Addison D'Angelo-Soul

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Addison D'Angelo-Soul

Addison, by Kiri
Name OriginUnknown
Date of BirthDecember 1, 2008
Age< 1 year
Subspecies56.25% C. l. occidentalis ortus
18.75% C. l. arctos ortus
9.375% C. l. ortus
6.25% C. l. columbianus ortus
3.125% C. l. familiarus ortus
Current packCercatori d'Arte
'Souls Profile

Current Pack


Joining DateUnknown, assumed April 1, 2011
Most Recent RankZepar

Previous Pack

Cercatori d'Arte

Joining Date16 February 2010[1]
Most Recent RankMembro Normale

Phoenix Valley

Joining Date9 September 2010[2]
Most Recent RankTueris
Previous RanksGenus

Dahlia de Mai

Joining Date10 August 2009[3]
Most Recent RankBluet
Previous RanksFolium, Filix

Phoenix Valley

Joining Date7 February 2009[4]

Addison D'Angelo-Soul is the daughter of Dierdre Rhiannon and Cerulean D'Angelo, born out of 'Souls territory. She was adopted by Jefferson Soul and for a time, took on the Soul surname as her own, but now goes by only her first name. Addison is a current member of Anathema.

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1.  History

Addison has only just begun to grow up, but she is already showing a very adventurous spirit. She likes finding new places and experiencing everything that that place has to offer. Her parents encouraged her to go out on her own at a young age, as soon as she was able to walk, and she has been exploring ever since. The girl enjoys reading maps and figuring out problems and new ways to do things.

She grew up with a disfigured mother, and doesn't know what many normal wolves look like. The only wolves that she has ever met has been her mother and father, and both of them were scarred and marred in different ways. Dierdre's burns were from the fire that she survived, but Addison never learned about where Cerulean got his from.

Addison often left home without warning. She would wander away from the den for short periods of time before being found by Dierdre again and taken back home. She wandered away again and again, every day, for longer and longer stretches of time. Each time she was found by Dierdre and brought back home again.

Tired of constantly being taken back home and filled with an urge to see things for herself, the girl left home once more. This time she used tactics to evade her mother, going across creeks multiple times and climbing up small trees to try and throw off her scent.

She had brought a small amount of food with her, but that quickly ran out. Not having planned ahead, the very hungry pup wandered closer and closer to Souls territory.

2.  Relationships

2.1  Family

2.2  Extended Family

Please see the Eternity, Kali, Rhiannon, D'Angelo family page for more information.

3.  Appearance

Gray/Brown/copper mix. She wears the gray and brown like a cape over her shoulders and down her back. Her belly is a mixture of cream and copper, and those two colors continue up her chest to her chin. Addison's tail is a mixture of gray and burnt browns, fading to slightly lighter colors around the very tip. both ears are gray, the insides a light cream. Her nose is a charcoal black. One blue eye, one yellow eye. Addison is average-sized for a pup, with shorter legs and very large paws.