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by Despi

Thị Ánh is a (reluctant) member of New Caledonia.






  • Date of Birth: February 12th, 2015
  • Birthname: Ánh Văn Linh
  • Sex: Male
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Species: Dingo
  • Birthplace: Đất của Ngài, Vietnam
  • Name Meaning:
    • Ánh: Intelligent, bright
    • Thị: Of/belonging to (female only middle name)
    • Linh: Soul, spirit
  • Nickname: Thị Ánh
  • Pronunciation:
    • Full name: Ang Tee Ling
    • Nickname: Tee Ang

Mitra · 2009 · Wood turtle · Male

  • Mitra is a gentle turtle with a sweet temperment who Thị Ánh rescued from an abusive trader in Portland in 2018. Despite his past abuse, he is trusting of others and is very comfortable with being touched and held. Thị Ánh loves him dearly, and doesn't consider him a pet, but a friend.

Nhím · 2014 · Draft horse mix · Blue roan dappled mare

  • Much like her namesake, the porcupine, Nhím is a very defensive creature. She is cautious around strangers, and isn't very affectionate unless she knows the person well. She gets nervous around other horses and animals, but Thị Ánh and Mitra always seem to calm her down. She's large and sturdy and can carry several saddle bags and supplies.

Pack Information

Plot Potential & OOC Assumptions

  • New Caledonia members may reference seeing Thị Ánh doing the following:
    • Working in the gardens
    • Flirting with other members
    • Getting high
    • Selling her wares

1.  Appearance

1.1  Essentials


  • Build
    • Lupus: Short, sturdy, and muscular, but not quite as bulky as a wolf. Tail is short and rests above her hock.
    • Secui: Much bulkier, looks boxy and strong. Her fur grows thicker around her neck.
    • Optime: Stocky and muscular, but not too bulky. Her shoulders are wide and her limbs are short and toned. She has slight abs and overall looks pretty strong.
  • Fur
    • Length: Very short, not good in cold weather.
    • Texture: Straight and matte.
  • Hair
    • Length: Very long, just past her waist.
    • Texture: Thick and glossy with a gentle wave.
    • Style: Generally up in a high ponytail wrapped in a teal cord.
  • Facial features
    • Shape: Boxy, but still lengthy. Has a long snout and very large rounded ears.
  • Accessories
    • Clothes: Generally wears her Áo bà ba, but wears her Ao dài on special occasions, or when she just wants to feel pretty.
    • Jewellery: Wears earrings, necklaces, bangles, diadems, hairpins, broaches, and many other treasures she’s collected during her travels.
  • Body Modifications
    • Tattoos: Has a dark brown tattoo of a turtle on her left flank.
    • Piercings: Has three piercings in each ear.
By Songbird


 Whiskey Sour (#CF935E)
 Fallow (#BF946D)
 Calico (#D9AD85)
 Negroni (#EDC6A1)
 Givry (#F0D4B0)
 Linen (#F9F3EC)
 Taupe (#483A2F)
 Cork (#5E5045)
 Amulet (#76A56C)


  • Fur: Predominately Givry, markings of Linen, Whiskey Sour, Negroni, Calico, and Fallow.
  • Eyes: Amulet
  • Optime Hair: Linen which fades into Whiskey Sour near the tips.
  • Nose and Paw Pads: Taupe
  • Tattoo: Cork

44 lbs (20 kg)
23 in (59 cm)

135 lbs (61 kg)
39 in (100 cm)

170 lbs (77 kg)
5ft 8in (70 in / 177 cm)


  • Speech: Speaks in a very light Vietnamese accent. Has a high voice for a biological male, but still clearly male, so she speaks in falsetto to mask it. Very classy and refined way of speaking.
  • Scent: Earthy, mossy, herbs and spices, smoke, leather.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Flings hair, cocks hips, crosses legs and ankles, taps chin with finger.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Feminine, confident, dominant but not showy, relaxed, calm.

1.2  Images

lineart by dinoPharaoh, colour by me c:

2.  Personality

Thị Ánh is a free-spirit with a heart for adventure. She can be quite aloof, distant, and unpredictable, but makes for pleasant company— that is, if you’re able to tie her down long enough to chat. She is restless and constantly moving from place to place, loving soaking up new cultures and experiences, but never staying long enough to truly belong anywhere. She has a very spontaneous nature, often making split-second decisions that have lasting consequences— good or bad. The outcome doesn’t seem to bother her, though, she just keeps pushing forward and moving on to the next “big thing”. She is a fairly composed individual, making it difficult to get her worked up. That said, at her core, Thị Ánh is actually quite insecure— a result of her cult upbringing and her family’s rejection of her identity. She almost never shows her vulnerable side, however, instead masking it with her studies, projects, and travels. But now, several years later, Thị Ánh has begun to grow weary. She came to 'Souls hoping to reignite her adventurous spirit, but all it's accomplished is made her wonder if settling down might be the right thing to do after all.

2.1  Traits


  • Outlook: Optimistic
  • Sociability: Introverted, but likes "people watching". She still enjoys good company, just not 24/7. Relaxed dominant (unless someone's really pushing her buttons).
  • Expression: Relaxed dominant, composed, easily amused, hard to faze, free-spirited, aloof, eccentric, think wine aunt.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
    • "True neutral characters tend to remain nonjudgmental and uncommitted to any moral, legal, or philosophical system beyond the basic tenets of their own society."
    • "If an ally is in need, the true neutral will aid him, out of genuine love or because he may be able to count on that ally a little more in the future. If someone else is in need, they will weigh the options of the potential rewards and dangers associated with the act. If an enemy is in need, they will ignore him or take advantage of his misfortune."
    • "True neutrals are offended by those who are opinionated or bigoted. A "hell-fire and brimstone" lawful good priest is just as offensive as a neutral evil racial supremacist in their eyes."
    • "True neutral individuals do not lack interest, ambition, or passion—they value their own well-being and that of friends and loved ones."
    • "True neutral characters are indifferent to the concepts of self-discipline and honor, finding them useful only if they can be used to advance their own interests."
  • Tropes:


  • Discovering new cultures, languages, and aesthetics,
  • Growing as an Apothecary
  • Becoming fully accepted as a woman
  • Finding a core group who accepts her for who she is


  • Loss of freedom
  • Not being accepted as a woman
  • Dying young


  • Extremists: The only people Thị Ánh is particularly biased against are those who take themselves and their beliefs too seriously— especially when said beliefs interfere with her way of life. Chaotic or lawful, she just wants everyone to calm down and let her live as she pleases.


  • Bisexual
    • Likes sweeping her partners off their feet, but also likes to be pampered and treated like a princess.
    • No preference towards her partners being masculine or feminine.
    • Wants to be treated like a lady, but respected as an equal.
    • Hates being fetishized because of her sex.


  • Kim Quy: Thị Ánh was born into Đất của Ngài, the home of a strict, extremist cult devoted to Kim Quy, also known as the Golden Turtle God.

    Following her banishment and supposed meeting with Kim Quy (see History), she remained devoted to him, but it was a different kind of devotion than what she learned in Đất của Ngài. Instead of believing Kim Quy was angry with Luperci for their hedonism and debauchery, she believed that by revealing himself to her and proving that even as a trans woman, she was enlightened, that Kim Quy was an accepting god who was perfectly okay with his people living as another gender or liking the same sex, as well as breaking any of his other so-called "tenets".

    Although Thị Ánh still respects and believes in Kim Quy, she does not feel beholden to him anymore. She sees their meeting as confirmation that she's doing the right thing by leaving, and that the cult's strict regiment of worship and living "purely" is no longer necessary for her to live a valid life. She sees him as more of a guiding, supportive figure who is looking out for her from afar, and she respects that support by praying to him every now and again, and by performing small rituals. She does not feel any moral obligations to him, however, and believes he is a god who just wants his people to live freely and as they please.


Thị Ánh's tried too many substances to count. She is deeply passionate about her profession as an Apothecary, leading her to experiment with many plants, medicines, and even poisons. She keeps a detailed journal of all the substances she's experimented with throughout her travels, and doesn't plan to stop anytime soon. She views the use of these substances as both a natural and spiritual experience, and never feels happier than when her hands are in the dirt gardening, or in her workspace processing new concoctions.


  • Likes: Apothecary related activities, aesthetics, turtles, gardening, getting high, people watching, travelling, flirting, messing with people, the macabre
  • Dislikes: Bigots and extremists, relying on tradition, tooth and claw combat, those who disrespect nature

2.2  Skills


  • Apothecary: Thị Ánh's been experimenting with natural medicines and poisons as long as she's had hands. Although she is incredibly adept at discovering new concoctions, she still has a lot to learn about 'Souls flora.
  • Gardening: Although poison and medicine are her passions, she is adept at growing and harvesting various crops and flowers. However, as previously stated, she still has lots to learn about 'Souls flora.
  • Rope dart: She fell in love with the skill, control, and raw power required for this form of combat during her time in China. She ended up spending most of her stay training instead of researching their flora as intended. After years of practice, she is now quite lethal, although she still has a lot to learn.
  • Blowgun: The first weapon she ever trained with. She is quite adept with it as well, although she spent more time studying the poisons to dip the darts in as opposed to the skill required to shoot. She is still skilled, but could use practice to perfect her aim, accuracy, and distance.
  • Kukri: Her last resort weapon. She prefers the long-range capabilities of the rope dart and blow gun, but understands the necessity of having a close-range weapon. Her strength makes up for her skill with the blade, but she could really use a mentor to hone her underdeveloped skills.
  • Styling/grooming: Thị Ánh has an excellent eye for aesthetics, and can make even the grungiest old man look passable. Her speciality is in hairstyling.
  • Sewing: Not as developed as her styling skills, but she's still proficient. Can mend with ease, but still learning to make clothes from scratch.
  • Languages/adapting to cultures: Thị Ánh has little trouble getting over culture shock, and can relax into most cultures quickly. She is also quick to learn new tongues, but her commitment issues make it difficult for her to stay in one place for long and truly feel like a part of their community.


  • Tooth and claw combat: She is very unpracticed, and if she were caught without her weapons, things could get messy real fast.
  • Commitment: Thị Ánh has trouble staying in one place for too long or keeping close relationships, for that matter. She just can't seem to shake her restlessness, which has made her into a very aloof adult.
  • Insecurity: As relaxed as she seems, Thị Ánh is still deeply insecure about her gender. She'll rarely flinch in front of others if they insult her for living as a woman, but internally, it leaves lasting mental scars that can be hard to shake. Even though she won't admit it, her family's rejection and disownment still wounds her deep to this day.
  • Cold weather: Her fur and build aren't really made for colder climates. She can try to compensate with clothes, but winters are definitely challenging for her.
  • Impulsiveness: Thị Ánh is prone to impulsive and spontaneous decisions, which can sometimes lead to dire consequences.


  • Vietnamese: Still fluent, but out of practice.
  • English: Completely fluent.
  • Mandarin: Proficient.
  • Hindi: Proficient.
  • Mongolian: Conversational.
  • Italian: Conversational.
  • Any other languages she started to learn aren't well-developed/practised enough to list

3.  Connections

3.1  Family

  • Mother: Mai Thị Linh
  • Father: Thuy Văn Linh
  • Littermate: Hiến Văn Linh
  • Siblings: Nguyệt Thị Linh, Hằng Thị Linh

KEY: Deceased

  • Family: Linh

3.2  Relationships

Key Relationships

  • Characters is an important fellow and I'm gonna tell you why

Positive Relationships

  • Characters made a big happy impact because reasons
  • Characters is also worth knowing and here's why you should know lalala

Poor Relationships

Notable Associations

4.  Property


  • Áo bà ba (white top, black bottom)
  • Áo dài (Teal top, white bottom)
  • Leather gardening gloves
  • Mongolian winter jacket
  • Multi-purpose leather belt with holsters (holds book, bottles of poison, and kukri)
  • Various pieces of jewellery from around the world
  • Long teal cord with tassles to tie hair


  • Blowgun with shoulder strap and darts
  • Rope dart
  • Kukri
  • Apothecary journal, pens, and ink
  • Bottles for medicines/poisons
  • Saddlebags with basket woven dart holster attached
  • Woven teal bridle, teal and jade coloured saddle blanket, and a western saddle
  • Wooden tobacco pipe

4.1  Trade

Offered Goods

  • Poison
  • Medicine
  • Herbs
  • Poison-tipped darts
  • Weed

Requested Goods

  • Jewellery
  • Warm clothes
  • Gardening tools
  • Knowledge of local flora and fauna
  • Knowledge of current packs/loner groups

5.  History

5.1  Đất của Ngài - 2015-2016

Thị Ánh was born in February 2015 to the current Đấng Tối Cao of Đất của Ngài, Thuy Văn Linh, and his wife, Mai Thị Linh. She was the couple’s firstborn son, meaning that when her father died, she would inherit his role as Đấng Tối Cao.

She was raised in a very strict environment, and the pressure to become a successful future leader for their people moulded her into an incredibly dedicated son, as well as a devout follower of Kim Quy. Any feelings she harboured that questioned her devotion were repressed under the indoctrinating environment and fear of repercussions. Her father was so pleased with her progress that he sent her on recruitment missions before she even reached the required age of one. She left their settlement for the first time at eight months old, escorted at first, but still free to wander from the confines of their community. She met several different people of various backgrounds and species, all with incredible stories to tell. At first, she was just excited to introduce new kinds of people to the sacred word of Kim Quy, but it wasn’t until she was around ten months old that her worldview began to take a different turn.

On a solo mission, she came across someone who was born a man, but lived life as a woman. This lifestyle was seen as incredibly sinful and blasphemous in her community because of Kim Quy’s tenets of sexual purity, but after talking to the Luperci, things started to click in Thị Ánh’s mind. She found herself inexplicably drawn to the strange Luperci, choosing to skip her recruitment duties in favour of sitting with her and talking for hours on end. At first, she told herself that she just really wanted to help this person realize they couldn’t live this way if they wanted to reach enlightenment, but as the days dragged on, Thị Ánh began to realize that she didn’t loathe this woman, she envied her.

Her mission ended with her breaking down and sobbing in the stranger’s arms, terrified that she’d be struck down by Kim Quy’s power for even considering the fact that she’d rather live as a woman than a man. After being exposed to the fact that she could live the way she felt inside, however, Thị Ánh could no longer live the false life of the perfect son and follower of Kim Quy. If her god were to strike her down, then so be it.

Over the following months, she began rebelling in small, but powerful ways. At eleven months old she began having an affair with an older man living in a nearby village, an act that broke almost all of Kim Quy’s tenets of sexual purity. When she was away from home, she would tell her father she was on a solo mission, but in reality, she was in town dressing as a woman and taking part in their local “debauchery”. At twelve months old, her father caught her stowing away a dress and jewellery under her mattress, and after harsh questioning, he completely disowned her, calling her a disgrace and permanently banishing her from their community. After all, such sin cannot be tolerated in Đấng Tối Cao’s son.

She left in tears, certain that Kim Quy would strike her down any moment, but as she fled to their sacred lake to beg for his forgiveness, a large soft-shelled turtle rose from the depths, surfacing its head to stare and nod at her before diving back down. In their community, they believed the only turtle that lived in that lake to be Kim Quy himself, and only the truly pure or enlightened were able to see him. Even though her father had told her that Kim Quy saw her as an abomination, the god himself seemed to be telling her that she was doing the right thing by being herself. It was clear to her now that her father had been lying to her.

With her god’s blessing filling her with determination, she wiped her tears, bowed to the turtle, and made her way from Đất của Ngài for the final time. From that day on, she would no longer be known by the male name of Văn Ánh, but instead by the feminine name, Thị Ánh.

5.2  Travels - 2016-2018

After being banished from her home as a yearling, Thị Ánh devoted her life to exploring the beautiful world her family hid from her. Now that she believed Kim Quy would accept her, sin and all, she vowed to try as many new things as possible, and to never stop trying until she dropped dead.

She spent the next two years or so travelling throughout East Asia, up into Eurasia, down through the Middle East, and eventually out towards the Mediterranean. She never stayed in one place for more than a few months, choosing instead to constantly challenge herself and fully immerse herself into new cultures and experiences.

Her love for horticulture that she suppressed and hid because it was considered a “girl’s” job in Đất của Ngài was something she was finally able to explore freely through her travels. She kept an apothecary journal with her at all times to record the various flora of the world and their uses. She still carries and uses that journal to this day. She also spent her time trying new skills, hobbies, forms of combat, collecting jewellery, and studying fashion from various cultures of differing tastes.

In the summer of 2017, she met an Italian sailor called Dante at a port in Athens, and the two quickly bonded over their shared love of travel and spontaneous adventures. Thị Ánh never grew close to anyone the way she did with Dante, and they grew so close, in fact, that she moved in with him in Sicily from September to December. Dante soon realized that she was unhappy being tied down with him, so in an effort to spark her sense of adventure once again, he offered to sail her over the Atlantic so she could explore a whole new continent. She accepted his offer enthusiastically, and the two began their month or so journey from Sicily to Portland in January— stopping in Barbados along the way.

5.3  Portland - February-April 2018

In late February, Thị Ánh finally stepped foot on entirely new land. She wished Dante safe travels back home to Sicily, and immediately began soaking up the new world around her.

In Portland, she traded exotic poisons for a horse the trader considered "trouble" because she was skittish and difficult to calm. Although this proved to be true, with patience and small steps, Thị Ánh slowly began to earn the mare's trust. She named her Nhím, the Vietnamese word for porcupine because she's defensive like one, but not harmful if you're careful.

She spent a few months in Portland carefully working on earning Nhím's trust and training her to be obedient. In early April, confident with Nhím's progress, she finally decided to venture north to explore the intriguing land of 'Souls. Just before she left, she encountered a trader trying to sell a small turtle who looked incredibly weak and poorly cared for. Caught up in another one of her impulsive episodes, she stole the turtle and made her way from the city before the trader could even notice the creature was gone.

Thị Ánh named the turtle Mitra, a Hindi name meaning 'friend'. She gave him this name because he was surprisingly comfortable being handled despite his apparent abuse. She felt an instant connection with him, not just because of her faith, but also because of how well he seemed to fit in her life. He felt like a part of her past, Đất của Ngài, but also her future here in 'Souls.

5.4  Souls - April 2018-Today

Thị Ánh travelled all over the 'Souls region, gathering information and trading with Luperci of all sorts. She eventually set up camp in the secluded safety of the Howling Caverns, but still maintained her semi-nomadic life by leaving when the weather got too cold or she felt too restless to stay confined to one area.

A year into her arrival at 'Souls, Thị Ánh begins to long for her months spent with Dante. She thought travelling overseas would help her forget silly desires like relationships, but she only succeeded in making herself feel lonely— something she never allowed herself to feel before. She'd spent the best years of her life aloof and isolated, and now she worries that it's the only way she knows how to live. Although she won't admit it outright, the thought of settling down almost sounds... nice.

5.5  Post Log & Archives

January 2017

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March 2017

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