Ahote Makya

| Character, by Bek?

NameAhote Makya
Name MeaningAhote="Restless one" Makya="Eagle Hunter"
Name OriginNative Hopi language
Date of Birth31 Oct 2013
Age2+ years
Subspecies50% Common Grey Wolf
50% Alaskan Malamute
LuperciYes, Verto
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"Sometimes it's better to leave it all behind..."


Ahote was born into a pack that eventually turned I to a tribe of luperci not long after he was born when the virus infected his pack. His mother and father both died in battle with love half of his tribe when war raged between his tribe and another luperci pack. When he as six moons old all he ha left of his family was his older brother whom he idolized most of his life, longing to be just like him. His brother was also flirtatious and thought him how to flirt with the tribe girls and how to box and wrestle, since this tribe was still very young and depended on there lupus and secui forms most of the time. After several more weeks past, and he became on of the best boxers in the tribe and even outpaced his brother in a friendly boxing match when he was only 7 moons. Sadly, not long after that his brother died on a bison hunt in Ahote's arms. He could not get over the loss of his last loving family member for the longest time and soon he decided to leave the tribe. After saying his goodbyes, he headed out into the wilderness, far away from his home. He never saw his tribe again. He felt free in the new territories he traveled upon, free to so as he willed, when he wanted and where he wanted, any time. Ahote never wanted that to change...


Ahote was taught as a native child to be respectful to others but, when had he ever listened? He likes to do things by himself and without help or just plain be on his own. He is an extrovert though, and loves attention, especially from any passing female. He his outgoing in the best way but sometimes is a little over dramatic when it comes to his accomplishments or other wolves feats, and likes to stretch the truth. He loves making up stories though, and telling them to anyone who asks or has heard of his famous storytelling. Though he cannot write or read, he has exceptional detail and describes his stories very well. Also he likes to flirt with woman but nothing more then a kiss or a passionate hug can come out of him because he is not sexually active but, can be very seductive. He has a uncanny nack to "pop out of nowhere" and loves to frighten wolves, but he is kind about it and trys not to hurt another's feelings. He is caring and protective and loves to fight if he has the chance. He would not start a fight but would join in at any opportunity or at provocation. He can drive a mean punch and learned his boxing and wrestling skills from his older brother whom was like his idol. Over all he is a teenage drama, boxer, flirter, protector, and likes to do things on his own.









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Build: Solid, he is of a stocky medium build, strong and well muscled for his age. His shoulders are wide and strong along with long buff arms and strong hands with short sharp claws. His legs were of medium length and also well built.

Fur: he has short, smooth, straight fur that spikes off the end of his shoulders in optime and on his knees, elbows, and calves. He has a particular pattern of light brown, brown, grey, and some flecks of black, on all of his body except for part of his muzzle, chest and belly, and paws, are white.

Body: his body is of medium length in all forms but his tail is a little short and it has a little bit of a curl, but not to much. His muzzle his of medium length and his facial features are evenly placed. His ears are medium size and he has one small nick near the middle far side of his left ear.

Eyes: Ahote's eyes are almond shaped and his eyes are a pastel pale violet blue color with a little bit if faded royal blue outlining the pulp and dark purple/blue together fading into pastel colors to the edges of the iris.

Accessories: Small loop earing in left ear.

Weapons: his teeth, claws, and fists.

Scent: pine sap, moss, salt, and a little "musky"