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    1.   5.1  2019 • THE WILD NORTH

12 is a female coy-dog born in the Florida Everglades as a slave. Her early life was spent as a working girl, used for her body and eventually for her prowess with horses. After an ill-fated romance, she killed her master's son and threw off her chains of servitude, escaping the plantation and began traveling North along the East Coast of North America. She settled in New York for a time, and made a name for herself as a horseman and farrier. After growing bored and becoming somewhat infamous for her vicious attitude and rampant alcoholism, 12 packed up her trusty mule and moved further North to Nova Scotia, where she had heard tell her family once lived before they were made slaves.

She is a nasty woman, seemingly uncaring and nothing more than ugly. Her outlook of the world is extremely bleak, and she doesn't mind telling you that. Life means work, and if you don't do well in your work, you're worthless. Those who work hard and contribute are to be respected. Wolves and high-borns are the scum of the Earth, a point she makes abundantly clear. She wouldn't piss in the mouth of a wolf dying of thirst if it would save them.

Having abandoned her slave family and old way of life, 12 has been pretty much floating along with no real goals, dreams, or morals. She beds who she wants, when she wants, with little to no emotional attachment. Often, she drinks herself into a stupor, sometimes for days at a time. By observing her, it would be no far stretch to come to the conclusion that she is trying to put herself into an early grave. Yet she endures.






  • Date of Birth: December 12, 2015
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: Charmingtown
  • Mate: None
  • Minor NPCs:
    • Orville (catalan thoroughbred mule) - currently MIA

Pack Information

Plot Potential & OOC Assumptions

  • You might see her passed out drunk somewhere.
  • Need a horse gentled? She'll tame one for you, for a price.
  • Want to get really, really drunk? She's good company.
  • Help her earn the Carnicero occupation.
  • Help her earn the Rustler occupation.

1.  Appearance

1.1  Essentials


12 is an extremely skinny (nearly emaciated), greasy, stinky coyote woman. She often looks quite unkempt and scruffy, like she really needs a bath. Her mane is chopped short and asymmetrically, and is usually pushed back, sometimes tied back with a bandanna. When engaged in physical activities, wiry muscles can be seen easily under her fur. She is conditioned from many years of hard labor.

The most notable thing about her are her extensive scars. Lash marks criss-cross the entirety of her back side. Her hands are also terribly scarred from her years of work. Her tail and ears are cropped shoddily and it is clear at one point a ring was ripped from her septum. She has the number 12 underlined with three dots tattooed on her stomach near her left hip; the ink has stained the adjacent skin blue.


  • Speech: High pitched and gravelly; extremely curt and always with a condescending tone
  • Scent: Smells like stale booze and horses.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: She is usually wide eyed and scowling. She spits often, as if always having a bad taste in her mouth.
  • General Posture and Body Language: She walks stiffly and often jerks her movements; thin as a rail and erect like a sapling.


 GRAY (#7F7F7F)
 TUNDORA (#4C4949)
 ZAMBEZI (#655454)
 BALI HAI (#878DA1)


  • Fur: Primarily TUNDORA
    • Face: GRAY with SILVER CHALICE around eyes and mouth
    • Markings: MINESHAFT collar bone scoops & beauty mark, ZAMBEZI muzzle blaze
    • Saddle: MINESHAFT
    • Underbelly, arms/legs: SILVER CHALICE
  • Eyes: BALI HAI with lighter flecks
  • Optime Hair: MINESHAFT with fringe of GRAY
    • Nose and Paw Pads: MINESHAFT

30 lbs (13 kg)
2 ft 6in (63 cm)

50 lbs (22 kg)
3 ft 1 in (92 cm)

140 lbs (63.5 kg)
5 ft 10 in (178 cm)

1.2  Images

2.  Personality

TL;DR: Unfriendly, extremely crass, and not afraid to speak her mind. There wont be too many people who will warm up to her, and she will most likely never warm up to anyone. She does have a pretty good sense of humor though, if not a little dark. Extremely rough around the edges and just unpleasant to be around.

2.1  Traits


  • Outlook: Pessimistic, realist
  • Sociability: Introverted, passive
  • Expression: Uncaring, dismissive
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
    • "Life's a shit sandwich, question is how much mayo you can spread on it."
    • "The only side I'm on is my own."
    • "Stand in my way, you'll get knocked on your pansy ass."


  • Stimulation of the senses
  • Doing a good job


  • Being restrained
  • Falling in love
  • Having children


  • Likes: horses, booze, pretty girls and boys, horses... wait
  • Dislikes: wolves, high-born pricks, abused horses, slavery, prudes, and free-loaders


  • Packs: Casa di Cavalieri, Salsola, New Caledonia
  • Species: If you're a wolf or prominent wolf hybrid she'll automatically think you're a douche-bag
  • Non-Luperci: Doesn't care, as long as you pull your weight
  • Societal position: Views so-called high-borns and those of wealth as worthless
  • Age: Thinks pups are useless and should remain both silent and invisible until they are old enough to contribute


Fully bi-sexual and extremely poly-amorous with tendencies to swing to the complete opposite spectrum and become asexual depending on her mood.


Raised primarily Catholic with Voodoo undertones, but she pretty much rejects all aspects of a 'loving god' due to her upbringing.


  • Alcohol: 12 is an alcoholic and drinks to excess on a regular basis
  • Drugs: is not opposed to smoking or chewing any kind of drug offered to her, but does not go looking for it actively

2.2  Skills


  • Horse gentling: (Master): Can train a horse from the wild to tameness in the course of about two months, if allowed to work with it daily.
  • Farrier: (Journeyman): Can trim and maintain the health of horse and bovine hooves, can even shoe if the materials are available.
  • Rope making: (Accomplished): Can make strong single and double braided rope out of a variety of materials.
  • Knife play: (Novice): Knows how to cut you, but isn't extremely skilled.
  • Bi-lingual: (Master) Knows English fluently and speaks native Spanish


  • Booze: Gets drunk often and is vulnerable during these times, and extremely impressionable.
  • Physical strength: Being undernourished in youth and adulthood, she does not have the bulk to back up her wiry muscles.
  • Social graces: If you look up 'uncouth' in the dictionary, you'd see a picture of her.
  • Illiterate: 12 was never taught how to read or write.
  • Hygiene: Doesn't really take care of herself physically; is often dirty, smelly, and parasite-ridden

3.  Connections

3.1  Family

  • TBD

3.2  Relationships

Key Relationships

  • Lyssa Fontaine -- Frenchie
    • closest thing to a 'best friend' Twelve could get
  • Johnathan Winthrop -- Espejo
    • the only person she has revealed her past to, she sees him as her counterpart in many ways
    • one of her preferred lovers
  • Zsorthia Mercedes -- The Red Lady
    • one of her preferred lovers
    • her partner in crime; they have a good hustle

She is decent with...

She'll happily kick the ass of...

  • TBD

Notable Meet & Greets

Minor NPCs





Can be Referenced...

Orville (mule) -- currently MIA

credit: onlyinark.com

  • NPC Type: Minor NPC
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Catalan Donkey/Thoroughbred Mule
  • Date of Birth: 5/18/2017
  • Appearance: A dark colored and long legged mule, more of the horse shows through than the donkey
  • Personality:
    • Cantankerous and stubborn
    • Likes apples and scratches
    • Ignores strangers for the most part
  • Skills:
    • Cart trained
    • Saddle and bit broke
    • Pack mule
  • TBD

4.  History

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4.1  Pre-‘Souls History

Born to a slave coy dog brood-mother and an unknown coyote father, she is her mother's 12th child, and was born into a litter of three. At birth she was branded with her number, and her ears and tail were cropped, as was custom with the slaves. As a puppy she was pretty much ignored by both slaves and slave-masters alike, allowed to be fed at her mother's teat with few worries. She was not aware of her social condition until she came of age. Of course with sexual maturity came more attention, and she was frequently bedded by both her master and other high-born wolves.

She and the other slaves belonging to the wolf-dog worked his plantation and stables; 12 eventually was put to working with the horses. As she matured, she began to put little care into her appearance, frequently being punished for failing to partake in even the most basic of hygiene. The scars from the lashings eventually became part of the shroud of ugliness she wanted to hide behind. Soon, men no longer took her to bed, and the only reason she remained in servitude was due to her skill with the horses. In adulthood, she learned to break, tame, shoe, and even tend to horses medically.

Eventually, the master had a son who came of age, and wanted to learn more about horsemanship. 12 was told to teach him all she knew, and after spending a great deal of time with him, they began to bond. For the first time in 12's life she felt as if she had worth, for the master's son treated her with respect. For a time, she even believed he may be falling in love with her, as eventually his respect turned to gentle wooing. 12 began to have fantasize of running away with the boy, starting a new life, and maybe even a family; a fresh start. She divulged this dream to only her sister, someone she believed she could trust.

One day, the son had her summoned to the stables late at night. 12 quickly packed her essentials, and went to meet him, thinking that they were going to steal away together. But when she entered the stables, not only did she find the son but also several of his friends. It was revealed then that the son had been playing her all along, that his affections were only a ploy to have her groomed for his play thing. At this point, she was quite the beautiful young woman, and had taken to bathing and freshening herself often, in anticipation of his affections; she was a jewel among the slaves, despite her scars.

He had called her there so that he and his friends could rape her.

12, distraught and full of anguish, pulled her knife from her pack and slit the son's throat, and then gutted the rest of his friends.

With the blood still on her hands, she quickly packed up her items onto a mule and got the hell out of dodge. She traveled North, not stopping until she made it out of the Everglades, only then did she take time to relax, despite knowing that bounty hunters would most likely be on her tail. So, she continued onward for several months, until eventually settling in New York. There, among the bustling society, she disappeared into obscurity, and figured that no one would be able to find her.

She spent a good two years in New York, and was lucky to find herself an apprenticeship under a black-smith. From her training with him, she honed her skills with shoeing horses, a necessity in the city, were cobblestone and crumbling concrete were harsh on equine feet. She soon became the premier farrier of her burrow; but with notoriety came wealth, and with wealth came shame. 12 hated elitists, and felt she was becoming too comfortable with her life and had gained too much success. She began to drink more heavily, and spent a lot of her time at the brothels, spending nearly all her income from her trade and gaining a large amount of debt.

After she felt she had exhausted her time in New York, and to escape lone-sharks and debt collectors, she left the city in the early morning of the first day of spring, once again heading North. Her destination; Nova Scotia; when she was still young and a slave, her brood-mother had told her of the place up in the cold and had sworn up and down that their family had once been free there. She doubted the story was true, but there was no harm in finding out. Besides, up there was the wild-west of the Luperci world, where the packs were still barbaric and even a fuck up and former slave like her could settle, do hard work, and perhaps die comfortably.

5.  Summary & Thread Archive

5.1  2019 • THE WILD NORTH

Key Events

  • Summary: TBD


  1. Apr. 23 - [M] Bottom of the Barrel
    A drunken Twelve is rescued by DCG members.
  2. Apr. 24 - [M] Home Cannot Be Found at the Bottom of a Bottle
    A sobering Twelve meets Lyssa Fontaine.
  3. Apr. 29 - [M] have I ever told you 'bout the time I -
    Twelve gallivants with Santiago Tejada and Calhoun Escuella.
  4. May. 1 - [M] the world is a wild place
    Twelve meets Boone Winthrop.
  5. May. 4 - [M] Yippee ki yay
    Twelve and Lyssa steal a horse.
  6. May. 5 - [M] sugar on my tongue, trigger on your gun
    Twelve and Waynescott Wyatt do the do.
  7. May. 7 - [M] It's a broken Hallelujah
    Twelve meets Johnathan Winthrop... they do the do.
  8. May. 8 - [M] And if you can stay then I'll show you the way
    Twelve talks with Dahlia de le Poer about horsemandship.
  9. May. 11 - i dreamed a dream
    Twelve meets Iomair.
  10. May. 16 - [M] strange hands halted me, the looming shadows danced
    Calhoun 's decapitated body shows up in camp.
  11. May. 20 - [M] like a pair of thieves, tumbled locks and broken codes
    Wayne and Twelve chase after Dolores Kasper and posse.
  12. Jun. 5 - sooner or later God will cut you down
    The Del Cenere Gang is formed.
  13. Jun. 7 - There's a thin dark cloud in the evening air
    The Ashen gather to proclaim their skills.
  14. Jun. 10 - [M] A Tisket, A Tasket
    Twelve tries to woo Lyssa and fails miserably.
  1. Jun. 12 - [M] Lady Of The Lake
    Twelve gets it on with Zsorthia Mercedes.
  2. Jun. 12 - [M] Gotta stop them crazy horses on the run
    Twelve gives Lyssa first aid after she steals a horse.
  3. Jun. 13 - [M] Sonder
    Twelve meets Vesper and Clover.
  4. Jul. 1 - [M] Headed Into Town
    Twelve and very pregnant Evelyn Escuella discover a shop in Charmingtown.
  5. Jul. 9 - [M] Of Mice and Men
    Twelve sees what Nazario thinks of her.
  6. Jul. 10 - [M] On a stormy sea, tossed in the waves
    Twelves tends to John's mule.
  7. Jul. 15 - when it's burning low
    Dahlia and Boone get hitched.
  8. Jul. 15 - [M] The world spins like a weather vane, fragile and composed
    Twelve and John commiserate at the wedding.
  9. Jul. 17 - [M] I Wanna Be a Dentist
    Twelve helps Dahlia with her horse's rotten tooth.
  10. Jul. 18 - [M] The Tooth Fairy
    Twelve gets kicked in the head by a horse, Clover tends to her.
  11. Jul. 20 - [M] Why Do you always risk everything?
    Lyssa comes to Twelve's bedside, Twelve dismisses her and their friendship.
  12. Aug. 4 - [M] The World is Quiet Here
    Twelve is feeling better, spends some time with Wayne.
  13. Aug. 21 - [M] He'd make a very nice throw rug
    Twelve and Tamara de le Poer chase down a bear.
  14. Sep. 2 - [M] Salt in the Wound
    Twelve and John preserve some meet.
  15. Sep. 8 - [M] Fart Kitten
    Twelve and Lyssa make up.
  1. Sep. 27 - [M] Fire aint' scarin' me, I got ice in my veins, you see
    Twelve has some real talk with John.
  2. Oct. 1 - [M] Hangnails & Horseshoes
    Twelve tends to Zsorthia's horse.
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