Éloise Aston

Éloise Aston

Éloise, by Kate
Name Meaning"health"; "Eston east town; ash tree settlement"
Name OriginGerman, French
Date of BirthSeptember 23, 2003
Age> 7 years
Subspecies90% Canis lupus arctos ortus
10% Canis lupus albus ortus
Birth placeLac Sakami, Jamésie, Quebec, Canada
Current packUnknown
'Souls Profile

Previous Pack


Joining dateNovember 3, 2011

La haine de la nuit

Joining dateSeptember 23, 2003
Previous Rank(s)Puppy
SignificanceBirthpack; member
Co-RankAny if you want!

Éloise Aston is sister to Tayui, Aurèle, Honoré, and Bart and littermate to her deceased sister, Karina.

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    1.   3.1  Family
    2.   3.2  Extended Family
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1.  History

Éloise was born alongside Karina to Adélaide and Torben. However, Torben's ex-mate, Amarante, was grievously jealous, and sought to murder all of Torben's children with Adélaide. With the assistance of her daughter, Liesl, Amarante moved to carry out her plan. However, she got into an argument with Liesl, who then chased Amarante out of the territory. Liesl then set out to fulfil her mother's wishes and murdered Karina. However, Liesl was not a bad person at heart, and after she realized what she had done, she killed herself.

Éloise ran away from the pack, fearing Liesl would come after her next. Barthélémy tried to find her and was horribly confused as to where she went. As his only friend, he was very upset over the death of his one sister and the disappearance of another. She eventually returned home with the assistance of a nomadic group of luperci.

When Éloise returned to the pack, she discovered that Tayui and Amarante had disappeared and Liesl was dead. Eventually, Barthélémy, Honoré and Aurèle all left the pack. (It is up to you to decide when Éloise left! You can also decide how much she learned about Amarante's plan [if at all], or if she forgot about the incident.) When Éloise left, Barthélémy followed her, not wanting to lose her again.

2.  Personality

Él is very cheerful and forgiving, and strongly believes in second chances.

2.1  Language

Since Éloise was born in northern Quebec, it is likely she would have learned Quebec French. However, the Aston family lives with a group of Cree wolves and therefore speak Cree as well. Éloise would likely speak Cree and you could also develop a very rich history that intertwines with the Cree wolves.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

3.2  Extended Family

See the Aston family for more information.

4.  Appearance

Her fur is mostly white and grey. She has blue eyes.

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