Éponine Fauchelevent

Éponine is the firstborn daughter of Jacquez Trouillefou, born to Fantine Benoît Fauchelevent in Tampa Florida. She lives in the southern US all her life, and has developed an unhealthy fixation on seeing her father again. Eventually she comes to New Orleans and finds Jacquez there, where she pretends to be his blind friend Ruri Aceline and plies him with alcohol so that he does not realize otherwise. She goes so far as to sleep with him, bearing two children of incest: Cosette Fauchelevent Trouillefou, and Clopin Benoît Trouillefou. Then Jacquez chases her from the city, finally accepting that she could not be Ruri after all, though he never realizes he is her father. Éponine is brokenhearted by his rejection, and starves herself to death. The fate of her offspring is unknown.

Éponine Fauchelevent

NPC ofMiyu
Name Origincharacters from the French novel: Les Miserables.
Date of Birth18 Sep 2008
Date of Death29 Aug 2012
Subspecies100% Canis lupus familiaris
Strongest breed influenceAustralian Shepherd, Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Rough Collie.
Weaker breed influenceSmooth Collie, Irish Setter, Belgian Malinois Shepherd, other.
Birth placeTampa
Death placeNew Orleans


Fantine Benoît Fauchelevent was one of the French-speaking dogs in Tampa that joined Jacquez Trouillefou's first pack. She befriended Rogue de l'Or, Seraphine, and others that would eventually join his sailing crew and travel north to Canada. She, however, did not share their dream of leaving Florida. In the fall of 2008, the Australian Shepherd cross bore Jacquez two children, a daughter she named Éponine Fauchelevent, and a son named Gavroche Benoît?. As a child Éponine displayed a hero-like worship of her father, the self-proclaimed king, and wanted to follow him everywhere. However, Jacquez already had someone to fill that role: Ruri Aceline. In the spring, Jacquez and Ruri gathered the crew and sailed off to 'Souls, never to return.

Éponine, roughly six months old at the time, was furious that her mother had not allowed her to travel with them. She ran away from home in an attempt to follow, but her efforts failed and she eventually returned to Tampa months later, sadder but wiser. Gavroche was gone, but Fantine welcomed her home again, and the two dogs lived peacefully together until the summer of 2010. An illness swept the city, affecting both mother and daughter. Éponine recovered, but Fantine did not. She buried her mother and finally left Tampa for good.

Éponine traveled the southern United States, adventurous and free-spirited, never staying in one place for long. She was beautiful and charming, but never took a lover; no male lived up the standard of her father, so she was not interested in suitors. When she turned three, she found the city of New Orleans and became enamored with everything about it. She was particularly fascinated with a broken-down theatre she found, and began to appropriate the masks and costumes and pretend to be someone else just for the thrill. Everyone she met was told a different name and story.

At some point, she heard rumors of the arrival of a king, a tall collie-dog with one arm. Éponine never forgot the father that left during her childhood, and begins to chase these whispers to their source. Jacquez Trouillefou did indeed come to her city, and she is overjoyed to see that he has come alone. When she confronts him, he is in a drunken stupor and mistakes her merle fur and blue eye for his old companion, Ruri Aceline. Deciding he would like her better if she played along, Éponine adopts the role and calls herself Ruri.

She follows him everywhere, plying him with alcohol and living out her fantasy. It is not long before Jacquez makes sexual advances on her, claiming he has always been in love with Ruri, the only female he could develop feelings for. Éponine is so swept up in her role that she sleeps with him, becoming his lover. It is something of a dream come true, finally gaining her father's attention and love, albeit in a very twisted way. She becomes pregnant and bears him two children, which she names Cosette and Clopin. However, a deluded Jacquez finally realizes that she is not blind, meaning she cannot be his Ruri. In a rage, he chases his daughter and their children from the city. She is brokenhearted, and never recovers; by the end of August, she stops eating and starves herself to death.


Family: Benoît Fauchelevent x Trouillefou


Éponine's lineage combines many herding breeds, the various collies and shepherds contributing her blue merle genes. She is small, petite in stature and graceful in movement. With a long silky coat, her fur is wispy and soft, giving her a beautiful and delicate appearance. She is almost entirely white, with a patch of merled slate-grey and a reddish highlight over one eye, tying her to her sire. There are streaks of silver in her floppy ears and down her back. One eye is the dark brown of her sire, the other is affected by the merle pigment loss and remains a pale blue. When shifted, as she usually is, her silver mane is long and straight, falling past her shoulders.