group only mere hours before hell was upon them with its mighty fury. Improvised pack slid into Lupine forms and ran down the beaches of the Eastern shore, watching in horror as the hot, red blaze engulfed all that they had ever known. Days passed, then weeks, as the group traveled on frayed nerves and scarce cold rabbit. Finally, after trekking across the Halcyon Mountains, their month-long pent up tempers caused calm spirits and good wills to snap. The once close siblings burst into passionate fights, teeth and claws included in many of them. After settling on who would do what, the group split- two going South West, two going South East, and one going directly South. After traveling for months on end, Ailbhe settled into a little alcove in Ethereal Eclipse, resting and celebrating the New Year with no one other than the lake she had come to.

After traversing Ethereal Eclipse and bits of Shiloh Hills from January to October, the haggard, tired white female has entered the Serena Reserve, the itch in her tired paws relieved and gone. She joined the AniWaya after meeting up with Dawali Amara as she was investigating the borders. He directed her to the Village, where, while raiding the storehouse, she met another new-comer, Revian, and a kind, young sable female named Susquehanna. After partaking of food amongst her new comrades, Ailbhe began to settle down into pack life- something she had been without for years.

A few days later, the ivory four-year old encountered the husky Leroy while hunting to increase the storage. A tense, flighty meeting ensued, and left Ailbhe afraid to leave the AniWayan terra for a good week afterward.

Finally, her confidence returning, once more the now AniWayan female traversed the world outside of her new home, and came across a cinnamon wolf with a wonderful talent for the recorder. He identified himself as Maldrid, and his glorious musical talents helped the depraved dancer shift back into Optime form, and begin to think about what craft she would pick up later on.

Now revitalized from her visit with Maldrid, the freshened female tried once more at hunting. She failed at the hands of a torn up piece of parchment, belonging to Ares Chance. Startled and confused by his strange name, the female is currently attempting to figure out what on earth his problem is.