Ángel Fàbregas i Reus

Ángel Fàbregas i Reus

Ángel, by Sie
Name Meaning
Name Origin
Date of BirthMay 4, 2006
Age6 years
Subspecies60% Canis latrans thamnos
30% Canis lupus signatus
10% Canis lupus familiaris
Birth placeLlivia, Catalonia
Current packInferni

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Joining dateDecember 13, 2011
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Ángel was a Hastati of Inferni. He sired two litters of pups in 2012, the first by Amy Sunders. After Amy's litter perished, he conceived a litter with his packmate Emmanuelle Brenna. In the late summer, he left Inferni and his unborn offspring behind for reasons unknown. None of his children survived. He later returned to Barcelona and settled down again with a wolf named Sofia, and later had three pups with her. Carles(who is eerily alike to his deceased son of the same name), Gerard and Victor. Angel now believes he's found his reason to live, through his sons and fourth serious lover. He is a lot happier than he used to be.


Born in the small town of Llivia, Catalonia. His father was originally from the city of Barcelona, while his mother was a native of Reus, Tarragona. Since Llivia was separate from the rest of Spain by a corridor two kilomiles wide containing the French commues of Ur and Bourg-Madame, Angel grew up trilingual. (Catalan, Spanish and French). So they moved out of their crowded farm house, leaving it in the care of their cousin and his family and left for the large city of Barcelona. His life was boring to start off with, similar to most pups.

Like his father, himself and his brothers were expected to take up the fisherman's life, as it was good, bone building and it paid well, though this choice of lifestyle was not forced upon them. In the end only his brother Tomeu chose the fisher's life. Antoni chose to study art and Menor chose to work in craft and trading. His sister Ana chose to study art like Antoni, but using fabric instead of pencils. Angel was tempted by the open sea, and trained alongside his father and brother for a while before swapping his net for a dagger and became a reputable hitman. When he reached adulthood, he gained a mate, by the name of Maria.

One warm night, they ventured up to Park Guell to celebrate their anniversary. The area was somewhat crowded, an arranged fight was scheduled and food and drink was readily avalible. At the fight, there was a group of men, just out of adolecence and with no real commoon sense. They soon filled themselves up on wine and became drunk. A fight came soon after with a larger crowd and while most of them had calmed down and left, two stayed. When Angel appeared to send them off, as he had an almost lawful reputation, they targetted his mate. Not knowing what they were doing, they killed her and in a fit of rage Angel killed both of them in front of the crowd. Embarrassed and ashamed, he ran home with his mate's body, only stopping to return her to her father's home and apologise. He was so distraught he offered his dagger to the man, giving him the chance to kill him. Maria's father turned him away, telling him to go home and rest, and assuring him that he tried his best to save her and treated her well enough in life. So he did go home, he spent the night with his parents and siblings. All tried to console him, but to no avail. He stayed in Barcelona for a while, making often visits to the local whore's and drinking. Uncontent with staying in the city his mate lost her life in, he left for South America. Taking only the medallion, daggers and a few other odds and ends, plus junk to buy his passage, he travelled to Lisbon, by foot and sailed away.

He lived in Argentina for some time, managing a trading company dealing in the exotics, but still again is was too much like home, so he travelled to Canada, hoping that the weather would punish him more than death ever could.


Before the murder of his mate, Angel was cheery, a regular guy. Enjoying spending time with his family and friends. Looking forward to having his own family. After the incident, he became stoic, even to his own family. While he does not allow himself to love, he has no quams about attachmentless one nighters. Before he left Barcelona, he was popular with the local hookers, due to his need for physicality but hatred for love. He left and became a hitman for anyone who needs it. He works for free, having no need or want for anything except the impossible (His deceased mate back). He owns nothing, choosing to walk on his own feet rather than ride horses and working for what he needs. Angel was and probably still will be, fiercly protective over the ones he loves and cares for. When Maria was attacked he tried in vain to protect her, although he was outnumbered. He feels bad that she died while he only sufered temporary wounds, none of which scarred.Except for when he is angry, he is never really rude of nasty, his most common description is blunt and stoic.

While being an all together peaceful, caring, gentle Christian family, Angel's a radical. His views are very strong and out there. He is opposed to gays, sex before mateship, exessive drinking, smoking and drug taking, abandoning your family, violence for fun, blasphemy, exessive swearing, murder, abuse, adultery, people who don't believe, other religions and lots of other things. Granted he doesn't front these views often but they tick around in his head constantly. He's also broken most of these in the past. He's broke most of them and still does occasionally, but he believes that he is the exception.

Angel has a tendency to cite Shakespeare and the Bible, anything except Romeo and Juliet. He hates that one.

Another thing to note about him is that he does believe in science alongside his religion.



  • Parents — Carme Reus i Garcia, Xavier 'Xavi' Fabregas i Costa
  • Littermates — Xavier 'Menor' Fabregas i Reus II, Bartomeu 'Tomeu' Fabregas i Reus
  • Siblings — Antoni Fabregas i Reus, Ana Fabregas i Reus
  • Nieces/Nephewsby Menor Carme Villa i Fabregas, David Villa i Fabregas
  • MateMaria Serra i Soler
  • Offspring





With a solid black pelt and no markings or deviations in his coat colour, Angel comes across as lightly menacing. His eyes are an erie pale icy blue eyes, and they look as if they would be cold to the touch. His fur is light in most places on his body, due to his Iberian heritage, though thicker bits appear on his scruff and back, this time due to his birthplace and the small dog blood in him. Angel is clearly a hybrid, though he wears the bulk and height of a wolf, he clearly has the sharpness and elegance of a coyote.

He wears a Medallion given to him from his mate, a pure silver medallion depicting Sant Jordi (Saint George) killing the dragon. The reverse is expertly engraved with the following, Per a Ángel, tot el meu amor, l'amor de Maria. This translate into, 'To Angel, all my love, love from Maria'. It was gifted to him two months before her death, on their first anniversary.

The other item he wears constantly is a Cross. It is silver and studded with real diamonds. Angel was gifted this on his first shirt. A tradition in his family says that up until their first shift pups are given a wooden cross, on their shift they are gifted with a silver and diamond cross, the wooden pendant is then burnt at a large party to signify that childhood is behind them and they are expected to grow up.


While in every form he has mass and bulk, in optime form it shows the best. Standing at seven, eight his form is clean cut and well muscled. His hair is style almost ferally, cut short in a swift way. Angel's features are chiseled and although when angry they appear sharp, they seem to flow in effortless handsomeness. When he walks he seems to use a confident swaggering kind of gait that only adds to his intimidating appearance.


Like all beasts, Angel is even more muscled in this form. He appears to be a large black bear at first glance, but in the same way in his optime form, when clam his features blend beautifully.


Large still describes him, but in lupus form he seems less intimidating and more gentle.

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